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10 most overrated cars


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Hmm, the 10 Most Overrated Cars by MyerShift...

1.) BMW 3-Series

2.) Toyota Camry

3.) Toyota Corolla

4.) Honda Ridgeline

5.) BMW 5-Series

6.) Toyota Prius

7.) Mercedes-Benz S-Class

8.) Porsche 911

9.) Ferarri F430

10.)Honda Civic

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Hyundai Sonata <--This is #1. The rest are in random order

Nissan Titan - Like, Khruschev, it was going to bury us; like Khruschev, it failed

Lexus GS - a tepid entry in a hot segment

Hyundai Azera - big Elantra looks and Hyundai parts bin buffet

Acura RL - where's the beef?

Toyota Avalon - over a decade later and it still can't match a Buick

Chrysler 300 - take away the Hemi and no one care; Charger is a more thought-out car

VW Jetta - overpriced, underperforming, underbuilt, and ugly

Kia Optima - like the Sonata, who cares but Enterprise?

Toyota Camry - another overrated generation

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No particular order:

BMW 3's (too much hype, still an excellent car)

Lexus ES (Camry in drag gets too much of a free pass)

Mazda CX-7 (An ugly 6 wagon with 700lbs of mascara)

Nissan Z (An overweight sportcar with a chintzy interior)

MB S-class (I can't get over the fender flares)

5 more to come....

Pontiac Solstice (the better developed product is available next door as a Sky)

Ford Edge (See CX-7 with an extra 400lbs.)

GMT-900 P/U (Excellent product in a 1970's era competition)

Hyundai Sonata (replaced disgiusting Sebring as rental car of choice)

Porsche Cayman ($5k to option delete a convertible top? Unbelieveably stupid.)

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1- Honda CR-V

2-Honda Civic

3- Jeep Grand Cherokee

4- Ford Explorer

5- Toyota Prius

6- Chrysler Sebring

7- Toyota Camry

8- Toyota Highlander

9- Volkswagen Jetta

10- Chrysler 300

and more........

11- Jeep Wrangler

12- Mercury Mountaineer

13- Honda Pilot

14- Mazda 3

15- Scion xB

16- Scion xA

17- Nissan Sentra

18- Audi A4

19- Toyota Corolla

20- Honda Element

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1. BMW 3 series

2. any Scion product

3. Lexus IS

4. Toyota Camry/Lexus ES

5. LX bodies

6. Honda Civic

7. Honda Ridgeline

8. BMW 5 series

9. Toyota Tundra

10. Infiniti G35/Nissan Z

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1. BMW 3-series - Yes yes I know. It's the ultimate driving machine, but that doesn't do me any good sitting in a traffic jam with the 400 other "ultimate driving machines". As common as the Civic. Every gay boys dream car to trade his Jetta in on. Manages to malfunction and fall apart in comparison tests yet still take number 1. Crack flavored Kool-Aid comes standard.

2. Toyota Camry in all it's beige, 4-cylinder glory. The car for people who don't like cars. Somehow still manages a "gotta have it" factor above zero on the base model.

3. Honda Accord in all it's gray, 4-cylinder glory. Behind the Camry only because it is marginally sportier. Hate the automatic, I can shift manually smoother than that thing can shift automatically. Road noise never seems to bother testers. Somehow still manages a "gotta have it" factor above zero on the base model.

4. Chrysler 300 - Sure it can come with a hemi, but it's still a pig. With the hemi, it's just a very fast pig. Aerodynamics a masonry company would be proud of. Awful dash with terrible layout and ergonomics. Tortoise shell wood that drives certain car forum admins batty.

5. Honda Civic - sits waaay too low and has horrendous road noise. Need to turn off the A/C to accelerate up a hill. Only 5-speed I can't seem to drive without stalling due to low torque below 8,000 rpm.

6. VW Passat - Somehow this became the "gold standard" for family sedans even though it's sales are in the &#036;h&#33;ter. We have an '01 and it's ok. The interior in ours seems superior to the current model. Reliability that'd make a Kia blush. We've been spending more per month to keep it on the road than we do on the car payment. It's days with us are numbered. One bit of credit: It has the smoothest V6 this side of BMW.

