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    William Maley

    Chrysler may not be the only player with a hybrid minivan

    There could be some competition for the Chrysler Pacifica Plug-In Hybrid. Speaking with Wards Auto, Honda's lead r&d engineer Tom Sladek hinted that Odyssey minivan could be getting a hybrid powertrain.
    “The electrification initiative is definitely coming, but on which products and which timing is not 100% clear yet,” said Sladek.
    “We just released the hybrid (Acura) MDX so that powertrain could be considered in the future, although we can’t comment on particular plans.”
    That line gives us some idea that Honda is looking at possibly using this powertrain in other vehicles. Why the Odyssey? The main reason is that both vehicles utilize the same platform - known as 2SL according to Wards.
    The MDX Sport Hybrid uses a 3.0L V6 and three electric motors (one in the transmission and two for the rear wheels) to produce a combined output of 321 horsepower. While the MDX emphasizes performance with its hybrid powertrain, the Odyssey will likely focus more on fuel economy. 
    Honda has set a goal of having two-thirds of its global sales to be electrified by 2030.
    Source: Wards Auto

    William Maley

    Honda explains why the new Civic Si only produces 205 horsepower

    The echo of a sad trombone could be heard when Honda announced that the new Civic Si would only produce 205 horsepower from a turbocharged 1.5L four-cylinder. Fans were hoping for a bit more power and Honda's engineers say there is more power on tap. But there are two key reasons as to why the Japanese automaker did this.
    The engineers said "you can tune more power into it, but all of that takes away from the durability of the engine," said Rob Keough, senior product planner on the Civic to Automotive News.
    "Honda likes to build their engines to last hundreds of thousands of miles, so they're working toward that target."
    The other reason comes down to price. Honda wanted to keep the Si affordable while adding some impressive performance parts such as a limited-slip differential and adaptive suspension.
    "The Si has always been in the [price] range that it's in. We wanted it to be attainable and affordable, so our target for Si was really to come in at this price point with this performance level," said Keough.
    For example, if Honda was to use a detuned version of the turbo 2.0L found in the Civic Type R, that would push the price to nearly $30,000.
    Keough didn't rule out the possibility of there being a variant between the Si and Type R that would offer a bit more power. He also didn't rule out using a detuned Type R motor for this model.
    "There's maybe other configurations and things that they can do with this motor," said Keough.
    We have a possible name for this possible model, Civic SiR.
    Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

    William Maley

    We have a clue as to how much the Civic Type R will set you back

    It will not be too long before the Civic Type R begins hitting Honda dealers in the U.S. and we now have some idea on pricing.
    A member on the CivicX.com forums came across a lot full of new Civic Type Rs nearby a port. The member was able to get some pictures of the vehicles sitting there along with one showing the window sticker. According to the sticker, the Civic Type R Touring will carry a base price of $33,900 - add $875.00 for destination and you'll end up with a final price of $34,775.
    We don't know if Honda will be doing a lower-trim version of the Type R - Touring at Honda is their designation for the top trim level. If they do, we expect it to be around $30,000 to $32,000.
    Source: CivicX.com
    Pic Credit: Newspress USA

    William Maley

    Can Honda interest you in a hybrid CR-V?

    At the Shanghai auto show, Honda introduced a hybrid version of the CR-V crossover. Not many details were released about it aside from it featuring the company's Sport Hybrid i-MMD two-motor hybrid system and would go on sale in China in the second half of this year. This got a few outlets wondering if Honda might bring the CR-V hybrid to the U.S. as the automaker has said they plan on electrify core models.
    Green Car Reports reached out Honda's U.S. office to ask about this and here is Honda responded,
    "We have already announced our intent to electrify core volume models, including light trucks.  CR-V will logically be a part of that, and we'll announce timing for the U.S. at a later date."
    In other words, we're are planning to sell CR-V hybrid in the U.S. When it does arrive, it will face off between the Nissan Rogue Hybrid and Toyota RAV4 Hybrid.
    Source: Green Car Reports

    William Maley

    Who let the torque figure out?!

