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Mercedez Benz News Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury SUV Leaks Out

William Maley

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Mercedes-Benz has been teasing for the past few weeks their showing at Auto China which is expected to be an SUV. But thanks to someone accidentally posting photos on the official Mercedes-Benz website, we have gotten our first look at the Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury concept - quite the mouthful.

The design... the less said about it, the better. It's a sedan with a tall ride height - think Volvo S60 Cross Country or Subaru Outback sedan. The front features the tall, vertical slat grille seen on the facelifted Mercedes-Maybach S-Class. The rear end styling is similar to the S-Class coupe with small taillights and angled trunk lid. The interior picture reveals seating for four, blue accent lighting, and a Maybach-branded tea set for rear passengers.

The powertrain is comprised of four electric motors delivering a total 738 horsepower, and an 80-kWh lithium-ion battery pack that provides an estimated range of 310 miles.

Source: Autocar, CarNewsChina

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I am on board with the front half of this but I have no idea why an s-class coupe trunk is on an SUV.  Mercedes needs to pass on this body style.  However, if they built this, at least 5 other car makers will build an SUV with a trunk to copy this.  

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Well...we've seen this styling before...

From Mercedes...

Related image


And we all know the PT Cruiser was throwback styling to these...

Yes! American cars from the mid to late 1930s just before America entered WW2 and the US automakers shut down automobile production...

This a Buick. 1938.

Image result for 1938 buick sedan

With running boards for a SUV look. 

Image result for 1938 buick sedan


These are high off the ground. They actually DO have a trunk. They got today's high beltline styling. They look aerodynamic...

Ive actually said this before...if we are gonna go down the SUV craze for a tad longer...I want my  SUV to look like this.

Now...take that monstrosity rendering from Mercedes. 


Which one would YOU like to be seen in?

Id take the 1938 Buick Special please!!!

The design is more coherent. More fluid. More elegant...and dare I say it?  MORE MODERN!!!!  Even with those fenders and the upright windshield!!! 

So...like I said, NOBODY would be copying that M-B. Its UGLY!

If anything...automakers would be looking to Harley Earl's designs from 80 years ago for inspiration...

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Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury

You know what?

Id still take the Eagle over the Mercedes... 

Image result for amc eagle sedan


Its just a rendering though, so all this negative talk over the Mercedes is for nothing. 

All that I wanted to say is that what is old is new again...

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Hey some sugar daddy or momma probably can’t even bother to look poor by lifting their arms to press the auto lift gate so Mercedes engineered the solution to be a trunk for an SUV.

Thinking outside the trunk - if every car with a lift gate can get the auto down feature, even some cheap Chevy or Toyota, innovate by getting rid of the lift gate! 

The luxury of not looking like or using yours as any other utility on the market! 

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