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Hit by an Avalanche...

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...my new white beast of one 8)

If you followed my other long drawn out thread that went anywhere from taking over the lease on a 2nd G8 GT to buying a Solstice as a second car to leasing a new Outback, I was all over the map. But one thing remained solid. I ALWAYS wanted a big, luxurious truck and after years of my mother driving first an '02 Avalanche and then an '04 Suburban, there were none more than full size GM's that I wanted most. The Avalanche package really spoke to me, costing less than a Tahoe but being SO cool and adaptable, built out of a larger Suburban so killer ride quality and space, and a 5 seater. A BIG one.

After shopping various 2wd & 4wd models, first mainly looking at 1LT's so I could get comfy cloth seats again, I spread my search out a bit farther and happened to find what I'd consider the "ultimate" Av for me, a loaded up 2wd 2LT Z71 (debated it, but I have no desire to drag around a transfer case up front 24/7 to use it once or twice) in white and tan. No matter what it is, my eye is always drawn to white & tan combo vehicles, and thankfully the dealer in Atlanta, GA that had it not only was the best I had dealt with via email but had the best price, sent me photos (that sealed the deal, right away) and a trade value on my G8 based on pictures & videos I sent them. Spent a few days figuring it all out, but after just emails and one phone call to the F&I guy, it was driven up to me on a Sunday and the G8 driven back.

Love it. It's a beast. A big, silent, cushy, well handling, quick (not G8 quick, but after 2 weeks of adjusting to me, very peppy) truck that oozes luxury. I enjoy it. Not the canyon carver or 2nd & 3rd chirping monster the G8 was, but I feel more capable and less apprehensive driving this than the G8 and am actually enjoying it more, somehow. Really. Fought it for years, but guess I just really was a truck guy...much to the dismay & shock of many who know me and still can't believe when I pull up in this "fancy" (boss called it that) thing 8)

'09 Avalanche 2LT 2wd

Summit White

Cocoa/Cashmere Leather

3.08 Rear Axle (standard)

Z71 Package (Specific exterior & interior trim, skid plates, 18" wheels, off-road suspension, rear locker)

Rear Camera

Luxury Package (Heated, full way power memory seats, power folding mirrors with signals)


Roof Rack











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Mr. Av was due for his full clear bra install all over the front, the mirrors, and down the side rockers (every piece they possibly make a pattern for) but I don't feel like spending all tomorrow in Jersey, more rain, etc. Pushed it back a week, I think. Have a 1st tiny chip to fix before too. Soon. Wrapping it soon.

Since it was driven from Atlanta to me, already has 1200 miles on it in 2 weeks. Oh well. First vehicle I purchased an extended GMPP warranty for, so we'll see how much of it I use...I hope a lot. Still a big adjustment after nothing but cars, but I think I'm good now. Well, until I was on a back road and thought I could take the same dropping sharp curve with a bump mid-way at full speed...heh...actually could, but just scared me for a second.

Beastly. After the Corsa, cold air intake'd, etc. G8, I'm actually enjoying the silence too. Never hear it, or only do so slightly. Purrrr.

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Yep. 5.3L with AFM & the 6L80E 6-speed auto. 2wd & 3.08 rear locker. Pretty much the "efficient" combination of all the options.

You should add it to the garage!

Oh yeah, that thing after 73 cars I've still never done...hmm...

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The other interesting part about this truck. It's a 2009, but literally one of the very last handful to come off the lines after the truck production started back up, this one built 10/7/09. This was cool to me because a 2010 I drove at a local dealer was also built in 10/09 and even though a leftover, it was new enough to get the GM emblem deletion--took me a day or two to notice that on the doors.

So it's old, but new. Works for me.

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Great truck. I have the same problem. Now that I have my GMT, I couldn't imagine driving anything else after years of focusing on "cars".

Yep. 2 weeks in and I already don't know how I can go back to a car again. Had to move my mother's Camaro the other day and felt like it was eating me, yikes. Then again, she said the same thing after an Avalanche & Suburban, only to buy a Malibu and then Camaro.

I miss having a car to romp around a little more in but this thing even corners well. Feel like I'm in a leather lined lounge and can see everyone and everything. It's great. It's only up further from here. Next (2 weeks and I'm saying next...) will be a Denali or Escalade something or other, years from now. Perhaps. Still adjusting to how much size & space I have as it is now, and that whole bed I've yet to even touch. There are so many continually hot new GM cars, however, you never know. Give me a few years.

Weathertech floor liners should finally be in tomorrow, then clear bra wrapping everywhere on the weekend. Already at about 1200 miles and no issues, but for a weird quivering vibration that's bugging me. Had the wheels/tires road force balanced at the dealer and then checked again at a Bridgestone dealer who said they were GREAT, but the quiver persists. Annoying, but hopefully it can be sorted out soon, whatever it might be.

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Love the Av! The color combo has to be one of my favorites. The Z71 dash and silver instead of wood trim really set "her" off. Now get that Corsa and an Air Raid intake on her and post a vid of her for me! :smilewide:

Heehee...after the Corsa'd (and, well, SO much else...) G8, I'm trying to avoid mods at all cost.

But it's SO quiet now, Corsa has called my name a few times. Resisting well. Somehow, I just like the quiet for now. Same for the intake. We'll see, in time.

Other than the outside, the best part of the Z71 is the fully tarted up interior with heated, memory leather, Bose, and every other gadget BUT no faux wood trim. I don't like it and the 2-tone cashmere with the brushed metal look is my favorite--glad for '09 you could get the non Ebony based interiors like in the other models, too. The beige is seemingly rare with Z71's.

Finally just got the Weathertech molded floor liners tonight & installed a bit ago. Awesome pieces, as always. Clear bra next.

I feel so at home with such a big truck. So darn comfy. Latest average fuel mileage as of tonight is showing 17.1mpg after a weekend jaunt and 2 days of red light commuting. Nice.

Thanks for the comments guys 8)

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It's funny that you all like the metal trim vs. the faux wood trim - that was how GM distinguished the GMC Sierra from the Chevy Silverado, and then used the GMC trim on the Chevy Z71 models!!

Exactly. And you know another thing right away suggested to me? Get the brushed metal center console cupholder part with a lid (like the Denali), from the Sierra All Terrain. A guy on GM-Trucks.com recommended it since it's the same trim. I like "mixture" vehicles.



Leaving the stock open hole there for now, as I like having a big open spot to toss stuff. But we'll see.

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So Z71 doesn't mean 4WD anymore? It is just a suspension and appearance package?

Z71 hasn't meant 4wd "only" since around late 2004. Everything is exactly the same, from suspension to skid plates to wheels, but no front transfer case to drag around. Think pre-runner type. Z71 always, technically, stood for special bits and suspension in ADDITION to being a 4wd truck, so really no difference.

After trying a Z66 package on the last gen Avalanche with the look pieces, 2wd Z71 Colorados & Canyons then Tahoes, Suburbans and Silverados that otherwise had all the Z71 pieces became full models. I know it's sacrilege to some people, but remains a perfect idea for a lot of us.

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