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GM News: Spying: 2020 Buick Encore and Chevrolet Trax

William Maley

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Yesterday, we brought forth some spy photos of a new GMC subcompact crossover. At the time, we couldn't be certain to this as the two mules caught were under a lot of camouflage. But today we are confident in this as a fresh set of spy photos have come in revealing next Buick Encore and Chevrolet Trax.

Both of the mules seen in the photos were caught testing on General Motors' proving grounds outside of Detroit. The Encore appears to be taking the evolutionary approach with its redesign. There is still the rounded shape and rising glass on the rear doors. A similar grille design to the Regal is up front. Chevrolet is taking a more drastic approach with the next Trax. The frumpy styling of the current model is out and a design inspired by the new Blazer is in. We can make out the split headlight arrangement and a large grille for the front. Other details that jump out include a wide hood and sharp corners.

Its unclear whether or not both models will still use Gamma-2 or transition to the VSS-S architecture.

Source: Autoblog, Motor1

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Cool, I totally agree with the assessment of the Buick and Trax. I am excited that the Trax is going revolutionary in it's style. Should really help pump up sales.

Buick already has a winning formula, so evolutionary makes sense to keep the auto closer to what is currently selling. I wonder if a hybrid or EV will be included in the lineup?

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The new Trax... wow finally, it has testicles like I've been longing for.  Should be cool.  In comparing it to the Encore shots, it seems obvious that the Trax windshield is more upright... the A-pillars look different, mirror housings look different... which has not happened often on GM platform mates so closely related in the past.

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20 hours ago, regfootball said:

ugh why does GM have to make every crossover so trucky.  The Euros are testing new crossover forms more quickly the GM's of the world.  The Trax doesn't need to look like a Tahoe or something.  The Encore's appeal was because it didn't look like a truck wannabe.


Image result for bmw x6

BMW has some ugly CUVs. The coupe thing is just  :puke:

52 minutes ago, Drew Dowdell said:

It's GM's new platform system. No more Epsilon, Gamma, Delta... etc. 

VSS-S is GM's new platform, what does the initials stand for?

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