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    • Nope, nope, and more nope. You can scream that price until the cows come home but Tesla has yet to meet any original price point brought up by them. Hell, VW has ready beat them to the punch in the sub-$30K game so where is their advantage two years from now when said factory will actually be done (hypothetically)? Answer, there isn't one. Only fanboy talk.   Tesla is building this. Tesla is building that. It is baffling how you post this like they are the ONLY ones doing any of this. They aren't but I'm sure you will be there to believe whatever price point promise nonsense that Elon tweets. 
    • First off, Lincoln does have sales decline as they killed off their cars and then the Pandemic hit and the 3,000 roughly decline between 2021 to 2022 is on par with the whole auto industry decline due to the global pandemic. They have their stable of luxury SUVs and this year will truly show if their 5 star rated auto's along with all the reviews show an increase or not. Genesis is growing and paying attention but then they are more car centric than SUV and their SUVs are fairly new. People are realizing that Genesis gives so much more value than many other luxury brands. Lets STOP THE BS on Tesla. They have announced that they are looking to build a Mexico factory, they have not done anything and the government has not approved anything. The biggest reason for this is the water shortage the area that Tesla wants to build in and while as the latest news below states that Musk has verbally agreed to use recycled water and be non water user based company. They have not submitted any documentation yet, plans, etc. as such this is as Musk has said so many times, VAPORWARE.  Tesla to build plant in Mexico | CTV News Same with your comment, Tesla HAS NO $30,000 auto. Nothing has been shown, just words that they are working on such a car. Said the same thing about Tesla 3 that is VAPORWARE. In regards to your value play, GM, Ford have been offering leases with insurance, etc. for years before Tesla started offering this. They are late to the party. GM and Ford both have offered this on their EV models from the start.
    • Wrong answer bar mover. You started with this. "They can pave the Lincoln dealer lots with gold make them nicer than the Taj Mahal, their Lincoln cars are still no good.  They have 4 SUVs, all of which are segment average or below average and the Lincoln brand image is one of the worst of all luxury brand, probably only better than Infiniti."   And I answered it. You don't get to make up some other statement that ridicules Lincoln while ignoring the BS you spewed above. Besides you act like no other company has had its ups and downs, including your precious brand. How about we reevaluate this three years from now. That way, we will see what EVs have and have not done for all these brands you think will go down the tube because they are either A.) American companies and B.) They are not German. Otherwise, it is more trolling nonsense. Remember. You stated this with the 4 SUV comment that was easily debunked so either stick to that or come up with a better argument because your bar moving, when you get busted, is getting old.   Since you want to go there though, how about the Mercedes ledger? I see a lot of down years for them but I bet NOT once, was there talk from you about them not surviving or whatever excuse you would provide for them.
    • I think anything outside of Caprice in the Chevy line in the 70s is questionable as a luxury car. Yeah, you could option up a Monte Carlo, but it would still have the base model dash materials, base model switchgear etc.
    • 4 consecutive years of sales decline with 112,000 being the high mark in the past 10 years.   Tesla, BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Audi, Cadillac, Acura, Volvo all outsold Lincoln last year.   Lincoln did beat Genesis, but Genesis is also growing and on the rise as Lincoln falls, so Lincoln might not even be top 10 in another year or two in their home market.  And globally it is worse, because they are probably getting beat by Genesis and JLR. ---------------- Tesla is building a factory in Mexico that will build the next gen car that is half the cost to produce as a Model 3.  Costs $34k to make a Model 3, so $17k production cost on the next-gen car, they can sell that at profit for $25k, but I am sure you'll have to pay for paint, wheels, interior, auto-pilot, etc so it becomes a $30k+ car before the tax credits that may be available.  Tesla's goal is 20 million units per year by 2030, I think that is overly ambitious, but they will hit 10 million easily, and to do that they penetrate the mass market at $30k, or with a $400 a month lease that is all in with free supercharging, free maintenance, Tesla insurance, no money down, FSD included.  Then it is a value play that no one else can match.
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