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  • William Maley
    William Maley

    Cadillac Introduces The Elmiraj Coupe

    William Maley

    Staff Writer - CheersandGears.com

    August 15, 2013

    Remember the days before SUVs became the symbol of luxury. If you wanted a luxurious vehicle back in the sixties or seventies, you went down to your Cadillac or Lincoln dealer and picked up a luxury coupe. Cadillac wants to revisit that idea of a luxury coupe, but bring it into the modern era. That brings us to the Elmiraj Coupe Concept which has made its debut at Pebble Beach

    Cadillac says the Elmiraj pays tribute to the past and looks toward the future of Cadillac design. The name and proportions of the Elmiraj pays homage to the late sixties Eldorado Coupe, while the design gives us a sneak peek of what's coming down the line at Cadillac.

    “This concept is the second chapter, following the Ciel Concept, of our exploration of the personas of true luxury. This project originated around the simple persona of “the drive,” or the visceral experience of driving a great luxury coupe. It’s an expression of the confidence and poise you feel driving a high-performance car, which we feel is an essential element of top-level luxury,” said Clay Dean, executive director of advanced design.

    The Elmiraj design is very much an American coupe. A long front end with a large grille and vertical LED headlights flows into short rear deck with stacked tail pipes. Those with very attentive eyes will notice a new Cadillac emblem with no wreath. We reported back in July that Cadillac was considering to change the emblem and would appear on a concept that would appear at Pebble Beach.

    We're not kidding on the Elmiraj paying homage to the proportions of the sixties Eldorado. The overall length of the concept measures out to 205 inches or 2.5 inches longer than a standard Escalade. Overall width measures out to 76 inches or just three inches narrower than an Escalade. It wears a set of wheels that are 22 inches in diameter by 9 inches across. However the Elmiraj Concept is light, tipping the scales at approximately 4,000 pounds. This is thanks to a lightweight chassis and structural elements that will be appearing in a future Cadillac.

    Inside the Elmiraj is a feast for the senses. You have an abundance of leather throughout. Backlit titanium and Brazilian Rosewood accents line the door trims and dashboard. The gauge cluster uses an analog tach and speedo. A high-res driver information display sits behind it. A 10-inch display pops up from the center stack and provides navigation and other key features. The seating layout is 2+2 and features a system that moves the back seat forward to allow for easier access. Plus, the rear seats recline

    Under the hood of the Elmiraj is a all-new 4.5L twin-turbo V8 making an estimated 500 horsepower and 500 pound-feet of torque. No mention of the transmission or drive wheels, but we're guessing an eight-speed automatic and rear-wheel drive.

    Source: Cadillac

    William Maley is a staff writer for Cheers & Gears. He can be reached at william.maley@cheersandgears.comor you can follow him on twitter at @realmudmonster.

    Press Release is on Page 2

    Elmiraj Concept Explores Top of Cadillac's Range

    CARMEL, Calif. – Cadillac today revealed the Elmiraj Concept, a grand coupe expressing the pure enjoyment of driving and exploring new dimensions for Cadillac's ongoing expansion. The Elmiraj Concept showcases a new vision for luxury driving and the top of the brand's expanding range.

    "Cadillac is fueled by the creativity of our designers, led by Ed Welburn," said Bob Ferguson, senior vice president, Global Cadillac. "Elmiraj provides a look inside the Cadillac Studio on how we envision performance and luxury for the next generation of luxury drivers."

    A modern update to the classic format of a two-door grand coupe, Elmiraj is a pure expression of streamlined design and engaging rear-wheel drive performance.

    At 205 inches (5207mm) in overall length, Elmiraj is four-seat coupe with presence and poise. Taking up from where the memorable Ciel Concept left off, Elmiraj is a statement of pure luxury and performance with a purposeful character and proportion.

    The concept advances Cadillac's philosophy of dramatic design and performance, and its commitment to lightweight, agile cars. Elmiraj is constructed with chassis and structural elements of an ongoing Cadillac vehicle development project slated for future production. This new vehicle architecture expands the brand's commitment to lightweight RWD performance, exemplified in the ATS sport sedan and the all-new and elevated 2014 CTS launching this fall in the U.S.

    "Elmiraj advances Cadillac's provocative modern design and performance, contrasted with bespoke craftsmanship and luxury," said Mark Adams, Cadillac design director. "It explores performance driving, as well as how we're approaching elevating the Cadillac range and new dimensions of Art & Science philosophy."

    Elmiraj is powered by a 4.5-liter twin turbocharged V8 delivering an estimated 500 hp. The engine takes the baseline technology from the new Cadillac Twin Turbo V6 featured in the upcoming 420-hp 2014 CTS Vsport edition, and expands it to the classic performance format of a V8 engine.

    Dramatic Exterior Proportion

    With a heritage of imaginative designs, Cadillac approaches concept cars as a method for projecting design forward rather than simply exaggerating or "teasing" future production models. Elmiraj was created from this mindset, and therefore suggests new territory for Cadillac Art & Science.

