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Which CAR body style would you rather drive?


Which CAR body style would you rather drive - coupe or sedan?  

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  1. 1. Which CAR body style would you rather drive - coupe or sedan?

    • Coupe
    • Sedan
    • Other-explain

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I was thinking about this again last night while I walked back to my car after picking up some groceries at Safeway. I saw a beautiful silver/black 17 inch alloy 2006-7 Monte Carlo LT. It drove off and I saw some of its good angles.

I thought to myself, had there been a little more "nip and tuck" to the styling update and had there been a 3800 V6 under the hood, I would have bought one...without a doubt. I still like my Buicks very much, but I know how much I like the coupe with bigger doors, buckets, a console and more of a wrap-around driver's environment.

So I say "coupe"...even though I like sedans, though not as much.

Your take?

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Well not a Monte Carlo that's for sure. For me, body style depends on the segment and the car. Some sedans look fantastic. Likewise, some coupes are meh. Some wagons are sexy. I do know I wouldn't get a 2-door version of a sedan. It's half assed to me. They have to give it a more unique body, to make it look like it was designed to be a coupe for me to consider it.

Also you should have included wagon and hatch. This is a rather limited poll.

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I actually had a base model pre-'06 Monte Carlo in Bronzemist come up beside me in traffic yesterday, het couple in their early 50's I'd guess. They had reasonably-sized aftermarket chrome rims on it, and it looked good gliding through traffic, even covered with salt. They turned off at the local full-service car warsh. Cool.

I voted 2-door with nary a blink.

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I've had 4 2drs over the years (one a hatchback), a 4dr sedan, a 2dr SUV, a 4dr SUV, and a 5dr hatchback. I think for a daily driver in a sedan or SUV I lean toward a 4dr for the practicality and ease of ingress/egress (long doors are a pain in tight parking). Never had a wagon per se, but that's pretty much what the SUV bodystyles are like. I plan to always have at least one 2dr around.

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Having driven a wide variety, I enjoyed my coupe but, for the moment, I prefer a more well-rounded sense of practicality. With having a van, a four-door hatch and company trucks available, I could always get back into a coupe when the kids get older. While they're in car seats, a coupe just isn't as fun to deal with. With a need for trucks, a wagon wouldn't be of any use for me.

So for now, seeing as vans and trucks don't apply here, it's 4-door hatch / sedan / coupe / wagon / convertible

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LOL @ people not following directions... :P


I like wagons for function

1 They have all the ease of use that a sedan has

2 They can haul a greater volume

3 They (in full size guise) can swallow a 4x8 sheet of plywood & tow 6000 lbs

4 They handle better than a SUV & get better MPG also plus are lighter

5 can haul 8-9 passengers

6 Look great lowered

7 Haul my canoe on roof & tow my camper

8 They don't wallow around like mini vans

9 They morph into cool panel wagons

10 cost of development is lower than adding a new SUV to the portfolio

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