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After almost ten weeks of stress, aggravation & many, many dead ends

I have finally sold my Super 88 to a worthy buyer. At 11:20 in the

morning of April 4th 2007 I received a "subtantial" sum of money in my

PayPal account.

Just a few short hours later I was driving my 1959 Buick LeSabre home

in a blizzard. While XP715 had Sofia in the back seat of his 1996 Buick

Riviera I was behind the wheel of a 48 year old two door LeSabre with

SpeedingPenguin riding shotgun.

So the car drives awsome. It has 53K original miles and looks 95%

presentable. There is some peeling paint on the hood due to a small

carb fire that the previous owner caused but luckly put out quickly.

As far as my Super 88 it will be getting that much needed valvejob

which is being paid for by its new loving owner whoi happens to reside

in Norway. He will be in Massachusetts in May to see the car loaded

onto a cargo ship and brought across the pond to Europe.

At that point I will no longer be in possession of a hardtop for the first

time in five years. All five of my cars will be sedans. But you know

what? I'm not all that upset about it. After all, a two-door post LeSabre

from 1959 is still a cooler vehicle than anything made in my lifetime,

if not ever.

Here's some photos of the car. The first one is from last year, it was

taken by Mr. Lawrence. The rest are all from tonights amazing roadtrip.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

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Aw... Fifty9, she's a real American Beauty! Many congratulations on bringing her home, sir. :)

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Thank You kind Sirs. :spin:

Talk about a team effort. I must mention that our own Balthazar was

a huge help in this whole ordeal. Back in 2005 when I drove down to

New Jersey & looked at that turqoise flat top with three-on-the tree

I was impatient to buy a 1959 Buick and he talked me into reason.

"There made 285 THOUSAND Buicks in 1959, have patience"

Not only did he take time out of his schedule to look at that car with

me but he's given me hard earned advice that only a 1959 Buick

owner could even know.

And of course I have to mention XP715 who found the ad to this car

in Hemmings and then also Speeding Penguin who puts up with my

crazy shenanigans all while taking my side when the Girlfriend is

yelling at me for buying ANOTHER car or what not.

The funny part is when XP read the ad to me last November and I

heard "two door sedan" I thought never in a million years, it's going

to be a hardtop for me or nothing. Thank God I reconsidered that &

decided to call. I got the car for $1500 less than he was asking and

the price seemed to good to be true to begin with.

Also, last night I spent $14 on scratch tickets and ended up winning

$20 on the LAST one. I gave XP & SP each one $2.00 ticket but

I guess they had no such luck.

On a bad note about a half an hour ago I removed the wheel skirts

off the car (not a big fan in this case) and I managed to slice open

my index & middle fingers on my right hand so bad that there is

litteraly a red puddle in the snowbank outside. I lost about half a

quart of blood before I stopped the bleeding by clogging the cuts

with Neosporin and using oversize band-aids.

Stupid move. Not that I care, kind of hard to be in a bad mood

when there's a pissed off Buick outside your window. :P

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Congrats Sixty8, it looks great! That Buick will stand out nicely among the sea of generic sedans on the road today.

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you won 20 bucks? thats awesome! i musta read them wrong! Sorry man!

sucks you hacked up your hand while taking the wheel skirts off! but in a way, its almost funny.

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Congrats on purchasing one of your most desired dream cars. I can't wait for the day (not any time soon though) that I can feel the same excitement over the purchase of a '55-'57 GMC pickup. Post more pictures, especially without the wheel skirts, when you have the time and your hand is up to it.

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Congrats man

I still rather have 66 Toro

This summer is going to be fun for you to cruise the streets.

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It's been decided that the car will be "Big Red II" RED/WHITE/WHITE.

(remember the firethorn red 1979 Coupe deVille?)

So the whole car except for the greenhouse will be blood-red-metallic

and the roof will stay white, eventually maybe I'll paint the roof white

diamond and redo the interior in WHITE with a black dash & accents.

As far as the powertrain it's not the fancy stuff but I'm happy.

The car is powered by a baby Nailhead 364 cu. in.

(6.0 litres for us Europeans) 4.125 in bore x 3.40 in stroke

It breathes through a 1 bbl Rochester twin-jet carb. I'm not sure

"breathes" is the right term, suffocated would be more accurate.

THe transmission is the Dynaflow Twin-Turbine. The great

grandfather to the CVT.

I like the car a lot better w/out the wheel skirts although from

her reaction and the nasty cut she wanted to keep her hem line

at a more conservative length.

I'll post more photos soon, I took at least 30 more photos of her

today in about a dozen different locations. Thoise of you who

know me well know that within a few weeks I'll have hundreds

of photos of this car in many interesting locales.

SS 623:

I think it is safe to say that the 1959 Buick is the angriest looking

car ever made. I think it is anyway. I can't wait to have some

dude in a tan Camry ask me "why is your car so mad?" so I can

respond "Because you're driving a crappy, ugly Japanese car!"

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( I posted while you were posting :P )

Thank You, you're a real gentleman. I agree it's nice to see people

finding true happiness. Not money or something selfish and tied to

ego but just pure happiness.

I've said it about a half dozen times since last night: If this car had

a v@g!na I'd give it a diamond ring and marry it. :ph34r:

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Well, I'm sure it has an exhaust pipe just begging for... uh, nevermind.

In the world of angry cars, that Buick is the most beautifully angry. The '03-'06 Chevy pickup... the least, imo.

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Not a hardtop but who'll notice (besides you & me); she still rocks. You lucked out: you have the chrome window trim- really dresses her up nice. The skirts only bother me because they're not factory and the factory wheelwell lip is there- looks... well; non-factory. The power steering will help tremendously. Looking forward to great detail.

A badass hungry bitch- treat her good and she'll treat you good. My hat is off to you, Sly. Hot damn.

Edited by balthazar

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