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    • I know the SLS had some beginnings when they were merged.  But Daimler never told Dodge they couldn’t build a new Viper, Daimler walked with all those other platforms, they could have spent their own money on a new Viper.  They could make a Viper now.  You say they make all this profit yet haven’t put out a new vehicle that isn’t a Jeep in like 5 years. They were probably  making money in the 90s I assume.  Also Daimler had a dumb CEO then who was fired shortly after that merger.  
    • The Daimler-Chrysler' story is an interesting one, primarily colored by the oh-so-typical fudging of numbers on Daimler's part. They're ravenously money-hungry, and will do whatever it takes to make a buck. It's documented how Daimler bled Chrysler dry, and they never "gave" anything to Chrysler, they mandated and then forced Chrysler to pay. It got so petty that Daimler back-charged all international calls to Auburn Hills. 
    • https://www.businessinsider.com/electric-car-owners-switching-gas-charging-a-hassle-study-2021-4 1 in 5 electric vehicle owners in California switched back to gas because charging their cars is a hassle, research shows Roughly one in five plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) owners switched back to owning gas-powered cars, in large part because charging the batteries was a pain in the… trunk, the researchers found.  Of those who switched, over 70% lacked access to Level 2 charging at home, and slightly fewer than that lacked Level 2 connections at their workplace. "If you don't have a Level 2, it's almost impossible," said Tynan, who has tested a wide range of makes and models of PEVs over the years for his research. Even with the faster charging, a Chevy Bolt he tested still needed nearly six hours to top its range back up to 300 miles from nearly empty — something that takes him just minutes at the pump with his family SUV. Public charging stations may look like the electric version of the gas station, but nearly two-thirds of PEV drivers in the survey said they didn't use them. Exactly why they didn't use the public stalls was not specified. EVs have come a long way in recent years in terms of range, safety, comfort, and tech features, but Hardman and Tal note that very little has changed in terms of how they are recharged. "It should not be assumed that once a consumer purchases a PEV they will continue owning one," Hardman and Tal wrote. "What is clear is that this could slow PEV market growth and make reaching 100% PEV sales more difficult."  
    • If Chrysler was so unprofitable, why did Daimler buy them?
    • The Cybertruck is not exactly THE definition of what a pick-up truck is. If the Cybertruck goes into production as is or even it ever goes into production... The Cybertruck is a toy.  Its a fantasy vehicle. Its a concept car made into production.  Its a lifestyle toy meant to tell your green EV loving folk what you got.  But ONLY to the green ev loving folk that are rabid Tesla fans. Because GM has also entered that realm of a fantasy, recreational toy meant to compare how big the green EV d1ck is with save the planet pricks.... And the thing is...GM has already successfully marketed THAT huge penis contest 20 years ago   TWICE    And it seems the Hummer EV is gonna be a hit of Tesla proportions as well... The Ford F150 EV and the GM EV pick-up truck twins will show case what an EV pick-up truck could and should be.   The Cybertruck is nothing but showmanship.  And if that is the best of what Tesla could do...it has already lost...   The Roadster 2.0  should have been out already...selling to folk that are buying the CURRENT ICE C8 Corvette... But the longer Elon is stalling it, the more time Chevy has got to perfect and out perform the Tesla Roadster 10 fold with the EV Stingray and the 1000 HP full on tri motor EV C8 Zora...   Like I said... Elon has FAILED to take Tesla on to the next level.  He ALLOWED his competition to get close to him and even surpass him... Instead of getting the Roadster out when the ICE C8 came out and embarrass Chevrolet with its dinosaur ICE sports car, Musk allowed Chevy to showcase that ICE is NOT dead, ICE is still very fast, affordable.  Musk allowed GM and Chevy to gain MORE fans for the Vette, and Musk allowed Chevy engineers to tell the world that if you think this BASE ICE Corvette is fast...wait until the EV Vette hits the showroom.  IT WILL BE FASTER AND AFFORDABLE TOO!!! While everyone was waiting for the Roadster 2.0 because we thought that was fast,   Musk allowed THAT momentum to slip through his fingers and now the EV C8 Corvette is the one we are eagerly awaiting for...        
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