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Squeezed Into A Minicar - Your Choice?


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Minicars have stepped up their game in recent years.  If you were looking at this class for your next new vehicle, which one would you choose?


Fiat 500?

Scion iQ? (done after the '15 model year)

Chevy Spark?

Ford Fiesta?

Honda Fit?

Smart FourTwo?


Any others you can think of in this class?


I think I would have to go with the 2016 Chevy Spark 2LT, with manual transmission, in Titanium or Kalamata.  The new Spark has grown up big time, with a more mature look inside and out, and some unexpected features for this class.


I expect some will say "buy something bigger that is a few years old", or  "I'd rather walk than drive any minicar", but just for the sake of conjecture, which tiny terror would you drive?

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At 6'6" tall near 200lbs, I am not a small person and I have tried to fit into that list of yours. The only two I could get into to drive was the Honda Fit and Chevy Spark. The others were DOA on trying to get in. Push the chair all the way back and I still could not get into them.


Between the Fit and Spark, I would take the Spark, much better design language. But I would rather walk than own any of these auto's or like you state, buy an older bigger auto.

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I like the Fit a lot except for the dorky styling.  It feels big inside.  Haven't seen the new Spark up close, but I think it has potential. Not a fan of the other cars, though I would consider a Fiat 500e for a city car.

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The CX-3 is a good choice.  I've been looking at these on our lot.  One of our cleanup guys at work just bought one for himself.  Only thing is, I'm a little bit country, and the CX-3 is a little bit rock and roll.

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Fiesta ST without even hesitating. 



But.. I'll play more along the lines that I don't think a Fiesta in general is really a mico-car at all. I think it is a little too large(weird to think about, right?) And even if I couldn't have the ST I drove a buddies 1.0 Fiesta(only comes in a manual) and it was great. It doesn't come with many options at all and you can't add more but it was a great little car with a fantastic little 1.0. It super impressed me. But I think some of the impressiveness was because it was a stick so it was just fun in general.


Alright, excluding the Fiesta, I would go with the 500. 95% of that is because it has the most style of that group. None of them really do anything for me but I think the 500 looks the best. I've never owned an italian vehicle and it may be the only one I could afford anyway. lol


Well, Gucci Fiat 500 for me.




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Well, since according to EPA total vehicle volume the Honda Fit should be bigger than a Mazda CX-3...


I'll take a Mazda CX-3 as my pipsqueak vehicle of choice. Two if they get their diesel past industry setback now know as dieselgate.

That was my next choice!


I've really been diggin' Mazda's styling as of late. I think this is the hands down best looking of the "mini/micro" vehicles. When I made my initial post I wasn't thinking SUV/CUVs.


Actually.. the more I think about it maybe my previous post should have been an Abarth 500. Those are neat little cars.

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I put the Fiesta in this group because it is a lesser (not lessor) vehicle than the Sonic, except for the ST, which rockets past the half-hearted Sonic RS.  The 1.6 in the standard Fiesta is just a weak sister compared to the 1.8 and 1.4t in the Sonic.

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