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Design Competition #4 - K5 Design Contest

Camino LS6

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Welcome to Design Competition #4!

post-394-0-09200000-1292816854.jpg post-394-0-47715500-1292816919.jpg

So here we are at the end of 2010, and man, is the world ever different ! So many of us are being forced to re-create ourselves and find our way in this new reality. That goes for our favorite automaker as well.

But listen.

It isn't all bad.

The end of one age is just the beginning of another, and all things are possible again. The shining star of the Alpha program, the begining of production for the Volt, whispers of Holden goodness coming our way once again.

It's time to get creative once more, to adapt and overcome. To see things with new eyes and from new directions. Where inspiration comes from is always a mystery, and the next big thing could come from anywhere.

And so, this design challenge comes from an unlikely direction. It comes from a classic SUV design that predates the very term "SUV". Back when that sort of vehicle had but two doors and was called a "four-by-four". Back when an untamed spirit of independence was a factor in vehicle choice. When a rugged, go-anywhere, vehicle was the ticket to adventure long after the road went to dirt and the night sky was nothing but stars.

Your mission is to harness that spirit and wrap it in new clothing for 2011 and beyond. The job is to create a new K5 Blazer that can actually blaze the trail. Or, if you prefer, a K15 Jimmy that take you to a wilderness view that extends to the horizon in all directions.

You may base your creation on the existing Tahoe/Yukon, or branch out in a new direction. But each entry must comply with the following:

  • Two doors only (barn doors in the back are ok)
  • Fully off-road capable
  • True 4wd with a longitudinal engine
  • Tough and purposeful without extra fluff

The contest will end at midnight on January 20th.

Entries can be in chop or sketch form - artist's choice.

The prize for this contest is a Taxor men's Chevy Truck watch courtesy of CheerandGears.com.


So have at it and design a replacement for my aging Tahoe!

*In the interest of full disclosure, I have to tell you that I have been volunteered (willingly) to be the sole judge of all entries. :suburban:


Some Picture Sources...

-Serious Wheels

-Net Car Show

-See below for directions to access AutoDeadline


Good luck and have fun!

*Instructions for accessing high-resolution images through AutoDeadline:[/b]

Replace the bold, blue section of the following URL with the make/model/etc you're searching for:


For example, replacing 'silverado' with 'lesabre' will bring up downloadable hi-res images of the Buick LeSabre.

Copy into your browser and hit enter.

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I have been looking for info on this truck for years now. It was at NAIAS and has a mid-gate like an avalanche. What is it called and where did you find this picture?


It is the K5 concept, and I just did an image search to find the pic. I know that there is more on it here at C&G, check the old car show threads.

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Ok here goes nothing...

I imagine it having a midgate and pop up rolls bars. I shortened the wheelbase a bit. Gas and diesel options. And basically what you see is what you get.

If you got rid of the "extra" space where the rear doors would be, the design would look awesome. Of course with safety reuglations, you really couldn't not have a metal roof over the driver area, but a solid rollbar, a'la Jeep Wrangler, could suffice. Great job, I'd like to see the revision of this though. The All Terrain HD makes for a good example of a "Jimmy" return :)

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