7. Nissan Altima - The 2.5 is terrible. The interior is plasticy and ugly. The only saving grace is the VQ3.5 but Nissan would do well to improve the sound of the engine.

8. Infiniti G35 - The coupe is handsome, the sedan looks like a CTS that someone put in the microwave for 15 seconds. Dash is too low and rather uninspiring. Manages to feel like an economy car from the inside.

9. BMW X3/X5 - Trophy housewives everywhere will hate me for hating their favorite car. That's right, it's a car. A wagon actually. It has less ground clearance than a Subaru Legacy sedan. That makes your SUV... a WAGON! Bite me bitches.

10. BMW 5-series - I was reluctant to put this one on the list. It is a great vehicle, but that doesn't mean it can't be over rated. It is this vehicle that is responsible for the demise of all the softer riding luxury cars out there. Once GM, Ford and Chrysler started chasing the 5-series as the car to beat all of the large, soft riding, sumptuous luxury cars were doomed. All the car rags like to hold the 5-series up as the ideal. Their mistake of course is that there is no "ideal". That's why it's on my list.

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1.) Toyota Camry, even the ones with Lexus ES emblems. (by as wide of a margin as the tear in the hull of the Titanc)

2.) Toyota Prius (or as O&A say the "PRISS")

3.) Honda Ridgeline

4.) Every single post-WWII Rolls Royce made... esp. the stuff from the '70s and '80s.

5.) Honda Civic/Integra (and every other Honda that shares that basic structure)

6.) Toyota Highlander (esp. the ones with Lexus RX330 badging)

7.) Toyota Avalon (with each new gen. it looks more like a pile of Whale Blubber)

8.) Every single Jaguar ever made with the exception of the E-type

9.) Honda Element/CRV

10.) Honda Pilot/MDX

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What about done to death classic garbage like '64 -'65 Mustangs and tri-year Thunderturds? Or any Thunderturd for that matter; what a terrible car from beginning to end!

I absolutely second Sixty8's suggestion of every Rolls-Royce and Jaguar made after WWII, Rolls especially. The money that you pay for one of those piles leaves NO EXCUSE for the car's big change over a forty year span being the switch from round sealed beams to square sealed beams; give me a f@#king break!

Also, you're a loser if you bought a Porsche Cayenne. How much of a dick extension does one person need? A Porsche TRUCK?! Are you for real?!

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1. Toyota Prius

2. Pontiac Solstice

3. Chevrolet Corvette

4. Saturn Sky

5. Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra

6. Every Pontiac that has ever existed

7. Chevrolet Cobalt

8. Any SS trim vehicle

9. All new Cadillacs

10. Toyota Camry

:blink: im not even gunna go there... mainly because im sure everyone else will... some of them almost have some merit... and some are pretty much the stupidest thing ive ever seen posted on this forum

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The XB does so well because it comes from Toyota. If it was from the big 2.5 it would be the worst thing since the Vega.

1. The XB. What an ugly piece of tin.

2. The Most Toyotas and Hondas though they show signs of a slowdown in their quality and workmanship.

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The XB does so well because it comes from Toyota. If it was from the big 2.5 it would be the worst thing since the Vega.

1. The XB. What an ugly piece of tin.

2. The Most Toyotas and Hondas though they show signs of a slowdown in their quality and workmanship.

In defense of the xB...it's a unique little car that has captured an audience with its unique (visually challenging?) qualities...its a PT Cruiser -type success in a different weight class. And, to qualify as overrated, the advance press has to be overwhelmingly positive. Board members have selective amnesia, but the Scion brand was not universally praised and many pundits predicted failure for both the brand and product.

And, while most Toyotas and Hondas are overrated (and perceived quality is down, IMO), they are still, taken as a whole, producing product in most classes that bury the 2.5's current efforts. I'm sick of hearing how great the 08 Malibu is going to be or how the Aura (which will struggle to sell 75k in its first 12 months) owns the Camry or Accord.

