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Jaguar News: Rumorpile: Jaguar Readies A Larger Crossover

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Jaguar is possibly working on another crossover, one to take on the likes of the Porsche Cayenne and BMW X5.

Autocar reports that Jaguar is planning a flagship crossover to not only build on the massive success of their current crossovers (F-Pace and E-Pace), but also to attract wealthy customers, especially in China.

Reportedly named J-Pace, the crossover will debut a new design language that is currently being worked on by design director Ian Callum. Underpinning the model will be the aluminum architecture used in the Range Rover. For the J-Pace, the architecture will be made slightly longer and wider. It will also sit lower for better on-road behavior. Also coming from the Range Rover will be a number of powertrains, including a plug-in hybrid. 

The model is expected to launch in 2021.

Source: Autocar

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1 hour ago, smk4565 said:

Can't have too many crossovers it seems.  One day Jaguar will be an SUV only brand, to compliment Land Rover that is an SUV only brand.

Maybe...I would so take this over a navagator.

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3 hours ago, balthazar said:



Just like the frequent case critique of Cadillac, "this is too late, should've been out 5 or 7 years ago".
I mean, right?

In all fairness to them, Jaguar was supposed to be a sedan and sports car line, while Land Rover built the SUVs, but people want sporty, performance oriented crossovers now, and Land Rover still has that off road vibe, even with the Velar and Evoque and some attempts to change that.  They for sure now need a 3 row crossover, with the SVR trim or whatever they have decided their performance model to be.

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Because Jaguar-Land Rover are one company with one dealer channel.  Right now Land Rover has 6 SUVs and Jaguar has 3, that is 9 SUVs in one dealership and this will be the 10th. 

Cadillac is a stand alone dealer and luxury car line and luxury truck line of GM. 

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It is funny...Jaguar has used the 'X' prefix in car model names for decades, and putting an 'X' in the name is the universal shorthand for crossover, yet they don't have a crossover with an 'X' in the name...

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21 hours ago, balthazar said:

I believe the vast majority of consumers have no idea if 'RR' or 'LR' are models or brands or what. You say 'Jaguar Land Rover's Land Rover Range Rover' out loud and it just sounds like a schizophrenic stutter.

Totally agree that their naming is a mess.

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1 minute ago, balthazar said:

"Shit; -Series and -Class are already taken. What can we use?"
"How about -Type?"
"I don't get it."
"How about -Pace?"
"WTF does that mean??"
"Who knows... or nothing."
"Is anyone using it?"
"What do you think?"
"Great!! Let's use that then!"


Grace, Space, Pace.... I'm shocked you wouldn't make that connection. 


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It was Jaguar's slogan for a long time. 

There is no proclamation by Jaguar that I know of, but knowing the old slogan, I immediately made the connection. 

It certainly isn't unknown and obscure. 


"In the country of their origin though, they became even more, a part of the national consciousness, living up to the famous advertising slogan of ‘Grace, space, pace’ in a way that few other rivals could match."

The Who - Jaguar

The Who Sell Out
Grace space race.

Everything they've seen you have seen,
Everywhere they've been you have been,
Everything they've done you have been and done already.

Every lovely spot near or far,
You can reach them too in your car,
Or you might be there now if you own a jag already.

The radio blasting, the girls are glancing,
The ?? dancing with gleaming eyes.

Grace space race.
Grace space race.
Jaguar, jaguar, jaguar, jaguar.

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3 minutes ago, balthazar said:

OK. Just flipped thru my Jag print ads back at least to '64, that slogan must be older than that because none of my ads used it.
And obviously; I never heard it either. Some 'Yoda' I am. ;)

Well, it wasn't Murican or GM, so we can give you a pass for not knowing.. ;)

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