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Spied: Dodge Avenger (non-R/T)


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I liked the concept so much better. It looks very narrow. It also at the same time, looks pudgy (how is that possible?) It may be the camera, and bad angles...and hub caps...and the lack of a spoiler...it all conspiers to...suck. Hope some better photos will improve this, also I hope the R/T looks like the concept, cuz I loved that.

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It'll be nothing short of a miracle if this mess (and it's equally horrid Chrysler sibling) can sustain DCX for the next 5 years. These are the cars they expect to compete in the midsize market?

Mark my words, DCX is headed for some really tough times.

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What I find amazing is that DCX has stated repeatedly that it intends to make Dodge a legitamate player in the Europe market and yet after seeing the Caliber and this, I'm really starting to wonder how building ugly and extremely uncompetitive (to Euro standards anyway) vehicles will help them accomplish that lofty goal.

I think the rumors of the Chrysler/Daimler split are looking more realistic when you look at the future lineup of both Dodge and Chrysler.

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Looks almost ready for production.  All it's missing is a green E affixed to the trunklid.



Just what I was thinking...and actually something I almost expect as an OEM emblem of sorts on a lot of cheap blah-mobiles like this. Actually, this base model Avenger has a level of dullness and bad proportions that make it seem outside like a third world mishmash.

I WANT to like what they're doing anymore, but once the LX cars were intro'd, all hell just broke loose and no one seems to have any focus on anything positive. Some styling is decent and still cool, others are garish or horribly cobbled together like barn cars. Couple that with horrid interiors and numerous other issues, and it's just not a positive light ahead, or right now.

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It looks like it's trying too hard to be different, sporty and affordable.  It doesn't patch all three together into one good package.


a 2002 grand am all of a sudden looks like an Audi........

you know DCX shafted mitsubishi and now it looks like mercedes is gonna do the same bichslap to chrysler.

IMO it was a total mistake to abandon the cab forward cars in lieu of this. It was also a mistake to spurn the galant twin for this.

chrysler went from zero to crap in about 5 years time under mercedes. So much for the foreign way of business.

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