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1. Solstice (its an overweight jellybean with a cheap interior, at least the Sky looks good)

2. Sonata

3. 4Runner

4. Galant

5. Lancer

6. Expedition

7. Malibu/G6

8. RL

9. Prius/Civic Hybrid

10. Aura (Before you bitch, hear me out. Its a pretty good looking car and the interior seems miles ahead of the G6/'Bu but it still lookes like a slightly modified G6 to me, not exactly god's gift to GM like a lot of people make it out to be.

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The trouble with doing this sort of list is that it always turns into a bashfest, with little genuine insight into what the (insert topic here) is. Nevertheless...

1: Toyota Prius. The ultimate car for Sophists. Sure, at first blush, it seems like a great idea. Dig deeper, though, and you'll find holes: It doesn't deliever the mileage it promises, it would be cheaper in the long run to just buy a Yaris, the batteries are anything but environmentally-friendly, and so on. Yet this car is lauded almost universally.

2: Toyota Camry. The Camry has become the default car for people who need "A to B" transportation. There are far better choices on the market, but the typical Camry buyer has closed their mind to alternatives.

3: Pontiac Solstice. Subjective styling aside, the MX-5 is a better car, even it if wasn't more popular this year (just wait until the initial buzz for the Solstice wears off).

4: Toyota Corolla. Refer to previous remarks re: Toyota Camry.

5: BMW 3-Series. Just not a good bang-for-the-buck deal. The competitors do it better for less.

6: Chrysler 300. As previous posters mentioned, once you get by the cinderblock styling and the HEMI, there really isn't much there. I like the 300, but not because it's a good car.

7: VW Jetta. Consistently ranked highly in comparison tests, consistently ranked poorly in reliability tests. Unless you're planning on leasing for just a couple years, stay away. Your money would be better spent (and you'd be spending considerably less of it, too) on something Japanese.

8: Nissan Altima. Though it brought some muscle to the family sedan market, it didn't really bring much else. I hope the new, 2007 version has moved beyond this one-trick pony status.

9: GM's GMT-800/900 Trucks & SUVs. They're good, and they represent an admirable effort on GM's part. However, I think they didn't quite go the extra mile that was needed, as Ford trucks are still tops in their respective segments. I think GM will come to deeply regret this next year.

10: Pagani Zonda F. C'mon, the Koenigsegg CCX is waaaaaaaaaaaay cooler. :D

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In general I think the retail market has spoken well and is pretty accurate in sales #'s corresponding to the quality of cars that meet peoples needs... (Fleet sales excluded).

But these cars I'm not sure why they sell as well as they do..

1. Toyota Camry... Mmmm wonder bread

2. Chrysler 300... Whats with the interior..

3. Toyota Corolla... Mmmm wonder bread

4. Pontiac Solstice... Not as good looking as the Sky, and not all that well designed other than exterior.

5. Toyota Prius... No explanation required

6. Mini Cooper... That interior... yikes

7. Hyundai Sonata.. Another interior to die from

8. Nissan 350z.. I want to like it but too many angles and the interior leave me cold

9. Porsche Cayenne.. A Porsche SUV?!

10. Ford Mustang... Wish it had a bit of a harder edge performance wise without having to go beyond the GT price wise.

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How could I foret the Porsche Cayenne... good one.

XP715: Dude, in all fairness Rolls Royce made more changes than just headlights in four decades...

let's be honest, they also added catalitic converters and 329 miles of emissions hoses to their wolrd

class luxury cars. Thought I hear that is still just a fraction of the emissions garbage in a typical

1980s Honda CRX. Those have enough metal emissions pipping to go around the earth 5.333 times.

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they also added catalytic converters and 329 miles of emissions hoses to their world

class luxury cars.

See, that's where you're wrong. Because however elaborate the exquisite coachwork of a Rolls-Royce may be, they have always been remarkably simplistic mechanically.

Posted Image

I dare you to find a more inviting engine bay! (diesel-powered French cars excluded)

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