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    • Mercedes says over 99.65% of particles, I'll take their word for it.  And that matches Tesla's 99.7%, and we know Tesla is more likely to round up numbers than Mercedes is.  
    • So MB DOES NOT state it follows the DIN EN 1822 standard as it is not stated anywhere on their web sites. Motoring has never had a problem quoting false data also, so while the 1822 standard is a Hepa Standard for Europe. EN 1822 Standard. Absolute Filters (EPA, HEPA and ULPA) | Venfilter Air filters and industrial ventilation Again, MB does not state it as such. The ZG 250-1 certification seems to be a made up certification by MB and Anyone can state their product filter removes a high percentage of particles, but that is an OPEN book on how they test their own product. Where is the independent testing to back this up? As an OPTIONAL add on, that also means the whole ventilation system is compromised so 99.65% is pretty much impossible to enforce.
    • https://media.daimler.com/marsMediaSite/en/instance/ko/The-new-EQS-ENERGIZING-AIR-CONTROL-Plus.xhtml?oid=49404671 Filter removes over 99.65% of all particles. https://www.motoring.com.au/mercedes-eqs-cabin-air-as-good-as-operating-theatre-127936/ "So proud of the clean air achieved by its new climate control, Mercedes has had its filtration system certified according to the stringent DIN EN 1822 standard, with the car-maker claiming no other car currently on sale offers cleaner cabin air."
    • Today Rivian released the most detailed interior review to date. WOW, liking what I am seeing from the Panoramic roof and audio system to the little details. This is a huge step ahead from what Tesla has out and the EQS that comes out at the end of 2021 as a 2022 model. The Inside Story by Rivian - Rivian Stories Seating Details A few weeks back, Rivian also posted a detailed review of their R1T exterior you can view here: Sizing up the R1T by Rivian - Rivian Stories Official Dimensions
    • Where is this stated on MB web site? Media Site? Press Release as I have not seen it or read it. Nothing posted here: Daimler Global Media Site Nothing posted here: Mercedes-Benz Cars - Daimler Global Media Site Nothing posted here: Mercedes-EQ - Daimler Global Media Site Especially here seems nothing in rereading this about that level of air filtration: ‘This is for you, world’ - the marketing campaign for the EQS - Daimler Global Media Site Looking through this I cannot seem to find it either: The new EQS - Mercedes me media (mercedes-benz.com) No mention of it in the streamed live press release: Mercedes-Benz – Livestream. Finally found it, no mention of at good as a Hospital operating room, only states the EQS has a Hepa filter system which is an optional item on the EQS: Comfort features in the new EQS - Mercedes Me media (mercedes-benz.com) Before you point to the line in the EQS link above, yes I read the following: Now if someone can find this imagenary ZG 250-1 certification of Viruses and bacteria that would be great since I can only find this as a statement on MB web site, NO CDC, New England Journal of Medicine or any other official health site seems to have this certification. MB also DOES NOT seem to quote where this fictional cert comes from unlike the other * items listed at the bottom of the web page. So NO it does not count as a bio-hazard filter system equal to Tesla.
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