    Honda was hoping to surprise us all with the power figures of the upcoming Civic Si, but part of the surprise has been spoiled.
    A member of the CivicX forum posted an email from Honda saying the Civic Si would boast 192 pound-feet of torque from a turbocharged 1.5L four. This number was confirmed by a Honda representative to Road & Track. Compared to the outgoing Si's naturally-aspirated 2.4L engine, the new engine produces 18 more pound-feet (174 vs. 192). 
    We still have questions for the upcoming Civic Si. What is the horsepower rating for the Civic Si? Also, does all of the torque arrive on the low end or high end of the rpm band? We'll hopefully have answers in the near future.
    Source: CivicX, Road & Track

    William Maley

    Cue Sad Trombone

    Honda will soon be entering the electric car arena with the introduction of the Clarity EV this spring. But as Automotive News has learned, the Clarity EV will have a big disadvantage right out of the gate.
    The Clarity EV will only offer a range of 80 miles on a single charge. This puts it well behind nearly all of the electric vehicles on sale.
    2017 Nissan Leaf: 107 mile range 2017 Ford Focus Electric: 115 mile range 2017 Hyundai Ioniq Electric: 124 mile range 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf - 125 mile range 2017 Chevrolet Bolt - 238 mile range Why the limited range? Honda explained to Automotive News the decision came down two parameters that were non-negotiable: the size of the Clarity's platform - underpins a fuel cell and upcoming plug-in hybrid - and keeping the starting price around $35,000. With these two points, Honda's engineers were hamstrung from putting in a larger battery. Still, Honda is trying to put a positive spin on this, saying they believe they have found a sweet spot in the EV marketplace.
    "A pillar of the Honda brand is affordability, and if Honda came out with some obscenely priced long-range electric car, what does that do for the brand? Most of our customers would not be able to acquire it," Steve Center, vice president of environmental business development at American Honda Motor.
    "These people want a battery car and they know what they do and where they go. They're very rational and they don't need to lug around or charge up a 300-mile-range battery because that costs them electricity."
    But how many of those people are out there? Studies within the past year or so have shown that while most people would be able to get away with an electric vehicle providing a range of under 100 miles, the fear of range anxiety rears its ugly head.  
    Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

    William Maley

    Honda tries once more with a dedicated hybrid model

    While the big story for Honda at the Detroit Auto show was the 2018 Odyssey minivan, there was another announcement that was left as a footnote. For 2018, Honda will introduce a new dedicated hybrid model.
    This is part of Honda’s overall electrification strategy, where it plans half of its new vehicle reveals within the next years will have some sort of electric-drive technology. By 2030, the automaker hopes two-thirds of their vehicle sales from electrified vehicles.
    Not many details were released on the new hybrid model except that it would be “two-motor hybrid system.” 
    Honda also announced that the two-motor hybrid system would appear on its light-truck lineup. Possible candidates include the CR-V, Odyssey, and Pilot. 
    Source: Honda
    Press Release is on Page 2

