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Isuzu GIGA 20 Light Dump - I have no words! :rotflmao:

The Japanese can be quite creative with their home-market model names...for instance--

Autozam Scrum Stand Off Truck

Isuzu Mysterious Utility Wizard

Honda Life Dunk

Honda That's

Mitsubishi Chariot Grandio Super Exceed

Daihatsu Charade Social Poze

Yamaha Pantryboy Supreme

Mitsubishi MUM 500 Shall We Join Us?

and on and on and on...

Instead, for NA Japan gives us alphanumerics and a lot of names that end in 'A'.

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I read it as Pantyboy the first time.

Well, the name which worst describes me would be Focus.

2CV would be appropriate for my anatomy.

What car name sounds laid-back?

Riviera...very laid back. Conjures up images of relaxing in the sunshine by the Med, drinking Pina Coladas.

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The Nissan Cube...the name describes my work reality.

But my personality? Hmmm... need a name that implies complexity, ambiguity, unknowability. Can't think of any.

On second thought, maybe Isuzu's Mysterious Utility Wizard would fit me.

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Camaro Z/28 (as in 1st gen. Z/28 not the later Z28)

I'm not a big guy but I'm strong for my weight, 162lbs. (small-block 302)

When I played hockey I always sucked at stick handling but I'm fast &

I can maneuver on a set of skates better than most (lightweight, hardtop)

and I'm all about old school classics, and since I'm not ripped but I am

lean & toned (DZ-302) I think a SMALL-block works well to describe me.

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