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What to you is the worst thing about being a GM fan?

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...to me it's the lack of a social network outside of C and G.

With the Miata thing, the SCCA thing, and the VW thing, I have active local clubs that are fun to be involved with. Running an SCCA autocross, going to a 4th of july party, doing a 4th of July parade, running a Buckeye Miata Club autocross, going to two get togethers with the VW club...

But nothing social locally with any GM people. Seems like you run into a few old guys at car shows, but VERY few real GM fans around here.

So I guess this is my way of saying thanks for posting here to everyone that does, because there are a lot of GM cars I love and I love talking about them.

What is your least fav. thing about being a GM fan.


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outside of the corvette and camaro and the 94-96 ss impy's there wasnt much to boast in the performance bracket since the early 70's. the Buick GN's are a given, but the ss balts were a step in the right direction with the camaro's absence. severely need midsize sedan fun.

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The worst thing is GM itself.


Arrogance that GM can build a stylish, powerful car... then we get a new W-body.

The lack of interesting future GM product.

Inability to reign in dealers who overcharge for the slim good product that GM kicked out.

Luckily, you don't have to deal with GM much once the product has been on a used car lot for a few years.

Of course, my GM loyalty is disappearing like a dying ember, so take that with a grain of salt. If you like a Cruze for all wallets, I guess GM has your heart.

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Killing off the types of cars I enjoy most, full size RWD sedans and coupes, along with the Riviera, the Monte Carlo and Toronado. The latter of which reminds me I hate the fact that Oldsmobile died to pass the torch to Saturn and less than a decade later Saturn is being sold off.

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Trying in vain to convince people that GM produces cars that are every bit as reliable, well-built, efficient, and desirable as anything from Asia or Europe, and then hearing news about GM doing dumb things like canning all Zeta cars, closing Pontiac, and building front-drive Caddies.

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The dashed hopes...

Couldn't have said it more politically correct than this!

Definitely the dashed hopes ... more pointedly, perhaps, the disappointments.


...to me it's the lack of a social network outside of C and G.

I've noticed this a bit, too. However, I'm on enough forums/in enough groups (some all-GM like this, others Chevy specific, and mostly Monte Carlo-specific) that I don't see a complete lack of a social network. But, I understand what you mean.

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The people that think their Toyotas and Hondas are just far superior to anything GM has. How many 1981 or 1985 Toyotas does one see in the shape that my 2 old ones are in? Not many.

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