    Honda Adds All-New Dedicated Hybrid Model to Growing Electrified Lineup

    Jan 9, 2017 - DETROIT
    New hybrid model will be made in America and launch in 2018 Two-motor hybrid system to be applied to light truck lineup More than half of all new models launching in next two years will be electrified vehicles Honda today announced a new dedicated hybrid model that will be made in America and launch nationwide in 2018, as part of the Honda Electrification Initiative, which will expand the company's portfolio of electrified vehicles. Honda also announced it will expand the use of its innovative two-motor hybrid powertrain from passenger cars to its light truck lineup in the future.
    "Half of the all-new models Honda will launch in the United States in the coming two years will be electrified vehicles," said Takahiro Hachigo, President & CEO of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. "In the long term, electrified vehicles are key to the future of carbon-free mobility."
    Honda set a global target for two-thirds of all sales to come from electrified models by 2030 and to halve its total company CO2 emissions from 2000 levels by 2050.
    The new, dedicated hybrid vehicle will utilize Honda's innovative two-motor hybrid system, which is currently deployed in the 49 mpg Accord Hybrid, the most fuel-efficient midsize sedan in America. The new model will be produced at an existing plant in the United States. Additional details on the vehicle and its manufacturing will be announced closer to launch.
    In December 2016, Honda began the launch of its new Clarity series of electrified vehicles, starting with the Clarity Fuel Cell. The Clarity Fuel Cell is available through select California Honda dealers and boasts the highest range of any zero-emissions vehicle in America with its 366-mile EPA range rating.1 This year, Honda will launch the Clarity Electric and the Clarity Plug-In Hybrid, as the two remaining models in its Clarity series of premium midsize electrified vehicles. 

    William Maley

    As an option.

    UPDATE: The folks at Temple of VTEC were able to find the quote from Car Magazine that the CivicX forums referenced.
    "Doubtless power will continue to be transmitted by today's magical six-speed manual gearbox, with its tightly packed ratios. There's no indication of a dual-clutch gearbox for the Civic: the announced automated option is a CVT, although engineer Kariya hastily adds that he's tried to head-off the typical rev-metal thrash by making the cooking engines tractable at low revs."
    We can see how some may think the Civic Type R could be getting a CVT from reading this (emphasis ours). But there is one key thing to be aware of. The line bolded mentions the Civic, not the Civic Type-R.
    To put this story to rest, Temple of VTEC reached out to Honda for comment. Honda said that the Type R would only come with a six-speed manual. Those worried that Honda was going mad can breath a sigh of relief.
    Source: Temple of VTEC
    We're finally getting our chance to sample some forbidden fruit in the form of the Honda Civic Type R when it launches later this year. For awhile, we've known that the Type R would be coming with a six-speed manual transmission only. But it seems there is another transmission option on the horizon and one that will disappoint a number of enthusiasts. (SEE UPDATE ABOVE).
    In the November issue of Car Magazine (via the CivicX forums), the publication spoke with three senior Honda folks,
    Mirsuru Kariya - Head engineer of Civic Daisuke Tsutamori - Head designer of Civic Katsushi Inoue - Head of Honda Europe One interesting bit of information that came out of this was the Type R getting the option of a CVT transmission. Yes, we can already hear the cries of those who believe Honda is watering the vehicle down. First, this an option as the manual will be standard. Second, engineers have reportedly tuned the transmission for low-end acceleration.
    Source: CivicX

    William Maley

    Honda gives the CR-V a personality!

    Previous Page Next Page The Honda CR-V is one of the brand's most important vehicles as it makes up a fair chunk of Honda's sales. The combination of its comfort, utility, and reputation for being reliable has made it a safe bet for buyers. 
    Yesterday at an event in Detroit, Honda pulled the curtain back on the all-new 2017 CR-V. The CR-V follows Honda's current recipe for their new and updated models; increased dimensions, nicer interior, improved technology, and a turbo engine.
    Yes, the CR-V for 2017 will be getting the option a turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The engine displaces 1.5L and features direct-injection. Power output stands at 190 horsepower and 179 pound-feet of torque. Honda believes this engine will make up 75 percent of CR-V sales. We can't argue with this since the engine will come standard on the EX and above models. The base LX will retain the 2.4L four-cylinder (184 horsepower, 180 pound-feet) that is used in the current CR-V. No matter which engine, it will come paired with a CVT and the choice of front-wheel or all-wheel drive.
    The exterior has some personality with new a front end (new grille and headlights that appear to come from the Civic) and a restyled rear tailgate. Inside, the CR-V comes with a new instrument cluster, more soft-touch materials, and an updated head unit with an actual volume knob (I could kiss you Honda -WM). Honda says the 2017 CR-V is the roomiest compact crossover with a 2.1-inch increase in rear legroom and 39 cubic feet of space behind the rear seats. Thank a longer wheelbase (up 1.6 inches) and better packing for the increase.
    Honda is making the Honda Sense suite of active safety features standard on the EX and above. Honda Sense includes such features as adaptive cruise control, collision-mitigating braking, lane-keep assist, and road-departure mitigation. Blind spot monitoring is available as an option.
    Honda says the 2017 CR-V will arrive at dealers in December. Pricing will be announced sometime before the launch.
    Source: Honda
    Press Release is on Page 2
    Bold and Sophisticated Styling and Turbo Engine Power Restate the All-New 2017 Honda CR-V as the Outright Benchmark Compact SUV