    "This concept is the second chapter, following the Ciel Concept, of our exploration of the personas of true luxury," said Clay Dean, executive director of advanced design. "This project originated around the simple persona of "the drive," or the visceral experience of driving a great luxury coupe. It's an expression of the confidence and poise you feel driving a high-performance car, which we feel is an essential element of top-level luxury."

    The dramatic proportion communicates power and performance. A long dash-to-axle front profile, a Cadillac signature, gives the coupe a performance-oriented form. The long wheelbase and clean body side characterizes the car's spacious dimensions and elevated status.

    The fast cabin sits within a fuselage where taut fender lines spline through the full sectioned body, literally blending art and science. Cadillac's vertical light signature is represented in both the headlamp graphic and tail lamp. A gently applied feature line in the sheet metal extends the full length of the body side, connecting those vertical front and rear elements.

    "Elmiraj is about poise and proportion," said Niki Smart, lead exterior designer. "We wanted a mature statement for Cadillac, where simplicity and subtle adornments create a purposeful presence."

    Elmiraj contains design elements emphasizing Cadillac's capabilities for engaging driving performance in its production portfolio. Two vents in the car's long hood are functional, acting as hot air outlets for the twin turbo engine. Elmiraj has 22-x-9-in. aluminum wheels are backed by large ceramic brakes with Cadillac monoblock calipers. The car's rich blue exterior finish wears the brand's Vsport designation, Cadillac's new level slotting directly under the high-performance V-Series.

    The face of Elmiraj experiments with new visual elements, yet is unmistakably Cadillac. The grille emphasizes the car's substantial road presence. The Cadillac Crest appears in a conceptual form, streamlined and tailored to the car's overall design. This design idea for a revised crest reflects the fact that Cadillac's unmistakable symbol has evolved dozens of times through history to mark new eras or design achievements.

    Exquisitely Crafted Interior

    The interior of Elmiraj blends elegantly crafted luxury and generous space with driver-focused performance elements. The upper section of the instrument panel is a single piece extending across the full width of the car, while the lower forms a cockpit space tailored for performance.

    "A concept provides not only an opportunity to explore new design ideas, but to pursue new techniques for elegant craftsmanship and materials," said Gael Buzyn, lead interior designer.

    Backlit titanium trim curves from the cowl to the doors, dividing the rich upper camel leather from the wood trim. Cadillac Studio craftsmen handpicked fallen Brazilian Rosewood, a wood veneer prized for its use for hundreds of years in home furnishings and musical instruments. The wood is hand-cut into three dimensional sections for perfect control of the grain flow.

    The car's instrumentation features an analog tachometer and speedometer that are transparent. Directly behind the analog gauges sits a wide screen, high resolution display which projects driver information and the output of a front-mounted camera. A 10-inch touchscreen for navigation and connectivity can be concealed inside the instrument panel when not in use.

    The 2+2 layout features high-performance seats, designed to support spirited driving while also delivering luxury accommodation. Elmiraj passengers might actually lobby to sit in the back. The rear bucket seats each contain a valet feature to ease entry and exit. The front bucket seat slides 10 inches forward while the rear bucket seat slides 4 inches forward to meet the passenger, then slides him or her back into position once seated. The rear bucket seats recline for additional comfort.

    Many of the most celebrated automotive designs through history have been luxury coupes

    "We were influenced in particular by the 1967 Eldorado, both its actual design and the fact that in its time that car was a very stark contrast and a new direction. More recent design like the CTS-V Coupe and the ELR are provocative," said Dean, the advanced design director. "Both of these cars were major statements of performance and luxury and drove Cadillac forward into new territory."

    Designers at General Motors' advanced design studio in North Hollywood, Calif., under the direction of Frank Saucedo, led the development of the car's interior and exterior. Elmiraj was hand-built by in-house craftsmen in Michigan.

    Cadillac Elmiraj Specifications

    Model Elmiraj Concept

    Body Style 4-passenger, 2-door grand coupe


    Height 55 in / 1397 mm

    Width 76 in / 1930 mm

    Length 205 in / 5207 mm

    Curb Weight Approx. 4000 lb / 1814 kg


    Engine 4.5-liter Twin Turbo V8

    Power 500 hp / 373 kW

    Torque 500 lb-ft / 678 Nm

    User Feedback

    Recommended Comments

    Now we are talking!

    This is just what they need to set the level of expectations of Cadillac and the LTS as a real world class car.

    It has taken the Ciel and cleaned it up and hints of the Sixteen and brought them together in a updated package.

    Well this is the second of three show cars so I expect the sedan will be next and I hope it is soon.

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    Under the hood of the Elmiraj is a all-new 4.5L twin-turbo V8 making an estimated 500 horsepower and 500 pound-feet of torque. No mention of the transmission or drive wheels, but we're guessing an eight-speed automatic and rear-wheel drive.


