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November Car Spotters


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Interesting...all sitting at the same traffic light (Hamilton and Refugee) at 2:30 yesterday afternoon.

A really built for off road Wrangler Rubicon, a really pristine 60's Lincoln, and a Suburu WRX that is run in rally's by a local SCCA guy.

Three VERY different yet cool vehicles, IMHO.

Also-Really nice black LS1 TA, Black 64-66 Corvette Roadster (SWEET! on US 35 down by Jeffersonville), slammed mid 70's fullsize GMC truck (also black, great looking truck).

I've also seen a bunch of large trucks being driven by very attractive females, but no blondes.

Really nice looking brunette driving a large tandem axle dump truck, a redheaded MILF driving a Lifted GMC S-15 ZR2 Jimmy, another redhead driving a lifted Z71, another brunette driving a Semi Truck...

Kind of strange.

The two I enjoyed the most were the 64-66 Vette and the ZR2 Jimmy. The Jimmy was riding on what looked like 38 or 40 inch tires and was really clean and sharp, dark blue.


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Few interesting Cash for Clunkers cars coming through the local Pick-N Pull.

Cadillac Allante

Camaro LT-1, black on black, nice shape...pink paint all over the locked up LT-1.

Two nice Aurora's and a really clean Navy Blue Roadmaster.

Two Mustang GT convertibles, and 89 and a 95.

Interesting, the 89 had aftermarket aluminium heads on it when it went in...went back to look and the heads were gone....hmmm.

Interesting how the motors locked up...couldn't budge the lifters in the Mustang motor.

Also interesting how quickly some of this stuff is picked clean.

Also a prfoundly rough 3rd gen Firebird marked CFC...but that bird had to have been dead for about ten years.


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Kind of interesting, kind of sad.

My wife and youngest daughter (christina) are sitting here watching some old movie from the 1970's.

Just heard tire noise, turned around to watch the tube...and watched a 58 Chevy ragtop go over a cliff.

Wild how many cars have been wrecked in movies, eh?


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Though I have too much stuff going on anymore to even leave the house or work, turned my errands trip today into car shopping time...remember mom wanting a Camaro? Yeah, about that.

On the lot, however, and I've snapped it before, but it just looked so damn good today even if the photo quality is awful. That Cyber Gray Corvette Grand Sport convertible with red leather and auto trans...YES, PLEASE!


Mom gets a Camaro, somehow, and I'll take this in addition to the G8...yes...

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Local dealer has a Cyber Gray Camaro SS/RS with black hood and deck stripes. BG dealer has a secksi white Terrain SLT inside the showroom.

Oooh...so many new GM's that are so damn good looking/impressive otherwise...I could spend a day at a dealer again just sitting in them.

Yet to catch a Terrain, the closest being one on the road and another that was going directly from the truck to the detail bay as the new buyers waited for it...damn, those and Equinoxes are just gang busters for sales now...

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ive seen these over the collected week.

mercedes something or other 45 or 450 i dunno just looked odd. there is a local guy tooling around in a unimog too



seen this 64 buuick on the way into work monday my guess is a 225 or electra, didnt look too fancy


then today i scored this pic of a local E-body


and at kmart there was a nice monte carlo daily driver... and as a courtesy i took that buggy in with me



and then there was this... solar powered r/c car. its almost as big as a prius.



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Well, there's this Silverado parked in my driveway. It's got temp tags and paper floor mats... :scratchchin:

Saw a grey Citroen DS on a residential street in Old Laurel the other day. It was in poor shape, but there was no mistaking it; I stopped and stared at it for a few minutes until I saw a car coming up behind me in the rearview.

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Camino, I knew that was a Formula Ram Air hood, but wasn't sure if it was just "added" to a Firebird model. I thought Formula's had a little more 'oomph' to them over a Firebird??

The Formula had the hood and rear spoiler, model-specific badging and some different interior trim, IIRC. Haven't seen one of those in ages...my brother had a '74 Formula 400 long ago...

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Camino, I knew that was a Formula Ram Air hood, but wasn't sure if it was just "added" to a Firebird model. I thought Formula's had a little more 'oomph' to them over a Firebird??

Could be a regular Firebird with Formula parts, but it has badges missing so I can't be sure one way or the other.

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