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maximum speed you ever reached


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whats the max. speed you ever reached? in what car? boooooredd xD

i've been 143 miles/h in a peugeot 106 raly edition 1.3L 120hp of 1995, its a powerless car, but very light weight car

and 136 miles/h in a VW touran 2.0L TDI 140hp of 2005



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Uh... 85 mph. Sometimes I forget to look at the speedometer.

Actually, I dragged with a Corvette at an ASIM. Not sure what speed I hit, though.

I've accidentally hit 80 mph in a 55 while test-driving a CTS. Those cars are so smooth that when there are no other cars around, you don't even realize you're going that fast.

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I've seen 140mph a few times...once in my M3, once as a passenger in my friend Steve's NSX, another time driving his NSX.

I had my sister's Merc S-class up to 125 once, ran out of road..

I don't know how fast I've had my Mustang GT, the speedo only goes to 85.

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I've also seen speeds of north 140 mph. The highest speed I've ever

gotten pulled over for was 99mph. That was in my 4.1 liter DOHC V8

powered 1997 Infiniti Q45 and the cop told me I had good reflexes.

XP was in the passanger seat taking a photo of the dash displaying a

solid 120+ mph when he started screaming Cop! COP!! COP!!!!

Because I pulled over before he even had a chance to turn his lights

on he was very forgiving. Wicked polite and respectful on both sides.

There's only a few cars I've gone over 140mph in:

1999 Pontiac Trans Am WS6 6-speed (Jet Black, T-top)

1996 Ford Mustang Cobra 5-speed (not SpeedingPenguin's but one EXACTLY like it)

my very own 1968 Chevrolet Camaro

(drive a 35 year old Camaro w/ over 185,000 miles at 140 & you will know what 200mph feels like in a new car)

I've also hit the electronic speed limiter in several cars...

1997 Cadillac STS (more times than I can count on both hands)

2000 VW Jetta 1.8T

1997 Infiniti Q45

2002 Pontiac Grand Am GT1

1999 Cadillac STS

More BRAND new Chevrolet/Pontiac cars/trucks than I care to admit

(used to sell them brand new)

I've also been in the passanger seat of a 1990 VW Corrado G60 with about

$10,000 of suspension & motor work when my friend Mike was driving it at

between 75-130mph on back roads & through a lake-side road that bends

& dips through rows of trees. That scared the $hit out of me, one mistake &

we would have been nothing but a oil/blood stain on one of the trees.

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In the mid 150's (156-158mph) in an original 427 AC Cobra, in 1967. One of my army buddies was storing it for a friend who was in Nam. We took it out on the highway near Bakersfield, Ca. It's probably the most awesome car I've ever ridden in.

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ONe of my long term goals is to build a Corbra 427 replica with CHEVY big block power.

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152-154 MPH in a F4 Camaro... A buddy and I were trying to peg the speedo. We let off of it because of an appraoching curve and because the nose was beginning to get a little light.

110 MPH in my 1973 Camaro.. I backed out of it there because at the time I ran 4 inch wide VW tires on the front (previous owner set it up that way, I personally didn't care for it) 110 MPH in a '73 Camaro with 4 inch tires on the front is 1) Pretty damn hard to keep straight, especially if you hit gravel (we have a lot of 'washes' here in the mountains and 2) Very unsafe for obvious control and weight reasons.

I also was a little nervous because that's when I used to run the old Quadra Jet carb on it. The Quadra Jet had been known to "hang open" more than once and in one of my very first high speed runs it actually did "hang open" at about 95 MPH. After stomping on it (trying to jar the cable loose) and only making things worse, I eventually had to kill the switch and coast to a stop on the side of the road. NOT A GOOD FEELING!

These days I hardly ever run the Camaros hard simply because I've tied too much $$$ and hard work up in them to take the chance of bending them up. That's why I want a newer Trans Am or something of that nature, so I can play around more.

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I'd assume around 160-something in the 540...The speedo stops at 155 which is where it is originally limited to, but with the limiter removed my car does somewhere around 170 stock. I've brought it way past the 155 mark, so I'd assume in the 160's somewhere...

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lool but all of you got those speeds in HUGGGEE cars, with very powerfull engines, i was in a small matches box (peugeot 106 rally edition) with an engine with 1.3L!! 120hp!!, the most powerful car that i've been on was a VW touareg 2.5 TDI 175 hp, and a Range Rover 2.5 HSE 165hp, ah and a mercedes E220 CDi and mercedes CLS 320 CDi those were the most powerfull cars that i've been on (dont forget that this isnt america -_-' powerfull cars are uncommun) lol

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The sad thing is, though we may have the cars here to get the job done, finding enough road has become difficult.

I really wish I could afford a membership at this new club which is building a major roadcourse in the Poconos. I'd love to get a chance to find the limits of my cars without the worry of encountering some soccer-mom in a minivan on a cell phone.

The right thing to do is to take it to the track- we all know it . Hopefully, I'll find an affordable way to do that someday soon. I can enjoy going to the drags, but I want to drive on a roadcourse.

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Fastest I've ever travelled: 104 mph in a 2006 Grand Caravan SXT on I-95 south of Florence, SC

Fastest I've ever personally driven: 83 mph on the Capital Beltway in the Sonoma.

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