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The post rating system

Camino LS6

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Go find the Cadillac ULC thread and you'll see why its worthwhile. The posts that actually discuss the car are the ones with 0's while the worthless repetitive crap has -1s and the arguments against the repetitive crap have +1s.

Also, the mobile site doesn't display the ratings, so its kinda fun to try and guess how many negatives a post has. I imagine that by this evening this one will be -2.

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Thankfully, the ratings system no longer has to do with individual reputation, like it first did. If that were still the case, I think we would have done away with the entire system by now.

Satty is right about one thing for the most part: there is a lot of complaining that detracts from any intelligent discussion that takes place around here. Intelligent and high quality discussions are part of this site's main M.O. and when all threads are high in good content, there is a chance we can attract new regulars.

When we're all sitting around bashing a new car because it doesn't get the gas mileage of a frigging Sonata and because it doesn't have windows for the a, b, and c pillars that roll down, threads begin to look immature as does the entire community.

I can see a way to reform the idea: merge the report and ratings system into one tidy clusterfuck. Posts below a threshold of minus five are earmarked for deletion. When a member ranks a post down in this fashion, they have to leave a small note saying why they ranked the post down. Anyone who leaves a reason saying, in essence, that they're butthurt that such-and-such doesn't agree that the Cadillac ULC is a POS automatically makes their vote invalid.

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I'm pretty sure the rating system does nothing but distill a common mindset.

Then again, the same group that ruined pretty much all discussion here has pretty much targeted and eliminated participation by all of the unique posters. (Balthazar and Camino have managed to somehow hang on, but that's about it)

Im gonna be honest; I rarely visit any forum here besides the Lounge because it's just not worth my time to read posts by people who can't seem to progress past the 'YouTube mook' phase of internet maturity.

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