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How much did you drink last night


How much booze?  

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None. Drinking is not a prerequisite for having a good time. In fact, it makes things less fun IMO and in college, I guess I stayed on the sidelines because so much of the social stuff revolved around alcohol. I am uninhibited and unfiltered as it is, so I have no need to drink. This probably comes from the fact that I was actually told as a teen that I should accompany dinner with a glass of red wine so, since I went against my parents in virtually everything, I didn't buy in to this.

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Hmm, I guess a little and that counted as enough for me, lol.

Uh-oh, kids getting into things they shouldn't as usual, what fun!

Vodka+the palatable base.

I drove all the way to Athens, MI (about 40 minutes, and close to Battle Creek) to hang with some of my friends. Wasn't really planning on drinking, but I was invited to, and so did.

I was hoping that on my way there I'd get pulled over just to be breathalized (spelling?) and be like, oh yeah, in your face. Have a good night, offiver. But, no such luck.

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Not enough...I started out good...had a mixer of vodka and mango juice. Then did a few shotguns of beer, and had a couple coronas and a heineken. The rest of the night (even during the countdown) I was in the bathroom helping a kid out who drank way too much. Then after I finished with him, his friend got sick so I helped him out as well. Then my dad was going to drive home, but I wouldn't let him go by himself as I didn't think he was sober enough to drive. The night had gone on long enough where I sobered up enough to drive him home, so I drove him home, then just stayed home and went to bed. My night sucked.

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A four pack of White Russians, two glasses of water & a Pepsi.

Now the person witht he remote control to the digital cable box

had quite a bit more.... at like 11:30 they rewound TV about 7

minutes to watch some lame assed music video, but then

afterwards never pressed the "LIVE" buton. So at 12:00 we're

all still thinking it's like 11:53. Next six minutes a few people

called some of the party guests and wished them a happy

new year and caused a whole lot of confusion. Funny stuff.

So basically we had to fastforward "live" TV by like 4 minutes

in order to watch the ball drop. Our 2007 started like 6 min. late

right from the get-go. I have a tendancy to procrastinate but

that is just ridiculous.

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I had about 6 beers (sam's winterfest) and about a bottle of champagne. I honestly was almsot completley fine, just a little tippsy when I took the train back to New Rochelle fromthe city (with my completley tanked roomate.) took him to the dinner to get him sobered up some and by the time we left there at 3:00 in the morning I felt I was fine to drive.

I hit a checkpoint on the way home. Officer smelled booze on us and made me step out. I passed the sobriety test fine and was comfortably under the legal limit on the breathalizer. Officer complemented me on knowing when I was good to drive and then admonished me that I was drinking in general being underage by 7 months still. He let me go with just a verbal warning about that part since he saide I was good to drive and he was more concerned with getting drunks off the road then writing me a summons for underage drinking.

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I think it is safe to say that anybody who replied to this thread yesterday did NOT have a lot to drink. Some of us slept (or tried to sleep!) most of the day.

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I think it is safe to say that anybody who replied to this thread yesterday did NOT have a lot to drink. Some of us slept (or tried to sleep!) most of the day.


Let's just say I had a goodly amount of a variety of beverages. :AH-HA_wink:

Had a fantastic meal, good conversation, great little acoustic jamfest, and a generally fun time even though the power went out shortly before midnight and didn't come back on!

Ask B&B this question. :lol:

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