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6 X-Rays, 1 CT scan, painkillers and some bloodletting later...

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Well, I'll give you the drama, drama version of it....

Many of you remember back in 2005 when I totaled my first Focus. I was sitting in the road and an 18 wheeler doing 45MPH hit me in the rear. I walked away with sore muscles and not much else.

Today, the GF and I were carpooling to school. Luckily, I decided to wait for her and just ride with her instead of taking my own car. We get 300 yards from the entrance to school and BANG!!!!

I had a bunch of books that I was going to sell back to the bookstore for cash. I sat them on the airbag on the dash and joked (as I have many times with various things) that if the airbag deployed, I'd be toast. Today we were sitting at a stoplight on a divided highway then I heard this massive series of bangs combined with my body jolting in all different directions and everything went black for a split second.

This is where the similarities get eerily close to my 2005 wreck. I opened my eyes to smoke and a burning smell (just like in 2005) My first reaction was to get out of the car, but the door was jammed (just like in 2005) except this time I was the passenger and it was jammed because a late model Dodge dakota was sitting against it.

Then I realized that my GF was driving the car. She was very upset and seemed to be shocked. I usually am able to keep cool in horrible situations and think my way out (after all I've been through this 6 times now) I started to comfort her and told her to turn the car off and get out (into the median) I put the car in park, out of instinct I guess and we crawled out of the car. By this time I had realized that I was bleeding really bad out of my nose and that my hand was dripping blood.

Just like in 2005, a law enforcement person watched the accident happen (This guy was SBI) he immediately blocked the lane and checked on all of us and informed us that he had called 911. At this time, I realized that the airbags had deployed and put it together that one of my books (that had been laying on the airbag) apparently had hit me in the face and caused my bloody nose. One of my books had flown out of the back window of the car (just like my sunglasses in 2005, that came off of my face and flew through the back window) and ended up IN FRONT of the car. A second book had flown out of the back window and ended up wedged between the windshield wiper and front windshield.

By this time, the first emergency person had arrived and was asking us about our backs. I was having moderate pain so they put a c collar on me and strapped me to a backboard. They promptly did the same to my GF and transported us to the hospital.

They x-rayed my chest (SOP since the airbags deployed) my c spine and my hand (the one that was bleeding) They x-rayed my GFs chest, c spine and knees. She was released with swollen knees and legs and pulled muscles. I was detained because "something in your neck doesn't look right" Then they did the CT scan, told me that I was okay barring the pulled muscles and cuts, but that I have the beginning signs of arthritis in my neck. I've had a headache and nausea all day (either from the blow to the face or the lack of caffeine and food for 20 hours) Or maybe it's just nerves. Funny, the thing that hurts the most is the burn from sliding on the seat (on my back), LOL. The GF is still pretty upset. Like I did with my first time, she keeps thinking about it and getting freaked out. I'm doing okay, except that I'm still picking glass out of my pockets and clothes.

I've been raised in emergency services. My dad has been in the field for 28 years (I'm 26) and this is the first time I've ever actually experienced what they do. My GF and I were so grateful for everything they did, even down to talking to us while we were upset and giving me a burger in the ER after I told them I hadn't eaten anything for 20 hours.

Apparently, an old man in a Dakota had tried to switch lanes to avoid hitting us. He didn't even hit the brakes, plowed into us at 45MPH hitting the rear corner behind me (same as in 2005, even the speed) That, in turn, pushed us under a Jeep and pushed the Jeep into the car in front of it. Automatically (like I have in wrecks before) I went to his truck to see if he was okay. He was moving around, so I assumed the best. He later apologized to me and hugged my GF. I found out that when he hit us he was on his way to cardiac rehabilitation for a massive heart attack that he had suffered not long ago. This made my heart sink more. It was just a bad situation all around.

The Cavi... Loyal servant to my GF (she put that car through hell, literally, and it NEVER left her stranded) is dead. It was mangled on both ends. The subwoofer is in the back seat (the trunk is gone) and it's leaking transmission fluid like a sift. It really is amazing that our cars are engineered so well that they can take a hit like that from both corners and still allow us to walk away. FWIW, the front window is spidered 3 times above where my books were sitting. It seems that, lucky for me, the books had hit the windshield first, then made their way to my face.

It's times like these that make me really count my blessings. You guys know how cynical I am. Part of me wants to cheer and beat my chest because I've now walked away from 6 accidents in 8 years. Of those 6 accidents, I've totaled 5 cars and came within $500 of totaling the 6th. NONE of them my fault. The other part of me wants to hide somewhere and sink into anxiety about what NEXT year will bring.

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A very vivid account. Glad to hear you and the girl are relatively OK, and I wish you both a swift recovery. I expect to see photos of the new Cobalt as soon as she gets her settlement check. Or the new Focus.
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That's terrible for both you both, the old man, and the Cavi. However at least you guys are alright, and that's what matters most. It sucks about the car but it did do it's job and protect you both.

Hope you guys recovery quickly.

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You know, I never have been a proponent of buying an SUV just because...

But now, after being drilled in the back 2 times, an Equinox or something of that nature is looking more appealing each day.

