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KMart offering assistance to unemployed Michigan residents

Drew Dowdell

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Kmart is offering assistance to
Michigan residents who have lost their jobs.


Being a good corporate citizen, Kmart has created their Smart Assist program to lend a hand to the devastated economy in Michigan. They are offering recipients of Michigan unemployment benefits an additional 20% off store branded grocery and drug store merchandise for up to six months. Over 1,000 products qualify for the discount. To be eligible, customers must present valid ID and a state-issued unemployment benefits confirmation.

Interested participants can find more information here.
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All of the coasties will smirk though since "Kay Mart" isn't a trendy place to shop any more.

This "coasty" says: K-Mart was never a trendy place to shop.

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Anything is better than Walmart, but Target is the big box discount retailer that focused on style--I wouldn't say it's "trendy," but their clothes are of higher quality cotton, better-fitted, decent style...I've gotten compliments on things I've bought at Target. And for $15 or less.

K-Mart is a non-entity to me. I wouldn't know where to find one if my life depended on it. I know they offer layaway, which I don't approve of, and now this...it seems for a company that has been in and out of bankruptcy over the last few years that they may be a financial risk. Seems like good PR for a company that just needs to really move some inventory.

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Big Lots is an interesting store. Some of the deals they have are very good, such as on furniture. I saw a really nice desk there that would have cost $300+ at Staples for $100. I've also seen very nice solid wood bedroom furniture.

But I've also seem some really weird, and really cheap stuff. For example, they have some weird off brand toy series that are remolds of old Beast Wars Transformers toys. I also saw this line of ultra cheap rippoffs of Zoids there.

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Big Lots is like Value City was. Unfortunately, Value City recently went out of business.

As DF mentioned, hit or miss... some great stuff... some real junk. But that what liquidators are about.

We have never had a Big Lots stick around locally... but when we did have one, it was always neater than Value City... Value Citys would turn into mad houses with stuff thrown all over since much of the clientele they attract don't know how to act responsible in public.

Nothing wrong with KMart... some stores are dismal and look like the '70s incarnate... but the merchandise isn't bad. Its a good place to get stuff like spatulas... who the hell needs a Neiman Marcus $70 mother of pearl Spatula when a Kmart one will do. Also, in some east coast big cities, KMart is the place to go since Walmart didn't get a foot in town... for example... there isn't a Walmart for miles near NYC, but there are a dozen KMarts.

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Isn't Kmart now owned by Sears? Or a few years back something was going on between the two. That's why.

Ya, or the other way around. or 'merger of equals'. There are also some hybrid stores--'Sears Essentials' that really look like a KMart inside but w/ Sears appliances and tools.

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The program is decent since it's private industry sponsored rather than gov issued.

But I wonder if shifting some manufacturing jobs there might not pay off x-fold over this....

>>"I agree, as far as those types of stores go, Target has always been the "trendiest"..."<<

Shall we thusly dub it the 'Trendiest of the Decidely Non-trendy' ?? :wink:

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i thought i had heard that they were going to try a new concept store for sears that was like a great big sears K mart mix store. the mother of all big box stores.

Kmart i have soft spot for. My grandma always took ws there (and Pamida) when we were little. i used to buy all my 45's there. and she'd always buy us candy and snacks. the blue light specials were fun and yes, Icees and popcorn and stuff.

I miss my Grandma.

Walmart for sure took over for Kmart, but there is a sinister / rogue feel to walmart that just feels almost anti human.

Kmart simply didn't keep pace with change.....sort of like GM.

I think Kmart could have some brand equity left, but it would take a major repositioning and a serious marketing effort and lots of capital investment.

If Sears didn't have tools and appliances, they would be out of business too.

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