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Pontiac ’s roomy new 2006 G6 coupe already has the looks and performance of a competition-inspired machine, so it doesn’t take much to boost the excitement factor. GM Performance Division built the G6 Performance Coupe to showcase how wild the 2+2 coupe could be with replacement body parts. Those parts include new front and rear fascias, new rocker panels and a large rear deck wing. Forgeline 19-inch wheels and racing-inspired Wilwood brakes complete the functional/stylistic additions.

Vehicle Highlights:

270-hp 3.9L V-6
6-speed manual transmission
New front/rear fascias and rocker panels
Body kit
New hood with scoops
Large rear deck wing
19-inch Forgeline wheels
Wilwood disc brakes
Driving lights
Leather-trimmed interior with contrasting stitching, including instrument panel, insert panels and rear quarter panels
Painted console trim bezels
Special door sill plates
Performance exhaust tips

Posted Image
Posted Image

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(hands on hips, tapping foot...)

You guys had to have a wing, didn't you? (vomit smiley.)

I don't like the rims. The headlights should have been darkened. The rear fascia is ugly. But the WING IS HIDEOUS and totally destroys a beautifully clean, sexy Pontiac.
:( <_<
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Yikes. That grille is out of control enormous and that spoiler is big enough to file for it's own zip code. On the flipside, I LOVE what they've done with the rear bumper. Very sexy.
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It looks like a G6 and a 2002 Trans Am mated and thats what came out.........I dunno if this will grow on me and I start to like it more but only thing I like on it is the rims...... Also who says pushrods can't make power...........270hp out of ancient technology aint bad if you ask me......... Edited by IntimidatorSS
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Yes, but I wasn't expecting that... Appearantly Pontiac has forgotten how to design spoilers...


Looks like they forgot how to design a grille too. I really wish I hadnt seen that picture. Are they trying to make people hate Pontiac just so they can kill the brand?
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As for me this is not a car I would buy, but it would sell in great numbers if price well. The only thing I would change is the grills. The rest is the look that is making up the import market. Too under swtand the spoiler, wheels and FX one just need to open the pages of one of the import tuner magazines and see where they are coming from. I am just so greatful they left off all the cheesey graphic's people load on tuner car's. Too few let the styling work and rely on graphic's.
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