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Sketch Competition #24 - G5 Replacement


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Welcome to Sketch Competition #24!


A couple years back when the G5 debuted, we believed it to be a stopgap to fill the spot between Pontiac's Sunfire and a new RWD entry-level vehicle. Well, the time to replace this vehicle is coming up quickly, but time is changing the industry even quicker as CAFE and the government rule automakers' say in what they produce. Will the G5 remain the same size? Will it become more aerodynamic? Will it even be RWD in its next generation? Why don't you give us an idea of what we could expect in a few more years.

Should you accept, your task will be to design a next generation Pontiac G5. Right now all we know is that the industry is getting tight to make cars smaller and more fuel efficient... but what will Pontiac do since the G5 already is small and relatively fuel efficient? Remember, the BMW 1-Series was just released; will the new G5 target this car and go RWD like we're all hoping? Perhaps it'll be an AWD turbocharged rally-type car. You be the judge!

Please include at minimum 2 (two) of the following:
*3/4 Front View
*3/4 Rear View
*Interior View

**Entries without two perspectives will still be accepted, but will incur a 2-point penalty at the end of voting**

Remember, people will be voting based on the overall presentation of your entry, so the more views the better, including ones not specifically listed above.

Aside from 800x600 size guidelines, remember this should be a Pontiac entry-level car.

Deadline is Thursday, April 26th @ 11:59PM your local time.

Good luck!
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front view is the convertible... rear is the coupe not the vert w/ hardtop up


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That's actually a G8 isn't it?

As for uploading the pic,


First upload your pic to any image hosting service of your choice such as photobucket, imageshack, fileden or others, copy the url to the clipboard, and click on the button I have circled in red above and paste that url, then bingo. You have just posted an image.

Or, just use the tag and close it with / before it for the ending tag after inserting the url between it.

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OK, I see the difference. It sure looked alike, but upon looking at it the second time, it WAS a bit smaller and a bit different.

My bad.

Yep. At least for this generation of cars, the G-8 is a preview of the new family "face" of Pontiac (so to speak). I predict the next generation will undergo a design renaissance.

GM has a lot going on. Chevy & Buick are undergoing a make over. Cadillac & Saturn are starting the second generation of their new found design direction and now the focus is (thankfully) shifting to SAAB.

I fear, though, that the new Cafe standards hold the fate of this brand......

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