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2008 Cadillac CTS: NAIAS pictures and video


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Slightly off topic, but... Any thoughts about this "new display theme" where GM was supposed to be its own enclosure? I remember seeing a thread about how they wanted to do it, but I haven't heard anything about the final product.

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That is gorgeous. I wasn't very impressed with earlier pictures but this is STUNNING!!!!! That rear reminds me of the last gen el-dorado, but in a much more modern way....My only concern, well Cadillac's only concern should be: ''Where does this leave the STS??? :scratchchin: ... This is the first car to ever make me WISH I could afford a brand new caddy!

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Wow ... between this and the new Malibu, I really like GM's new direction on interiors. Atttractive, stylish, and from what I've heard the materials are much improved. Follow these designs with top notch fit and finish and GM may surprise alot of critics over the next year or so. :yes:

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Is it me, or is something glowing in the headlights? :blink:

It's not just you... something is glowing. You're talking about that vertical line of light on the outsides of the headampls, right? I was going to ask about that. At first glance it looks almost like a neon bulb, but it's probably LED's.

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The interior is awesome, I love it. The design can be summed up as old-world meets modern technology and I think it's great. My only question is with the grille: is that grey plastic or a toned down metal? It looks like cheap plastic.

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Very nice post of photos and videos TED. I looked at the car. I pondered on something one else said.

If this is the new CTS and it is so much better in many ways that the STS, does this mean:

The next STS will be larger and more distinct?

The DTS follow up will be longer and larger than the current car?

This car pushes everything upward..

The STS was not Lutz's car. That car was something like the current Grand Prix and LaCrosse he tried to fix and make halfway decent. The old cars are falling off one by one.

Some how, GM China made that STS better in some many ways.

You can see how international GM influenced this car. The door panels are very Holden like. The seats are very GM China(look at SLS), the gauges are very GM Europe, while the exterior is GM North America. This car will not be modified much when it is exported other than right hand drive applications.

Any ideas??

Cadillac did take a cue from Infiniti. That pop up navigation screen came from them.

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Did they have one out for spectators to sit in, or were they only on the displays? Going to the Chicago show and was hoping to sit in one to get a feel for the size. Pictures seem to make the rear side window look chopped off and I'm concerned what sort of room we got back there.

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