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Cheers and Gears Member's Rides Calendar - 2010

Drew Dowdell

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It's coming up on that time again.

Please submit photos of your rides that you might like to have included in the Cheers and Gears member's rides 2010 calendar.

Please submit your high resolution photos to



Member name

Real life name

Year/Make/Model/Trim - I'm not Balthazar, so I'd probably guess wrong.

Purchase date

Any other pertinent information

Entries must be submitted by November 15th, 2009.

Those of you who've had issues with obtaining a C&G calendar in the past..... I'm running this now, so it will be much more efficient.

I look forward to seeing your submissions!



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Obviously prefer GM, but we'll take everything we can get. If we get more than required for the Calendar, we'll have a contest as to which pics get included.

You still have plenty of time to get the pics in, I was just surprised by the initial lack of response. Feel free to submit as many pics as you want.

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Well I definitely want to submit the '96 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham, but it won't be ready for pictures for a couple of weeks (I will be spending some time with it towards the end of October giving it TLC). I will also submit the G6, likely soon, and if it gets passed over so be it.

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I don't consider anything recent in my driveway worthy of a calendar shot (sorry guys!), and the B-59 is still an empty shell on it's frame... but maybe I can swing an 'artsy' shot of the 2500HD at a worksite that would be possible.

Taken right, even pics of cars in less than prime condition can be quite nice!

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2000 Dodge Intrepid SE

Purchased November 21, 2006

My Intrepid started life with 173k miles, being purachsed bone stock at an auction. It is my first car (that I purchased and insured). It's been across the country and on plenty of adventures. Today it has a 3.5 HO Engine, 300M Dark Slate leather interior, Mille Miglia Uno 18"x7.5" wheels, OTIC, chrome shifter, and plenty more to come. It is my baby, and that I plan to keep it forever.


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1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Purchased September 23rd, 2008

This '72 Cutlass Supreme ended up in my driveway with just a few ticks over 90,500 original miles on the clock. This is the first classic car I have ever sat behind the wheel of. Since the car wound up in the fleet, it has been repainted from a tired shade of pearl white to a custom shade of Oldsmobile Matador Red. The Rocket 350 V8 and TH-350R transmission are original to the car. Although at the moment it is in a mostly presentable state, it is far from finished with more and better upgrades to come.


(Not really happy with the shot. I wanted to take a picture of it near Indian Fort Theatre, but I haven't had the chance. I could find a way to add a before picture to cover up the Firebird's carcass. If I don't resubmit, consider this to be my entry to be reviewed.)

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Well shoot (no pun intended), I just saw this. My '04 Colorado was featured one year, so, not sure if the Cobalt would be considered for this new version. Glad to see you carrying this tradition on, Drew. Perhaps a reminder note in The Lounge to call more attention to the project?
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