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Toyota accuses GM of predatory practice, using tax dollars


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Toyota accuses GM of offering 'predatory' incentives

Automaker says GM is using tax dollars to fund a nationwide predatory ad campaign

WASHINGTON – As Toyota sought to contain the fallout from a California sudden acceleration case caught on camera, its dealers accused General Motors of offering “predatory” incentives using federal money.

In another sign of the pressure facing the automaker, its national dealer council accused GM of using “taxpayer dollars to fund…a nationwide predatory advertising campaign.” Shortly after Toyota launched its recalls last month, GM began a series of incentives for Toyota owners that now include 0% financing and up to $1,000 cash back.

“It is outrageous that GM is using our taxpayer dollars against us, making me and other Toyota dealers pay to undermine our own businesses,” said Paul Atkinson, president of the Toyota’s U.S. national dealer council.

GM’s move was matched by other automakers. Last week Toyota launched an incentive campaign of its own following a 9% drop in February sales, also offering no-interest loans and lease deals.

“We understand why Toyota dealers would be frustrated, but they know better,” said GM spokesman Kerry Christopher. “Incentives have always been a part of the auto business.”

Like Toyota wasn't preying on GM when they went into bankruptcy. :rolleyes:

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The more I read about Toyota and their troubles, the angrier I get at them and the sheeple that have bought their boring product for so long. I used to be pretty neutral on Toyota, but now strongly dislike them.

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facepalms, anyone?

toyota ought to talk, considering what they help participate in in Japan.

and how much tax money has Toyota stolen from state and local governments to set up their shops here, only to build life threatening vehicles and to lie to the public and cover up the fuqup trail?

and things like fire temps at 23 months into a 24 month contract to direct hire.

and 0% for 60 months on your whole line so its begging you to buy their unsafe vehicles?

Notice how Toyota's TV commercials now re: the recall have this very soothing yet creepy monotone female voice talking at you like you hear in all those futuristic sci fi movies where everyone is under control of the socialist state? Almost like trying to hypnotize everyone with subliminal messages....

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