Another funny fact to lighten the mood... It took 6 guys to lift my big ass into the Medic unit, LOL. I felt so bad for that, but I can't help that I'm 'one of those big mountain men' LOL.

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Wow, sorry to hear that FOG...glad to hear that you guys weren't more seriously hurt!

I've been rear ended before at 5 mph and it sucked. I can't imagine what it is like at 45 mph!

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3500 Dually 4WD crewcab Duramax with a giant hitch on the back to pierce radiators.


Yeah, those hitches do a remarkable job of "defending your rear"

A guy in a '67 Camaro plowed into our '96 K1500 (back in the day) It bent the bumper brackets and hitch on our truck and absolutely DESTROYED the Camaro.

I shed a tear for that car...

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Wow... just, wow.

Glad to hear that all ended mostly well. Insane stuff.

You really do have some bad luck. :(

This time maybe you ca avoid Toyopet rentals, although

if you do get one instead of taping over the emblems

with trash bags I vote you just tape huge "TRASH" and

"I'd rather be driving an American car" emblems/signs

over the Toyo-DUR emblem-age.

3500 Dually 4WD crewcab Duramax with a giant hitch on the back to pierce radiators.

FTW! :)

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Thanks for all of the kind thoughts guys.

Balthy: The majority of my wrecks happened in my hometown. This is the first time that Charlotte has taken a bite out of me.

smallchevy: Yeah... I think we are mourning the Cavi. Both of us hated (It was more of a constantly annoyed thing than hatred) the car and talked badly about it because it was SO uncomfortable, especially for me, and cheap.

But the fact remains that it was a damn good car. The GF put it through hell, didn't maintain it like she should've, drove it hard and it NEVER once left her stranded. Case in point; 2 of the injectors were bad (or in the process of going bad) before this happened and it still happily took us anywhere we wanted. We had planned to try and nurse it home for the holidays and have the injectors replaced. And before the injectors went bad, it handily destroyed my Focus in the fuel mileage war week in and week out.

That's one reason that I am so passionate about GM... The car was annoying and cheap, but mechanically it was an amazing piece that could take almost any form of punishment you threw at it. And I think THAT'S what people don't understand about GM cars... The perception of cheapness takes precedence over reality and GM was very foolish for not understanding this and remedying the situation while it was still an easy fix.

68: Oh yeah, you can BET that I'll be doing something to the badging if I get an asian rental this time. Especially with the economic crisis and Detroit's relationship to it. Then again, it'll be the GF's car, so I'll have to get her permission first, LOL.

Quick update: The GF is really sore. (I haven't went into details about her for sake of privacy, I figure she can log on and participate if she wants) Looking back, I think the impact affected her worse than me. In the Cavi, I'm pretty wedged in to the car because of my size, so if I'm hit, my body can't really move all that much. I think her body got jolted worse because she could thrash around more. Not to mention, I'm 3 times her size so I'm sure I can absorb an impact better. I'm not that bad. It's almost like a "I haven't worked out in a while" sore. The doc gave me some painkillers but I don't believe in taking painkillers unless I'm dying, so I doubt I'll even fill the Rx.

One of the worst parts is where they gave me the tetanus shot... I'm a big sissy when it comes to needles and man is that $h! sore today!

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I'm so glad you both are in one piece. Too bad about the little Cavi, they are amazing little cars. I made my mom buy one so I wouldn't have to worry about her getting around or lots of repairs. I've had very few crashes, none my fault, but I have had a 40 mph impact. A lady turned left in front of me in about a 95 Cougar and I was in my 84 Cutty, she got T-boned and towed off, I drove mine home. LOL I hope your luck turns around, and I hope she gets to feeling better, its amazing, you hurt in places you'd never imagine.

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Wow, that is some, well, WEIRD statistics in relation to you and innocently driving or sitting still in your cars...

I've been in 2 accidents, first in 2001 with a hard slam dunk from behind in our 300M--leaving us okay--and just last year in October when my prized Fleetwood had its side peeled off by the plastic bumper cover of a Subaru Outback. I certainly hope no more, period.

That is SO, SO, SO great that you guys made it out okay and even the guy who caused it, apologetic and all, is still alive. Accidents happen as you well know, and this apparently was one of them. Wow. Six is just...a LOT.

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Man, Glad to hear you and the GF are okay...those kinda crashes are scary....

What year Cavi was it?

People can say so pretty bad things about the J cars, but the tend to be pretty solid little cars...

My brother was T-boned in his 03 by an old F-150(esrly 90s, I think) at 50-55mph...and walked away with a sore neck, and bumps and bruises......

A good friend of mine was FLIPPED over in his 2000 Cavy at 70Mph....in a 7 car accident, and walked away, though he was pretty beat up......

They tend to hold in there....

She could aways get another one...the newer ones with the Ecotec will take a good beating too.....

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Wow, glad to see you are O.K.....

+1 for the idea of a hitch...a buddy had one like that on a Jeep and managed to puncture a few radiators...


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I am very glad you and your GF are OK and not hurt worse. These kinds of accidents are why I will never give up my full size SUV and defensive driving. I at least have some steal and size around me and my family and friends. You cannot replace quality of life with econo box auto and saving gas.

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