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Cory Wolfe

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Good Luck!


PS: You did say  for us to fill in various expletives...

In Quebecois...


Osti de Crisse de Tabarnak.

Saint Sacrement de Calisse.




That would be how I would have handled the swearing!

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Congrats! Sorry for the problems with the vW, would love to replace my TDI with a GTI, but I have known far too many people to have issues like you are having with VW/Audi products.

Glad all is going well for you, sir!

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Alright, I've been trying to get semi-professional photos, but I haven't really had the time. Fighting work and daylight, it's been nearly impossible. Combine that with the election changing some of my plans, I may not have a chance before winter hits. So, with that said, I might as well just spill the beans.

This will seem backwards to everyone, but hey, why not?

First, I'm parking the GTI for the winter to keep the miles off it. Originally, it was just that simple, but now the plan is to sell it come spring once its value stabilizes, if it does. It doesn't really seem logical for this car's value to drop in the winter, but it seems to. I've never understood it. It was great in the snow, it's not exactly a RWD roadster or anything. 

Second, speaking of a RWD roadster, I bought a Miata. Currently, it's sole duty is as a winter beater. Yes, I am crazy and yes, I am going to freeze my ass off. I also have my doubts about making it through the winter, but I've already committed to the plan so there's no going back now. I managed to make it through a Pennsylvania winter with an 80's Cutlass, so hopefully I can survive a Michigan winter in this. It's mostly flat here, so that gives me some hope. Hills were the only issue I ever really ran into with the Olds. 

Here's a cell phone picture:


Wish me luck...

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