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New Silverado Commercial

Drew Dowdell

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this looks very homemade.. isnt official is it??

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Awesome...but is it authentic?

yea... these trucks will do this $h! all day long...

you all should look at this couple of things i put on youtube

these are GM videos... they are for GM certified salespeople... but i dont know why they spend so much money trying to make the salespeople certified and educated about the product when the consumer is the one who needs the info to even goto the dealership.

and this one shows exactly what those videos are making examples of... and its off my video phone

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Most factory limited slip differentials are next to worthless. The Gov-lock in the Silverado has saved me more than once.

yea its pretty nice... in my old work truck (dodge) and my parents 2 toyotas... and ford f350... all have trouble going up my back hill dirt road and about 40% grade...

and probably 300 feet... gotta jam on the gas... and hope you get your self far enough up the hill to get some more traction as it starts to level out...

but my gmc... i can idle up the hill... no tire slip... no unsafe darting up this road that almost flipped my dads old (85) toyota

and i dont even have 4x4... even my brothers 4x4 tundra has to jam on the gas to get up...

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That's kickin' butt. I hope we see it everywhere. Although there's snow in the ditch on the commercial, we have plenty of mud down south. I guess it's kind of the same thing.


look at the youtubes i put up on this if you need mud... perhaps it doesnt have a toyota... but its got 4x4 dodges and 4x4 fords that are being out done by a 2x4 chevy

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