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GENEVA: Opel GTC Concept


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My educated guess: This is really Epsilon II but with rear-wheel-drive AWD. Rear-biased AWD was already planned for the platform, but I suppose they wanted to show it off in this concept in full RWD mode.

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It's goregous. I thought it was Epsilon based, and basically a cousin to the G6 coupe. But if it's RWD, I guess it's based on the shortened Zeta platform that the next Camaro's riding on... very cool. Can't help but wonder though, such a wonderful and diverse platform could probably house a Velite.

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Just turn saturn into opel.

Thats stunning, i guess every GM brand needs their zeta coupe (hopefully caddy next).

I like this one a lot, its the most modern. It reminds me of the new nissan skyline but I prefer this to that anyday.

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Hello, you beautiful Insignia you! Oh wait.. it's just a concept. :AH-HA_wink:

This is very promising for the future of Opel design. It makes the new Mondeo look outdated. Now, whether or not the production version of this car actually happens, as is, remains to be seen, but I doubt Opel will debut a new and very production ready vehicle and not build it. That's GMNA's job.

Can't wait for this to hit our shores.

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Beautifully-styled concept, of Infiniti G35/BMW 6-Series fame. But it is kind of derivative, even moreso the GTC name, which we've seen on let's see: the 2006 Antara GTC concept, Opel's SS-type performance trim, the Astra GTC...

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