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The official YouTube thread

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I've become somewhat of a YouTube addict recently, so I thought I would create a thread (Much like the "What Are You Listening To" thread) where we could post cool and random stuff from YouTube.

Here are a few of my favs. (Most of these will be heavy metal related because that's what kick I'm on right now) But I'd like to see a variety of cool things. The 1930 metal eating bird is kind of what inspired the topic.

WARNING: virtually all of the metal vids contain profane language, so be prepared.



This is DevilDriver, one of my favorite bands, at the Download festival in 2007. What's significant is the size of the "circle pit" (Mosh pit where everyone runs in a circle as opposed to bouncing off of each other... A lot of metal bands have been championing this concept because it is safer than traditional mosh pits) This is the biggest one I've ever seen, apparently it's about a football field in length and width.


This is Lamb of God, another one of my favorite bands, with their patented "Wall of Death" pit. This is freakin' insane. I've been to a lot of metal shows and Lamb of God is the only pit I've ever been injured in.

3) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95W84l7C4Dg...feature=related

Emo kid gets leveled in a Hatebreed (pretty good band) mosh pit. If any of you don't know it, metal kids (such as myself) generally dislike emo kids because they give us a bad name. Everyone thinks Emo is metal music when the reality of the situation is that the two are polar opposites. He was asking for it, I guess.


Mosh Pit breaks out into a fight. The fighters get called out by the lead singer. I'm not sure where this was or who it is, but it's an example of when things get too heated.



Guitar cam for number seven from Slipknot (Mic Thomson) during an early performance of "People = Sh*t" This is awesome!

SPEED METAL: I hope I can play this fast someday!


Slayer playing "Raining Blood" live at Download 2007. This is one of my perennial favs because of the sheer speed.


Speaking of speed. This is Megadeth at Download 2007 playing a medley of "Holy Wars... The Punishment Due" and "The Mechanix". (Dave's version of "The Four Horsemen") Classic Thrash at it's best!


More speed... MetallicA performing "Whiplash" last year. I really love this song and unfortunately I've never seen it live.


Speed... +1. Backstage with MetallicA for a little fun, then a live version of "Damage Inc." from earlier this year.

You can never go wrong with MetallicA.



Flaming shots 101.. Bad example #2 always cracks me up, LOL. Poor guy was just sitting there and his friend lit him ablaze.


An extremely funny condom commercial (It's not riske at all)

12) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2mbeSAmUP4

And of course, My all time favorite YouTube video. Drumroll please.... "Burger & Fires"

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This is an epic movie...one of the best filmed movies of this decade. The end gives me chills every time.


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Heidi Montag "Overdosin'" Video:

some $h! never gets old...

The Coolest 8 Year Old in The World Talks About O'Reilly:

never gets old...

Sparkly Wiggles:


Kids say the darndest things...



Too funny...

So much fun on YouTube...

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S'ok Paulie, I forgive you. The sense of hearing is way overrated anyway.:blink:

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Nah...you wouldn't want me to be obnoxious. At my hotel immediately south of the Canadian border on Thanksgiving Friday night, I found a whole bunch of You Tube "goodbye to the QE2" stuff. I know I have hammered you guys with this QM2 and QE2 stuff in the past, so I'll pass. Plus, I know it would make P-C-S unhappy. :smilewide:

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I use TouYube mostly for music and funnies. So here's some of my favorite music videos.

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - You Gotta Go


Madness - Driving in My Car

Brecker Brothers - Some Skunk Funk

never ceases to get me pumped

Brecker Brothers - Funky Sea, Funky Dew

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seQ9aDQ3Gv0

Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtVBjJJtaYA...feature=related <-- where all the awesome happens

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I first saw these (the is another on YouTube) a few years ago, short but funny. Funnier in the context of the website, which is no longer up.

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For Whom the Bell Tolls - Metallica, Moline 2008 (concert I was at...pretty decent quality vid)

1979 Camaro scene from Fast Times at Ridgemont High

1987 Monte Carlo promotional video

Omaha Police high-speed pursuit that happened about a year ago

Surveillance video from a bank in Parkersburg, IA that was hit by an F5 tornado in 2008

Crackhead gets taken out by a cop (funny)

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I have no words.


^^That's the cheer team one of my HS friends coaches. She's also an NFL Colt's cheerleader.

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Bad ass song, shame the band and video sucks.

Here's proof that you don't have to sing about Satan or death to play some kick ass metal.

Sinai Beach

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Some of my favorite metal vids:

MetallicA -- "All Nightmare Long"

Their latest and one of the best songs on Death Magnetic. It's long, but pretty cool!

