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Audi News: Audi To Make Future Models Look Different

William Maley

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A constant complaint we have about Audis is their one-size fits all design philosophy as it is difficult to tell the difference between an A3 and A4 for example. Thankfully, Audi will be diversifying their designs in future models.

“This [repetition] design process was used to make Audis more recognisable in newer and emerging markets. Now we are well known in major markets like China, we can begin to change this philosophy and give each car its own look,” said Audi chief executive Rupert Stadler to Autocar.

“We recognise that there is a place for more differentiation now. Since our cars are in production for a minimum of six years, in today’s world I think each model should have its own design to be attractive for this long time,” said Audi design boss Marc Lichte

You can see this with the Audi Q2 crossover with a different take on the grille and C-Pillar from other Audi crossovers. But Lichte says the biggest change will come with the launch of the e-tron quattro SUV next year. Due to the compact size of the electric powertrain, this gives designers more space to play with.

“Design will go in a very different way. [Designers] will have more material space to play with, so we’ll be able to produce [vehicles with] shorter overhangs and lower bonnets. It makes for a more attractive design overall.”

Source: Autocar

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Mercedes-Benz, are you listening , we the people HATE cookie cutter one size fits all design. Time to retire the pathetic design language and give each auto it's own personality.

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MB in recent years has had differentiation due to multiple design 'languages' ongoing at once. But in the last few, once they started putting the CLA design on all other lines (coupes), it's homogenized. MB wanders around a decent amount.
Where the criticism can rightfully be placed is over at BMW.

Audi doesn't change much, but they don't sell much in the US and half their line no one buys at all, so it seems to work OK here.
But IMO model consolidation is in order, not struggling to make differences for differences sake.

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Audi needs this, their cars look super similar.  I liked when Mercedes made the E-class look different than the S-class, and the C-class had those junior S-class styling cues, seemed to work well for them, but the C, E, S classes are all selling well so the current theme works too. 

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Out of the 3 German lux brands- Audi, BMW, and MB- Audi by far has the largest styling differences from model to model. 

And it's not just them. Volvo is a huge offender with their new offerings. Cadillac does it. Jaguar does it. Jeep is doing it with their new crossovers. 

Just saying, Audi can't be singled out for this.

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10 hours ago, balthazar said:

I'd like to know their EV projection for the US market.

WOW, Talk about so many news sources not linking to Audi's actual news release on this. I did find this Fortune story where Audi Executives are stating that by 2025 the US market will be 1 in 4 Audi sold to be a Plug in EV.


Based on this story and others from Wall street journal, CNN, etc. it would appear that Audi believes their US business will be 25% petro, 50% Hybrid and 25% EV by 2025. :scratchchin:

The consistent 25% makes me wonder about the thought behind this.

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I doubt they will be too radical in their differentiation, their total sales have been growing pretty decently in the USA as is considering it is just a complimentary market for them and the established brands they have been competing with.

2017 226.511 1,30%
2016 210.213 1,19%
2015 202.202 1,16%
2014 182.011 1,10%
2013 158.061 1,01%
2012 139.310 0,97%
2011 117.561 0,92%
2010 101.629 0,88%
2009 82.716 0,79%
2008 87.760 0,66%
2007 93.506 0,58%
2006 80.113 0,48%
2005 83.066 0,49%
2004 30.749 0,18%
2003 35.378 0,21%
2002 85.726 0,50%
2001 83.283 0,50%
2000 80.372 0,50%
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