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My new truck


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Looks great, and I bet it feels like it's from a whole other world and standard compared to the Colorado (just had to get one more jab in there about that thing).

Terrific color and equipment choices too--the GMC is my favorite, as far as looks, on the trucks.

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Thanks, everyone. But I think I have a problem already. I may not be able to get it out of the garage. It's much taller than the Colorado. Two inches of the radio antenna hits the top of my garage door frame. When I put it in the garage, the garage door was in the process of gliding upward on its track... but with the door fully open, the bar to pull when the automatic opener doesn't work hangs down pretty far. It looks like it will hit the roof and smash out the 3rd brake light when I back past it. :o I really hope my perspective was off last night. I may need to call an emergency C&G meeting to get 8 or 10 of you guys to stand in the back of it to bring it down low enough so I can back it out. Now I have a real excuse for lowering the back end down some! :blink: :AH-HA_wink:

Here's a list of (hopefully) tasteful mods I have in mind. Feedback appreciated:

Rear end lowering, 2" drop

Goodyear Fortera Triple Tred 265/70 17 tires. The 245s are a bit narrow, imo

Dual exhaust with polished tips, side exit behind wheel (less redneck than straight out the back, imo)

BedRug liner (I love those things)

Hard tonneau cover, black, comes off in 3 sections so it's easy to remove if I need to

Chrome tailgate handle cover to match the doors

Body color, smooth tailgate topper

Rear wheelwell blackout (which might help visually reduce the big wheel-to-body gap at the back)

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Nice truck Blu Man! Looks great! Love the color.

As far as the feedback goes, I would definitely get some lower profile rubber and lower the truck a little, that would help with your garage situation and it would give you a sportier wheel to body proportion that you talked about in your post.

Thanks for showin your truck Bluman. Get that camera fixed and take more pics!

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Great looking truck. Get that camera working again - I need to see a side shot showing the whole side of the truck. You gave me just about what the brochure shows of the regular cab! :lol:

I'd be really tempted to get rid of my SKY if GMC added the E63 Sportside bed option again... my dream truck was always a Regular Cab, Sportside bed, SLE/Z71 4WD pickup (see attached picture of the last year the Sportside bed was available).

That Stealth Gray (aka Slatestone <Buick> or Blue Granite <Chevy>) is one hell of a color and would have been my choice too; I fear that since most of the other GM divisions have gotten rid of that color for 2007, the GM trucks will follow after 2007.

Ocn, I can't wait to see the truck either at one of the Carlisle shows or in the fall at Hershey.


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This truck is awsome!!!

Billion, kajilion, mega-super-trillion times cooler than some FWD VolksWagen economy car!

Too bad you caould not get a 5-speed though :(

And BTW: last nights' emergency TIGHT WHIPS meeting involved XP & I riding in the back

of Speeding Penguin's Jeep Comanchee... as in inside the bed. Long story involving a very

leaky fuel pump on a 1964 Oldsmobile after I drove the car at highway speeds for over

180 miles to check out a 1959 Buick for sale. We also saw a super scary 3-story house on

fire in Worcester. It was an INFERNO! So sitting in the back of your GMC to bring lower the

truck enough to get it out of your garage after that is CHILDSPLAY.

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Well, I stood up in the bed and stuck my measuring tape between the cab and bed, down to the floor of my garage. I measured the truck at almost 73.5" tall. I have about an inch clearance between the truck and that garage door pulldown bar. *Whew*

It is snowing here today, so no new pics yet. So far, the G80 is doing fine. My fuel economy average on the DIC keeps going up. So far it is at 16.5, not bad for a green engine with about 80% in-town driving. Also, this is hilly country around here. Of course, I've been gentle with it so far. On the highway, the switch from V8 to V4 is imperceptible, I have to rely on the DIC to tell me when it switches. Did I tell you I love the DIC? :AH-HA_wink:

Thanks for all the kind comments, and I want to post some more pictures when the weather gets decent.

Oh, and I hate tire dressing. My wheels are all greasy and black from the crap they put on the tires when they cleaned it for delivery.

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