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Introducing.... the b'donka-dub


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For those of you who cannot bear the automotive thought of owning anything with any component designed more than 24 months ago, I bring you the 40" (you may wish to call it the 'double-dub'- frankly I have no idea if there's established slang for this already):

Posted Image

Bear in mind that the 26" was a protoype in 2002.

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Someone needs to be shot.

Don't worry, they'll either kill themselves off or wind up having their nuts shot off and won't be able to reproduce.

(Well, we can always hope, right??)

I really wish that Darwin would catch these people before they do something THIS dumb.

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I feel numb right now, and it'xs not only because of

my medication for my wisdom teeth. This trend is

proof that humanity is coming to an end.

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>>"How come when the Rednecks do the same thing,but use 44" super swampers you guys love it? "<<

Gotta say: my brother had a '79 Chevy K-20 on 44s for a while- it was a damn circus parade on the street: riding eye-to-eye with Kenworth drivers, having people take pictures and girls flash you down at the beach... I rode in it only once and it was a blast... but it's not for me on a regular basis.

He had to sell it when NJ outlawed anything bigger than 38"s (IIRC)- it's down in Missouri now, where stranglating martial law like that is still a good 50 years in the future.

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A truck (pickup or SUV) on huge OFF ROAD tires makes sense.

this thing is useless like a &#036;h&#33; flavored popcycle. What did that

poor G-body Regal do to anyone to deserve that... :(

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