MetallicA -- "One"

One of the best videos ever made... The song is about the anti-war book and movie "Johnny Got His Gun"

MetallicA -- "Enter Sandman"

MetallicA at their very best in a lot of ways. I especially like (for effect) the "One Way" sign essentially pointing to hell.

MetallicA -- "Until It Sleeps"

One of my all time favs... The song describes me a lot. The video is full of symbolism and the song is actually about the lead singer's father and his fatal battle with cancer.

MetallicA -- "Fuel"

Fun for any red blooded car guy.

MetallicA -- "The Memory Remains"

This is what started my obsession with MetallicA... I saw the video and was just floored. MetallicA is and always has been all about attitude Even though a lot of their 90's stuff wasn't as heavy, the lyrics and feel were very DARK and tormented.

One of the coolest parts of KoRn was always the visual aspect. Jonathan Davis puts SO MUCH emotion in every word of the songs and the music (sludge metal) is simple so it's easy to groove to. A big part of metal is FEELING the music. I've never headbanged harder anywhere than at a KoRn concert. When the band starts doing it, like at the end of this video it's very contagious :))

KoRn -- "Here To Stay"

This video and performance is just amazing (powerful) When this broke big, it was the first metal show I ever attended.

At the time, KoRn was in a HUGE legal dispute with there label (They've since won the dispute) This song and video was made to show their disdain for the music industry. Not surprisingly, it pissed their label off even more (At first the label tried to get the song removed from the album) and was virtually ignored by the music channels.

Serj Tankian -- "Empty Walls"

One of the best videos I've ever seen. As always with Serj, the message is spot on and the execution is amazing. I love that top hat look as well!

Serj Tankian -- "Sky Is Over"

Ditto the first comment!

Where I got my famous "For The People" signature picture. This video AND SONG are especially relevant for the times we live in.

This is a video composed of clips from other Megadeth videos and live events. It still tells a story and is big on making a statement. I especially like the symbolism in the scene where the lady is hanging babies out to dry as the sinister looking steam engine is pulling into town at sunset.

DevilDriver -- "Not All Who Wander Are Lost"

This is just a cool ass 'metal' video...

DevilDriver -- "Clouds Over California"

I think the kids are really cool in this vid... Reminds me of when I discovered metal and how I was 'outcast' by a lot of people because of it. The kid that is playing Dez (the lead singer) is SPOT ON in his mannerisms.

I love this video because it is just so damn creepy. Alexi is a very talented guitarist/vocalist and IMO, C.O.B. is one of the leading 'new' thrash bands.

A video that showcases Alexi's talent.

Slipknot -- "Psychosocial"

One of the most bad ass videos I've ever seen.

Slipknot -- "Before I Forget"

Pretty cool how they incorporated the masks without wearing them.

Stone Sour -- "Through The Glass"

You've probably all heard this one. I love the statement it makes about Hollywood. (BTW, the lead singer and guitarists also play those same roles in Slipknot, for those of you that didn't know.

Avenged Sevenfold -- "A Little Piece Of Heaven"

This one is a bit disturbing, but cool. I LOVE the song because it 1) tells a story and 2) incorporates all sorts of cool instruments (I'm a big fan of that) The idea for this song originated as a horror movie that the band's drummer was working on. Instead of trying to make the movie, they just turned it into a song.

This song has always meant a lot to me because it deals with the ability of human beings to cling to faith despite huge adversity. The video illustrates that nicely.

Rob Zombie -- "Dragula"

This one is a FREAKIN' CLASSIC! I've ALWAYS loved the Rob's zombie/carnie style with all of the weird &#036;h&#33; and machines. BTW, most of his songs are written about horror movies and this particular song was written about "Dragula" (the car) from "The Munsters" Zombie is a huge Munsters fan (as am I) The chick dancing, near the end of the video, is his wife Sheri Moon Zombie

The Offspring -- "Hammerhead"

I like the song and think the video is hella inventive. But I'm not sure if I agree with the message.

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Interesting, car related....kinda silly, but tell me what you think.

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This one is a little rough. It also transitions to "The End Of The Line" about halfway through (MetaliicA is famous for medleys of their own songs) But it gives a good idea of how brutal the song is live. (I'm so damn mad that they're not touring my part of the country >_>)

MetallicA -- "That Was Just Your Life" (Live)

Sound isn't that great and there are some errors because this was the premiere, but still bad ass;

A little bit of vintage Static-X: These are pretty low quality, but still good.

"Dirthouse" (Live) -- One of my all time Static X favorites.

New Static-X:

"Cannibal" (Live)

Linkin Park: I don't like their new direction, but they're excellent lyricists and damn, Chester can scream.

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