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Keep it simple, no poll - what is your favorite car color?


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It's been a while since we've polled on this...and we usually do it in poll form.

So without a poll, pick ONE car color that you could apply to any and all of the cars you like. You can pick:

( a ) color,

( b ) basic depth - light, medium or dark,

( c ) metallic or enamel

No need to describe your back-up...just ONE.

My pick: Light Metallic Blue

Why that choice? Both of the Cutlass Supremes and the Camaro I had were this color. I think it worked on all the cars I've owned, or would consider owning. Unfortunately, Glacier Blue Metallic was no longer a 2008 offering on LaCrosse, or I would have picked it.

Why the poll? I went to my local B-(P)-C-GM and looked at the color choices for Cadillac...there was no more Ice Blue Metallic...not even on the more traditional DTS...

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Dark metallic gray. My '86 Mustang was dark metallic gray, and it looks great on any car I've seen in it...

From the Ford GT to the ZR1 to Porsches,

Audis, BMWs, Mercs, to theCaddy CTS-v, it's a great color on serious performance cars and luxury cars, esp. w/ red leather interior trimmings...metallic or not.


I'd like my next car to dark metallic gray, fits in well in places w/ a lot of gray skies (it's the anti-Phoenix color).

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I took my own poll. I've had 1 vehicle each in black, white and beige. 2 in red. 3 each in silver and gray, and 5 each in blue and green.

My next one is going to be green or blue. It's up in the air at this juncture.

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I'm the misfit here.

British Racing Green!


Although after that I would say blue, then white.

And I'm with Cubical, I like dark metallic grey, it looks good on everything.


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White is usually effective in showing off a car's good lines...

be it a G8, a new Camaro, the last-run of the MC, etc.

See, I disagree... I've felt white hides a car's good lines... which is why so many classics were made in darker colors... blacks, navy blues, Verdoro green.

I feel that some cars... G8, Camaro, classic MC's look good in ALL colors. How else could a old Monte or the "Crank" boattail Riviera wear a diarrhea brown color and still look great?

My problem with colors is that most are like belly buttons... everyone has them. The only popular colors I like are Black and Red, but Red is too much of a cop magnet. I abhor white, silver and greys... again, way too popular... but boring. Sure, black is popular, too... but at least it is sinister and badass.

The colors I REALLY like are the unusual ones... Purple, Yellow and Midnight Blue as on the new GTO. The Stealth Blue on the '08 G8. Even the fairly common medium blue on the GF's Corolla.

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I detest white, it is far too common and it shows dirt plus its TERRIBLE color in the fog, and it gets foggy here.

Not that black doesn't but still.

That's what lights are for... :P

I like white paint on cars you don't expect to be white. Lime green Lambos are so cliched, so it's refreshing when there's one that's white.

However, if you ever go to an Audi display at a major autoshow, one can argue that white is starting to be overplayed...

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