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Confirmed NYIAS Debuts

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So just to review, GM has annouced there will be 6 new production cars and 1 never before seen concept. Here is what's confirmed.

Production cars

1: H2 MCE

2: H3 Alpha

3: Lacrosse Super

4: Lucerne Super


6: ...


7: ...probably the Hummer H4 concept

Update: Or no, probably not a Hummer. Seems it will be a Chevy now.

As for #6, the most likely car seems to be the regular LaCrosse MCE or the Saab 9-3 MCE.

The Cobalt MCE or the HHR SS are possible also...however there now seems to be a chance Chevy won't have an NYC debut at all. Can't confirm that one way or the other yet.

**MCE = Mid-cycle Enhancement. AKA: Facelift or refresh.**

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mid-cycle enhancement. We just call them updates.

EDIT: Oops. Northstar beat me to the punch.... well, you get the idea.

The H4 is a good bet since there were rumors that GM was going to show it during either the Detroit or Chicago shows but for some reason, didn't. Most likely, it wouldn't have helped GM show off its new eco-friendly image with the new Volt at NAIAS or it would've taken the emphasis off of the growing Saturn brand at Chicago. Those are, of course, rumors and pure speculation.

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'bout time the H3 got a V8

EDIT: and I wonder what will happen to the H2's mileage with the 6.2.

Very likely better, just as people with 6.2L/6-spd Denalis and Escalades are consistently and/or more frequently and easily getting better MPG numbers than people with either 2wd or 4wd 5.3L/4-spd and 6.0L/4-spd other GMT-900's. SO, I think, a great move. It seems like they're best truck powertrain combo right now, and the H2 certainly will benefit from it.

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Well, the difference with the H2 and the GMT900 trucks that offer the 6.2 litre is that they don't have full-time 4wd, which significantly reduces fuel economy no matter what. I wouldn't expect a huge increase.

Me either, because it is still a big, blocky, and heavy pig with bad aerodynamics, but as is, with the extra power and updates of the 6.2L plus the 6-spd that helps it better use every bit of that power, there should still be a small increase. And with an H2, anything is better than nothing.

As for the H3, I've always wondered what it could do with a 5.3L, as previously and even now it's still a case of revving the 5-cyl's guts out, which doesn't help any mpg matter, so we'll see what the DOD 5.3L does. It's still not that astounding with mileage in a lot of the GMT-900's so far, but maybe with a different trans and the different vehicle dynamics, it will be here, at least again marginally like the H2. If not, power will at least get a strong boost.

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Full time means you can't turn it off. Which was a mistake on GM's part considering how heavy the vehicle is. The 4WD on the GM900 vehicles can be turned off so you're not using up more gas then you need to.

Not on the Denali and the Escalade I don't think.

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What exactly is the difference between full time 4WD in the H2 and AWD in Escalade and Denali?

The full-time AWD systems in the Escalade and Denali lack a low range and locking differentials, and they're "fully automatic" in that there are no levers to pull or buttons to push. Power automatically goes to the wheel with the least traction, unless Stabilitrak brakes the slipping wheel, which in theory should redistribute power, albeit jerkily.

The 4WD system in the H2 can be manually switched into high/low-ranges with or without locking diffs.

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