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    • I believe the FIA made an announcement that they'll have final approval/denial for all new team proposals in April or something. I would LOVE for Cadillac to have their own factory team in F1! Andretti/Cadillac isn't the only new team proposal, just the loudest.  The problem is the current team owners don't want to split the pie into smaller slices.. I really hope Cadillac/Andretti's proposal blows their tits off and they can justify another team.  Red Bull has been a team for a couple decades already so it isn't a new team. They're just partnering with Ford on their new powertrains for 2026, when the regulations move to more battery electric power and less ICE power. Red Bull has been with Honda/Acura for the past few years but have been with all sorts of engine suppliers.  2005: Cosworth 2006: Ferrari 2007-2015: Renault 2016-2018: Tag Heuer-badged Renault engines 2019-2021: Honda/Acura 2022: Honda engines but they formed their own company and are branded Red Bull Powertrains(confusing situation) I believe the current power split is around 150hp electric power and 650-700hp ICE and the 2026 regulations move to a 350hp electric power and a 20% reduced fuel flow rate, so less ICE power.
    • Working tonight for DTW 2023 tradeshow and rocking out to the Muse Channel! Muse - YouTube This is speaking to me right now!  
    • Tonight was a comfort food carb night.  First was an all-beef hotdog in homemade Mac n Cheese with a mixture of chedder, Havarti and Smoked Gouda. Homemade Scalloped Potatoes.  Golden Potatoes, peeled and then mandolin sliced for consistency. Then Sugar Sweet Spanish onions sauteed in cream. Then a laying process of potatoes, onion cream mixture and Havarti cheese. Multiple layers till full and then baked in the oven.
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