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Remember the old "good" GM days?


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This advert is just so much fail. Can't seem to get the back skirt on the female figure skater to fly up so I can check out her hindquarters...

Oh, I was supposed to be looking at the CAR.

I'm kinda with Balthazar, good old GM days for me was growing up with a 65 Impala SS on both sides of me...neighbors to the left had a Yellow two door hardtop with a 327 and a 4 speed and the neighbors to the right had a daughter with a boyfriend with an aqua/turquoise 396 car.

Bonnevilles, GTO's, LeMans, 67, 68, 69 Camaro...the cars of the 50's...these are the cars of my youth.

And that figure skater is making me remember the girl next door...watching her wash the 65 in that white bikini is also in my boyhood memories.


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If that is what constitutes 'good' then the GM's of today are fanf*ckintabulous.

I hate to agree...but yes...

The G-bodies were cool cars, but cool at a bad time in GM. They certainly were nothing world class in terms of build quality or powertrain...but if they had been, hmm, then maybe something. For the era and vs. the competitor's, they still stood out. And there's a metric ton of them 20 years later, which says something.

Not the best of old GM, but better than a lot & continue to make memories--I'll say that.

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Well I was hoping to have folks post vids of good memories of GM cars of the 80's. The Cutlass G-body was certainly a success story for them, and deservedly so, imo, in the market realities of those days. I know the 80's didn't burn as bright as the 60's for GM, but there were still a few notables we could post. Other G-bodies (305 4-speed Malibu coupe? Monte SS? 442?), a few B-bodies (Delta 88 Holiday coupe with buckets, console and FE-3 suspension, anyone?), some F-bods (the IROC era), come on, no one has anything?

I remember being so excited when the 1983 Camaro L69 305 came out, with 190 hp, to counter Ford's Holley-equipped 5.0 HO in the Mustang and Capri (Ford's effort to keep their older ponys relevant, they blew away the '82 Camaro and Firebird in a drag race). It replaced Chevy and Pontiac's weak 165 hp CrossFire Injected 305 as the top engine offering in the gorgeous new-for-'82 F-bodies, and it meant to me, a kid just out of high school and a GM Lover, that GM wasn't going to lay down and let the competition beat them.

There was a bit of life left in GM in the 80's, for enthusiasts with diminished expectations. We were happy to get what we could.

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Ocnblu...I think you've hit a soft, sad spot for me.

One of my fav. GM cars was the 78 Cutlass that I drove in College, dated my wife in that car. We drove that thing partway acrossCanada on a trip together while we were dating...LOTS of very good memories with that car. Since it was comfortable and reliable it was a great road trip car...load it up with the GF (now wife) and friends, and go to someones home for the weekend...or load it up (the cutty, not my GF) with guys and take it to a football game or out to shoot some basketball.

Great car, great memories.

VERY positive memoires of my years as an SCCA flagger watching the third gen Camaro's in SCCA A sedan, and I've seen the 89-90 C4 Corvette Challenge cars raced during vintage races at Mid Ohio. I think THAT car coming at me at 145 MPH while I was working a corner and wearing white re-ignited my love of the Corvette.

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Still love watching the C4 Corvettes as Corvette Challenge cars, SCCA autocross cars, etc.

Local guy by the name of Beerman (yes, his real last name) has a C4 that's pretty fast at the local SCCA autocrosses.

Axoid posts here once in awhile...and riding in his third gen would convert even balthazar to a little 80's GM love. That thing is wicked fast and he can drive!

Still enjoy the third gen Camaro's in NASA Mutang-Camaro Challenge races, and NASA American Iron. Ocnblu, Caddycruiser talked about these cars being around 20 and 25 years later...to me it is impressive that they are racing 25 years later.

Buick Grand National ranks with the first gen RX-7, 911, et al as one of my fav cars of the era. Just freakin badass, in every sense of the word.

The GM GN makes a great car for those of us who are older who don't want to fool with a tempermental 60's car and just want to enjoy a really reliable, fast, unique GM product. Local guy traded a 67 GTO in at Arena Motors (same people who bought my 71 chevelle when I sold it). Got a Grand National...still has it...as far as I know. Enjoyable in a way to him that the 67 was not.

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One of my fav. GM cars of the era-Olds Calais Quad 4 ! Fast, cool little car. Local Junkyard has one that I was thinking about trying to put back on the road but she's a little far gone for that...but black on black...hmmm...she had to be quite a little car back in her day...