    What a Beaut. Just when I thought concept of the word concept had diminished to thinly-veiled production car, this thing comes out.

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    ah, i like some of what they are trying here but overall I am not feeling it.

    I really like the dash.

    the mazda meets cadillac front end is interesting in the way the grille is presented, but i think the missing eggcrate (even if were subtle) would be helpful. The chrome hoops with swoops that have been on the interior trim of recent cadillacs are now making their way to the exterior.

    There is some proportioning I don't care for. Hood's too long, rear wheels not back far enough.

    Sick of the same Cadillac rear end on every car. Wheelhouses dull and not large enough or flared enough.

    I still like the trunk higher than the hood. And I don't like the trunk shaping here or how very much it tapers.

    Don't get me wrong, it's interesting in some ways. And this sort of style stretching is what concept cars are for. To be honest this is no better or worse than the XTS concept.

    What is possibly significant here is the notion that the LTS may have a lot of similarities to this.

    I think Cadillac can do lots better than this.

    Getting sick of all these new blunt front end cars that what, the euro ped regs are bringing us?

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    I guess that's the new Cadillac emblem on the front.

    I prefer the egg crate grille in the drawings rather than the mesh grille.

    Overall I like it, hopefully they show it around the auto show circuit and not mothball it.

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    Love it, the over all design and look is great. I love the modern updated logo. I especially love that this is the V model. Best way to make it is do it V style!

    Interior is nice, but I feel the center console is a bit to much as it isolates the people inside the car.

    Over all, it will sell as is and I think the design is a home run even after reading Reg input, I have to disagree with his input. :)

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    The previous pics did not do a good job at showing the side profile. In profile, it does look a lot nicer. Still think there is not much meat in the rear, but these pics are really darn nice.




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    Interestingly, some sketches look more like Ciel coupe that what the concelt ended up being... I think the front end and rear ends are basically what the LTS will look like (hopefully without the mesh grille).

    Real interesting bit is the 4.5TT V8: a GenV variant, specific to Cadillac, maybe?

    BTW: don't like the new logo as shown; I think it would look awesome with a 1950's style chrome V below the crest...

    Edited by ZL-1
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    WOW, :pbjtime: After watching the You Tube video on the car, I love it even more. That is freakin HOT HOT HOT!!!

    Cadillac has got to deliver on this concept. It will truly put them back as the standard of the world. :D

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    El Miraj, really? The name is kinda lame. Either go with Miraj or just return to Eldorado. The car itself is exactly what the doctor ordered. Although that interior dash will probably not make it into production unless it is a pop-up like the either the CTS or the SRX.

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    Wonderful design, GM. Build it. Not tomorrow. Not ten years from now. Now. Build it now. There's nothing else left to say, really.

    Am I the only one that's sort of disappointed that Cadillac doesn't use their concept names on production cars? Converj sounds worlds better than "ELR." ELR sounds like a brand of drain cleaner. Evoq sounded better than XLR, which again sounds like a brand of drain cleaner. Provoq and Vizón are both better names than SRX. SRX sounds like a brand of cheap gas station bathrooom condoms. Although they never built it as-is, the Imaj again had a cool name that should've been used on its production benefactor, the STS. Drop the "El" out of the name of this lovely concept car (I get it, it's a nod to the classic late '60s Eldorado, but it makes the entire name feel stupid when you roll it off of your tongue) and I can guarantee "Miraj" will certainly sound better than whatever moronic alphabet soup name GM manages to pull out of their hat.

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    'Elmiraj' reminds me of a Phoenix suburb...(El Mirage). Maybe the name is intentional...The Mirage...you think you see something then it's gone...concept cars come and go pretty fast usually.

    Edited by Cubical-aka-Moltar
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    The Ciel grille was better, this is a bit Mazda like. The back end is really good though. However I still say this car is too large, it is over a foot longer than a BMW 6-series, 16 inches longer than a Bentley Continental, it is even bigger than a Mercedes CL which is being killed for an S-class Coupe, so we don't know what that car will be like yet. Had they made this concept 192 inches long, you'd have a really easy path to a CTS based Eldorado coupe that could sell in the $55-70,000 range (V6 and turbo V6), with the CTS V6 sedan being

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    As a top line Luxury Coupe, this is right size for the ubber rich. That is not to say that it could not be scaled to work off the CTS platform, but I expect it to be higher than the range SMK is stating.

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    Forget the 4.5 Bi-turbo DOHC V8. The architecture doesn't exist yet. It'll cost a lot to develop and it has very limited applications. It'll costs more to built and it burns more fuel than a pushrod large displacement V8 of the same output.

    Just use the LT1 V8 (or a 6.8 or 7 liter derivative; similar to the LS7 but with Direct Injection, VVT and AFM) should make 460 (6.2L) to 525 hp with a like amount of twist. Lighter, smaller, cheaper, more uniquely American and more MPGs.

    If GM still hasn't gotten it's 8-Spd Auto off the ground by then, just use an Aisin or ZF 8-Spd.

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