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    • The Drive is saying that Lexus has confirmed they will not build a car to compete with Tesla but instead go the rough of a small Urban Hatchback for inner city owners / drivers. I get a total Smart Car vibe on this 2 door 2 person auto and think it will be a FAIL for them. https://www.thedrive.com/news/29522/lexus-to-build-small-urban-hatchback-instead-of-tesla-fighter-for-its-first-ev-report Want a station wagon but cannot afford the RS6 or E63 latest MB wagon, go CPO, E63 low miles over 500HP can be had for around 40K, big bargains in the CPO for E63 auto's. https://jalopnik.com/a-reminder-that-you-can-get-another-german-wagon-with-o-1837474912 BMW is following MB with LED backlit grills now. https://jalopnik.com/were-really-doing-this-arent-we-1837473276 France spent 5.2 million euros to build a 1K solar road for testing and it was a complete failure. https://jalopnik.com/turns-out-a-road-made-of-solar-panels-was-in-fact-a-b-1837472544 Lots of interesting stuff today in the auto industry.
    • More Cool News,  As many have stated here about EV's, variety of assortment styles is what is holding back EV adoption and AAA latest survey of their members show 20% will go pure EV on their next vehicle purchase to reduce maintenance and increase ease of fueling by fueling at home. Now with that said a much larger survey of people across the US has brought up the following reasons that people have not moved to EV yet. https://www.greencarreports.com/news/1124659_survey-range-cost-infrastructure-sum-up-why-shoppers-avoid-evs Have to say that the VW ID Buggy would be a blast to have in sunny states and places with off road parks especially sand dunes. https://www.greencarreports.com/news/1124600_first-drive-review-vw-id-buggy-electric-car-meb-platform EV Fun!
    • Next wave of cool AUTO News: Ford is going down 3 paths of EV strategy one of which is with Rivian for an Electrified F150. This is all part of the committed push to have 40 EVs on the market Globally by 2022 at a committed cost of $11.5 Billion dollars invested with their own EV strategy for Americas for cars and CUVs. EV platform with VW for European markets and the Pickups / Full size SUVs cobuilt with Rivian. VW MEB platform for Fords small FWD EVs for Europe with a goal of 600,000 EVs over 6 years starting in 2023. Ford Developed body for F150 and Full Size SUV, built by Rivian at their Illinois factory for global market. Fords own EV platform for cars / cuvs for Americas market and export. https://chargedevs.com/newswire/fords-collaboration-with-rivian-is-just-one-of-three-paths-to-electrification/ Madrid Spain has put in place a permanent BAN on all private auto's and requirement to use carbon free mass transit. So do not expect to find auto's for rent or running around Madrid Spain any more. Mass transit is your friend on their electrified transit system. https://chargedevs.com/newswire/madrid-private-car-ban-is-here-to-stay/ In 2018 BMW stareted a Wireless charging option in Germany. Now in 2020, BMW will bring their wireless charging system for EVs to America. https://chargedevs.com/newswire/bmw-to-bring-wireless-charging-pilot-program-to-us/ Are you Battery Surge ready? EVs are expected to be as much as 1/3rd cheaper than ICE auto's within the next 3 years due to massive online coming battery production and solid state. Batteries make up 1/3rd of the cost of an EV, but with this massive push for battery production, costs are expected to drop massively.  https://chargedevs.com/newswire/ev-battery-production-are-you-ready-for-the-surge/ Battery pack with thermal management that is 40% smaller than todays battery packs. Yup, not only is cost going to go down, but seems size as well by as much as 40% due to efficiency in packaging as well as battery design / building. https://chargedevs.com/newswire/mahles-new-battery-housing-delivers-same-power-from-40-smaller-batteries/ Get Ready for the Next Auto Revolution and it will be a massive charged one!
    • 100% agree.  I actually find its better to use that backing out of a parking lot because it sees out around the vehicles next to me that are blocking my vision. I don't pull out all willy-nilly with it, but it is very helpful. 
    • Unfortunately, I have that same feeling. They seemed to cover the rear so much to make it look like something else..it'll end up as a fckd up coupe CUV.  259 is pretty awesome.    The electric-only range of like 18 miles is a little weak but I get it, it's a plug-in that seems more performance oriented. 
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