But to me this era marks a downturn in GM. GM never put the development money into the G body midsized cars that they should have...every damned car owning household on my block back in the 70's and 80's seemed to own a Cutty like that at one time or another. And GM left the poor cutty on the vine to rot and die.

So even though I love that era Cutty, GM cars from that era, and the thought of buying a grand national...that era also represents to me the decline of the car company I in some ways love the most. Yes, I own a Miata, and talk about GTI's and so forth...but most of my cars have been GM and have been damned good cars.

And while I think the new Cruze looks great...and while I want to own another GM car...and while i think the Volt is a kick ass product...part of me can't get excited about where GM has finally ended up through all of this. Even though I am the king of loving FWD sport compacts on this board...I still love the old V8 RWD stuff.

That GM let it rot on the vine and die is kind of bitter and while not unforgiveable...still causes me emotional pain 25 years later.

Hope you understand...don't know if you will or not. Anyways, 'blu...if your still reading...thanks for hanging with me!


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I miss Oldsmobile, just like Pontiac. Ahh...

Maybe not as legendary as the G-bodies, but most are still around & they were the good of the 90's. Questionable marketing, but still cool cars!

Not the oldest, but still old GM...this was actually pretty damn good Pontiac marketing & gave the modern Pontiac "feel" well...I wanted one from the ad...

More than I would or still ever would "want" a Chevy from an ad, especially if you compared an Impala of the time...cars or marketing...both so vital to GM then & now.

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>>"riding in his third gen would convert even balthazar to a little 80's GM love"<<

It's not necc the decade it was built in that determines what it is able to lay down on the road, esp when talking about a prepped car. I appreciate performance as much as anyone, regardless of what it comes out of... but that's not likely to make me show any more love for the actual car ... when the same performance can be wrung out of just about anything. But I hear you... :yes:

-- -- -- -- --

The 3 commercials above are quite intersting & effective, esp like the Intrique one, but the GXP is good, too. Yet all I ever read opinion of, is, 'GM marketing is the worst in the world and has been for all time'.

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Well, it was 1987 when I bought my first new car and the Chevy/Buick showroom at the dealer was a candy store!

Irocs, both hard and soft top were all over, There was one of the very rare '86 MCSS aerocoupes on a raised dias, an all white El CaminoSS, vettes, T-types, Grand Nationals, and behind a velvet rope - a GNX.

By the time I signed the papers on my new black El Camino SS, my head was spinning and my neck sore from gawking.

By '88 it was mostly gone, replaced by a sea of awful FWD boredom.

GM still had some great cars in the 80s, but they let them rot on the vine. All of them, including my Camino, could have been so much more than they were.

Alas, GM was only spending money on the junk at that time.

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Since I went newer old before, now this. We've all seen it many times I think, but still.

Wow, compare Buick then with things like this and even thinking about playing "Bad to the Bone" in a commercial, with a new Lacrosse beating the pants off & setting on fire a competing Lexus...quiet tuned, voluptuous, FWD/AWD, and then some. Hmmm...wonder what they'll be able to do to keep this image but make it "cool!" for the Regal GS...

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EFFING FANTASTIC, caddycruiser! GM lost their balls somewhere along the line. Why should they apologize? They need to keep rollin'. Will we see the tiniest hint of swagger when the new Regal GS is unveiled? Alas... no coupe prolly means no swagger. SIGH.

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Wow- Buick actually had mealy-mouthed George do the voice-over, too.

I see NO REASON whatsoever that this sort of 'apple cart upturn' shouldn't happen again.

F Chevy.

Agreed. I actually like where Buick is now with the Lacrosse & Enclave, marketing and otherwise. Well, mostly. But when something like the GS comes around...rather than just be "that one" only magazines know about & no one else cares, marketing and ballsy marketing better be cool. But also still Buick.

"Bad to the bone..." with a, hmm, car like the 80's Regal is not Buick and it shouldn't be, but there's a way to get that KIND of message across in a modern way...hope they figure out how!

And again...the car or otherwise...there were parts of that 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix commercial that just were good for Pontiac...a bit abstract, but you wanted one...or I did. Since that point, Pontiac just lost all marketing, etc. and it showed painfully through this past year.

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