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Lord knows I don't remember each and every one of your screennames, so to all that have joined recently...

:CG_all:Welcome to Cheers and Gears! :CG_all:

Hope you enjoy the little corner of the web we've assembled here and found our group friendly - if not a bit eccentric :P - and worth bookmarking and revisiting many, many times.

Be sure to check out every section of the board to see all we have to offer. I feel pretty confident that we have a little something for everyone. And even though our focus is on the future, we love GM cars of all ages (and maybe some other other makes, too) so feel free to post about whatever you'd like.

And if by chance you don't find something you were hoping to find, let us know in the Feedback Forum.

That's it. Thanks for stopping by and, well, continue stopping by. Welcome to our little family!


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Ever have a day where little things pile on? First I put my copy of First Impressions of Earth in my cars cd player and its scratched to hell. Then I run to the store for a few things, get home and go to fire up the grill for hamburgers. Out of propane. :angry: Then I go into work (I spend like 6 hours a week in my office, I can do most of my work from home) and find a memo about a mandatory sexual harassment thing Friday. Hand written at the bottom: "David, you're going to be there" :( Then I get a phone call that boiled down to this:

(disembodied voice) You didn't pay your mortgage

(me) You are teh liar, I totally paid

(disembodied voice) lawl, I just lawled all over my face, you are teh delinquent

(me) I am roflcopter over your stupidity

(disembodied voice) you are teh stupid

(me) orly?

(disembodied voice) ya rly

Basically, we were both right, I entered the wrong date when I was setting up all my bills through my bank online.

And now I cant sleep, which sucks because I've got a 9:30 tee time.

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