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A friend asked me this question

Camino LS6

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Defunct Vehicles and brands:

Oldsmobile as a "boutique brand". They would be sold through Chevrolet dealers. They were in the past anyway.

Oldsmobile would consist of a few models:

Ninety Eight: fullsized contemporary traditional fullsized luxury sedan( Buick and Chevrolet do not have any)

Toronado: personal luxury coupe low volume shares parts with Ninety Eight( think 1971-1976 Oldsmobile) ( Buick and Chevrolet do not have any)

Cutlass: convertible/coupe for the masses. The platform would borrow from existing GM pats bin with unique styling and parts. ( Buick and Chevrolet do not have any.)

Custom Cruiser: Affordable rear drive sport wagon with interior room and space. A Possible Holden basis.

No import style. All "American" styling with emphasis on technology and innovation and comfort and style. New GM technologies will be applied and tested here. a mid ranged family of vehicles with a touch of luxury with style and technology.

These cars could possibly use or share parts with Holden.

Rear drive and front wheel drive. It could go either way.

Pontiac: All performance brand sold through Buick GMC dealers. It will be a "boutique brand" as well.

Bonneville: fullsized rear drive performance sedan. ( Chevrolet does not have any.)

Grand Prix: midsized performance coupe and sedan ( Chevrolet or Buick do not have any)

GTO: speciality performance coupe

Firebird: see Camaro and strip the body and use the platform

The Pontiacs would be midsized to fullsized and smaller for GTO and Firebird. They would not have bench seats, digital gauges or items you would find on traditional American luxury cars( Oldsmobile will). No crossovers, suv's or the like. It takes GM performance to the max( i.e. cheaper than a Cadillac)


Buick is now international near luxury and headed that way.

Chevrolet is the volume leader.

Olds and Pontiac can hit the spot where the other two do not.


Thunderbird: Think mid 1960's T-Bird with all the innovation

Cougar: Could go either way. The luxury coupe or the performance coupe.

Lincoln Mark Series: The Toronado needs a competitor and America does not have any luxury coupes.

Lincoln Town Car: revisioned for the market today.


Imperial: A large contemporary luxury sedan. Bigger than a 300 in the inside and outside with luxury you do not not expect in its price class.

Cordoba: a personal luxury coupe from Chrysler.

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Chrysler Imperial, but not the hideous concept they had a few years ago.... Maybe even the brand as a whole, above Chrysler

Continental, but you'd have to go back to the 60's for the concept... wouldn't want some Fox body or Taurus body re-do. Should be the crown of the Lincoln line and compete with the S-class and rumored baby Roller. Should shun 7-series "handling prowes" as beneath it.

Eagle Talon. I wanted one of these so bad as a teenager. My dream cars in highschool were Cutlass Supreme Convertible or Eagle Talon. I know the Talon was just an Eclipse rebadge, but there were enough styling differences that in my eye Eagle just did better.

Dodge Neon. I know they were never class leading, but Dodge sold a crapload of these things and it helped to keep Chrysler solvent. If there was one single mistake that really sealed Chrysler's fate, it was the canceling of the Neon and replacing it with the bull dog ugly Caliber. I'd like to see Chrysler solvent again, so a new Neon would be a good start.

Toyota Supra, because competition for the Camaro, Mustang, and Challenger is a good thing.

Dodge Stealth/Mitsubishi 3000GT, ditto above.

Ram Charger, because I'd like to stay on Camino's good side after recommending two FWDers and two foreign cars.

Lincoln Towncar, It's not dead yet, but might as well be. Remake it as a modern car... and it could be used as the short wheel base version of the Continental mentioned above.

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A modern RWD Chrysler Cordoba in coupe/convertible form to replace the Sebring 2dr, based off the LX platform.

Same idea as the Cougar and Thunderbird I mentioned earlier, or for GM, a modern Monte Carlo off Zeta. I know the personal lux 2dr coupe market is long dead, but not everything has to be a FWD 4dr...

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The Thunderbird...based on a Mazda MX-5. I think that would be fitting to the original T-Bird and have a great appeal in Ford's lineup too.

Also I would like to see the Prowler brought back as an electric sports car (maybe a Tesla base), an open wheel version same as the Plymouth version, it could be a Chrysler this time around.

With GM ...the GTO & Grand Prix. Both as RWD 2 door coupes; Chevy GP & Buick GTO this time, the names are solid and both would compliment the lineups of these brands IMO.


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I knew you guys wouldn't be able to resist throwing some GM stuff into the mix!

Interesting choices so far.

It took me a while to pick just one (following the non-GM rule).

I chose the International Scout. I'd really like to see something like that again, especially the Terra pickup version.

Another one popped into my head immediately: The Plymouth 'Cuda

And Drew, interesting choice you made to "pacify" me. :smilewide:

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It would have beren so cool if GM would have followed through with this:


Actually, the 2dr SUV in general could stand to make a comeback. Not everyone wants a mommy mobile 4dr.

Scratch that - 2drs in genreral need to make a comeback.

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Which one?

Don't matter... several of them. Either a propeller-era one or a Hawk. Avanti is nice, but its already hung around enough.

Studebaker was a decent, everyman's car. They had several styling cues that I feel would help shake up the current staid, automotive landscape. Studebaker was many times ahead of the curve back in the day.

Interestingly, enough Wiki claims someone is already working on this return...

There is a web site for Studebaker Motor Company that claims to hold the rights to manufacture future vehicles using the name "Studebaker" (obtained after the name had reverted back to the public domain). This "newer" Studebaker Motor Company plans to revive the automotive company by producing a new line of vehicles (also scooters and motor cycles). The company is currently in the planning and prefunding stages. However, the website has not been updated since June 2008.

Of course, I like the idea of the 'Cuda coming back... as I preferred the 'Cuda to the Challenger. I even like the idea that AMC was coming back, even though it was an Aprils Fools magazine article. Of course, all this IP is owned by Chrysler and their potentially sinking ship, so I don't hold out much hope... just like I don't hold out hope that GM will produce anything in the future I would want to buy new.

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I'd like to see some of the independants return, because they had their own approaches & executions- the same thing today might really freshen up modern cars. Hudson, Studebaker, and DeSoto (not an independant, but stills fits the criteria). And of course Tucker... tho this one is so 'exposed' at this point, I'd fear the same reaction would occur as it did for the '04 GTO- shy of expectations.

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Lincoln LS (name doesn't matter, just midsize RWD)

Mark IX

Continental flagship

Cougar midsize RWD/AWD sport coupe

Capri compact FWD/AWD sport coupe

A reborn Crown Vic/Galaxie





Dart (as a small Dodge)

I'd like to see Mercury pander less to female customers and become more of an entry level lux brand like Buick

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