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THR CURSE strikes

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Hello, I'm calling because your insurance company sent us a fax regarding damage to your Ford Taurus. I want to invite you into our shop to have an estimate written on the damage. We write estimates Monday through Friday, from 8 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon, any time between those hours. If you have any questions, our telephone number is XXX-XXX-XXXX. Thanks a lot, and we look forward to seeing you.

Dammit reg.

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no lie. wife is loading up the kid at a burger joint in a town on the way.

rear drivers door open. all vacant spots to the left the car....like 15 of them seriously. we were about 40-50 feet from the entry door into the building.

old lady, old a body buick century. couldn't wait till we were done, nor could she have moved one spot over. she decided to pull into the next spot and she simply couldn't miss the car. fortunately she did BARELY miss taking out my wife's legs, and she managed to nail the open rear door.

FORTUNATELY she managed enough restraint so that she directly hit the plastic pontiac er, cladding, on the bottom the of the door. Popped the f6cking cladding off entirely and the holder piece behind it. Because she hit the cladding first and it took the impact, the rest of the door moved out of the way enough to clear the corner of her bumper, thus avoiding the main part of the door and the structure taking any structural or paint damage.

right now its looking like trim work only. My wife is still ambulatory, and i am not a single parent. and 'gladys' (name withheld) still got to enjoy her hot and fresh burger without major guilt.


this will be the third trip to the body shop this year. combine that with the dent the dealer needs to fix that was not caught at delivery and I HAVE HAD IT with people trying to rape my cars this year!!!!!!!!! SON OF A BISH!!!!!!!!!!!

the curse has hit me three times now in less than a year, WTF did i do to deserve this?

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Glad to hear your wife is ok and the damage wasn't too bad!

I swear, maybe C&G needs to have a collective seance or something because this curse just ain't going away!

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