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New Member here, awesome site!


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I'm glad I stumbled upon this site, you guys pretty much have all the latest General Motors news. I'll introduce myself. I'm 21, I just finished college and am now working as a temp at the GM parma stamping plant. The plant had to hire temps because about half of the workers took the buyout and they needed people to replace some of them. We don't make as much as the regular employees ($18.75 an hour plus cost of living, so a total of about 21 an hour) but get no benefits, but its still a damn good wage and its enough that I can afford to pay monthly for my own health insurance. I have quite a few gm workers in my family. My dad is a supervisor at the plant, my grandfather retired from there, and a couple of my uncles worked there. Us temps have a pretty uncertain future at the plant, were not the regular kind of 3 month temps. There has been temps working at the plant for a year and a half. I know it is wishful thinking, but I hope when the UAW contract expires at the end of this year that we will be offered permanent employment. Although I realize it would be for a lower wage and not as good of benefits as the old time employees are used to. It's still way more than enough to make me happy. I don't see why they wouldn't permanently hire us, it is the most productive stamping plant in north america, and they need more employees after the buyouts, and they would save money by giving us less in wages and benefits. Seems to make sense to me. Being a temp right now though, they are very strict with us. Miss a day of work for almost any reason- out the door. Late once- warning, Late twice- out the door. I highly value my job though, I am there at least 30-45 minutes early everyday in case I have car trouble or something else unforseen happen and even though everyone else walks off the line 5 mintes early, I dont leave my position till its the exact minute I am supposed to.

If theres anyone with more knowledge than me on this subject, what do you think my future holds with the company? if any. I know its a gamble and I shouldn't hold my breathe.. but Damn itd be nice to do this permanently.

p.s.- I reread my post and I know my grammar wasn't the best here, but its 2am. Give me a break lol.

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Wow, you make more than I do and I'm 27 with a B.A. I wish I could work for GM. :(


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You seem to have a very healthy attitude. GM needs more of that. I hope your enthusiasm is infectious and will influence the old timers that you are working with. Good luck! And welcome.

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Guest YellowJacket894

Sometimes it could be good not to be interesting...


Alright, alright. Guess it's time for Dockers, a pocket protector, and a 1986 Toyota Corolla wagon with AWD. <_<

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