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Lincoln MKR Concept


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Guest YellowJacket894

Love the exterior, even the big 1970 Olds Cutlass-derived grille to some extent.

I hope Lincoln builds something like this in the future. They need a car like this right now.

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I know I like Oldsmobiles, and I also like the Lincoln too. This is unreal. That car looks like an Oldsmobile! Did the Oldsmobile stylists end up at Lincoln? It seems Lincoln felt Oldsmobile/GM was not using the Oldsmobile themes any longer, so they did. They probably thought the Lincoln star from a distance looked like the Oldsmobile rocket.

They thought lets get those orphaned Oldsmobile owners GM left behind.

The above was sarcasm and humor.

At least we have an idea what the Oldsmobile themes would have looked like if it had lived.

Oh well.... I like the front end on this concept.

Lincoln 88?

Lincoln 98 ?

Lincoln Regency?

just kidding..

The front end is from the early 1940's Lincolns....

See the front end and fenders on this car:


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Guest YellowJacket894

My god... that is hideous.

Tell me about it. I didn't even put any amount of effort in that sketch.

Oh . . . the car. I mostly still like it, so never mind.

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concept coupe with a B pillar.... ughh

I'm pretty sure it's a sedan. :wink:


If not now, it will be by the time it's productionized. And it'll be FWD...on a Mazda platform....with only an available V6.

The sides/rear look like a rather bad chop, as it has a pretty misshapen rup, and there are no lines for the door. I actually do like the front. It's more bold and atention grabbing than any Lincoln since...long before I was born.

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Well now, not so fast. It does have a few stylistic features I admire and find very refreshing:

> the absence of any sort of front bumper,

> a break away from the '3-rectangle' front treatment: (headlight, grille, headlight all in the same horizontal plane: BO-ring!!),

> a defined windsplit with a cleverly-integrated emblem.

>also like the edge that comes down the A-pillar & onto the front fenders.

The grilles are tough to get used to (size-wise) when the vast majority out today are all so homogenized- I think eliminating the horizontal bar would improve the look and yeah; mabe trimming 2-3 inches off the bottom. But I'd take it as it is, too.

Also- the front fender arch & the gentle radius of the rear haunch don't seem to match- tho it very well could just be the angle/sketch.

Gosh, I'm going to have to say that overall I really like this one. I already know I'll be going back to check out this pic on my HD over the next few weeks.

What a freak.

Pics are gone from Leftlanenews- anyone snag any other angle/interior sketches??

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