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Which GM vehicle would you take in a contest?


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Let's say you enter a contest where the prize was a brand new 2008 GM vehicle of your choice (no MSRP restrictions). You win and have to make a decision on which brand new 2008 GM vehicle you will claim as your prize. What would it be and why?


Mine is easy... the all-new GMC Sierra Denali in Summit White.

Posted Image

To me, the Sierra Denali is the modern day version of the mid-'50s GMC Suburban Carrier (aka Cameo) pickup. It can be used for work/play, but also for a night out on the town. It's the most luxurious pickup in GMC's stable, and has performance manners to boot. I couldn't afford to own one otherwise, so if I won this fictional contest I'd claim the Sierra Denali as my prize.

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A 1970 Oldsmobile 442 W-30.

If we are talking all years, then my screen name is my answer.

That is my automotive Holy Grail.

Okay, I went back in to my original post and made it clear that it has to be a brand new 2008 GM vehicle. :P

And I'm :lol: @ Fly's choice!!!

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Kodiak 4500 rollback truck, Duramax Diesel, 6-speed Alison

I could start my classic car shipping company and then when I

made some serious $$$ buy a CTS-V, then once my business

grew substantially I'd get a Peterbilt 379 with a 9-car capacity

trailer and really start cooking.... at that point I'd buy a bunch

of classic cars for myself & an Escalade EXT in pearl white with

the power running boards, and for Julie I'd buy that BMW M5

she's always dreamed of.

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Uh, not really.

BMW makes fine cars, so does MB.

I would buy a dozen BMWs or Mwercedes before I'd

ever even rent a Toyopet-Lex_Scion or a hon-DUH.

The Japanese make $h!ty products, have EXTREMLY

poor business ethics and fugly styling. The Germans

are competing for my dollar very effectivelly.

I'm European born & as much as GM is my #1 NEW

choice if I had to buy a new non-GM I'd buy a BMW,

Porsche, Audi or Mercedes before I'd ever think of

buying a FWD domestic or some pepsi-can on wheels

Japanese car.

Julie is a cool chick, I'd love to see a real poll of the

typical wife/girlfriend of a C&Ger... probably a few

Camrys and Accords mixed in with those GMs... <_<

A BMW 5 is much better than the average chick car!

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...and Sixty Eight, you'd really buy a BENZ? I've known so many of those cars to have problems...and I'd rather crush and Audi than drive one. I probably hate a lot of European cars as badly as you hate Japanese cars. Maybe we can just agree to hate Korean cars and agree on that.

I am with you on the BMW thing though. Were it to be a non-GM car, my choice would be a New Cooper S coup with a six speed and a sunroof delete. If it were not a Miata.


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Julie is a cool chick, I'd love to see a real poll of the

typical wife/girlfriend of a C&Ger... probably a few

Camrys and Accords mixed in with those GMs... <_<

She drives an '88 S-10 Sport (Blazer). Likes the Charger, Riviera, Monte Carlo, Reatta, AURA, STS, XK8, Sierra, Ram, or F-150. Father has an early-90s F-150, mother a '92 Chevy G20 van.

A good friend of mine, she drives a '97 Jeep Grand Cherokee, would love a newer Jeep, Solstice, SKY, or SL550 (we can dream).

Another friend, she drives a Taurus, wants a Jeep Wrangler or Dodge Ram.

Another friend, he owns an '02 Saturn SL1, wants nothing but a Cadillac DTS, STS, Escalade, or GMC Yukon Denali.

Another friend who some C&Gers met, he owns an '06 9-3 Aero, used to want a G35 or FX, now wants the forthcoming 9-4x, or new VUE.

I surround myself with the best. Checkmate. ;)

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