    Oct 13, 2016
    America's Best-Selling SUV gains more powerful turbo engine offering class-leading fuel efficiency Honda Sensing™ technology now standard on EX and higher trims New Display Audio featuring Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ More premium interior boasts larger cabin with best-in-class rear seat legroom and larger, more versatile cargo space DETROIT – Honda has pulled the wraps off an all-new, fifth-generation CR-V, America's best-selling SUV over the past 20 years. The completely redesigned and reengineered 2017 CR-V, going on sale this winter, boasts bold new styling, a more premium interior, the model's first-ever turbocharged engine and a host of new features and technologies aimed at maintaining CR-V's status as the outright benchmark in the highly popular compact SUV segment. American car buyers have purchased nearly 4 million CR-Vs since its U.S. launch in 1997.
    "The new Honda CR-V raises the bar in every imaginable way, delivering more performance, space and premium content together with higher fuel economy ratings and value than ever before," said Jeff Conrad, senior vice president and general manager of the Honda Division. "Customers are going to love what they see and what they experience behind the wheel of this new CR-V."
    Bold and Sophisticated New Design
    The new CR-V styling heads in a fresh new direction with an aggressive attitude, thanks to crisp and sharp front-end design elements, aggressive stylized headlights surrounded by a wing-shaped LED DRL array on all trims, and wide, muscular fenders. The long hood, longer wheelbase, short rear overhang and dual exhausts give the new CR-V a more sophisticated and athletic presence.
    The CR-V's new windswept front end appearance includes signature Honda LED headlights (Touring trim), a Honda-first Automatic Shutter Grille System that lowers aerodynamic drag, uprated aluminum alloy wheel sizes to 17 or 18 inches on all trims and narrower A-pillars for improved visibility. Adding convenience is a Honda-first available Hands-Free Access Power Tailgate, which allows opening and closing the tailgate with a foot activated sensor under the rear of the vehicle. Available Auto High Beam with High Beam Support (HSS) headlights, chrome garnishes, rain-sensing windshield wipers, roof rails and numerous Genuine Honda Accessories also expand beauty, convenience and functionality.
    New Powertrain and Chassis Technology
    The 2017 CR-V in EX and higher trims will feature CR-V's first ever turbocharged engine, a more powerful and fuel-efficient 1.5-liter DOHC, direct-injected and turbocharged in-line 4-cylinder powerplant rated at 190 horsepower (SAE net) and delivering incredibly refined and responsive performance across the engine's full operating range. Combined with the CR-V's more aerodynamic body, the new turbocharged powerplant will garner the highest EPA fuel economy ratings in the compact SUV class. CR-V LX trims will be powered by a 2.4-liter DOHC, direct-injected i-VTECÔ engine, and both engines will be mated to a smooth shifting and sporty continuously variable transmission (CVT) with Honda G-Shift control logic. Detailed specifications, including EPA ratings, will be provided closer to launch.
    The all-new body and chassis design in the 2017 CR-V provides more agile and confident handling, greater refinement, additional ground clearance and superior overall versatility. Its front MacPherson strut and rear multi-link suspension utilize specially tuned low-friction dampers, with both FWD and AWD models including tubular front and solid rear stabilizer bars that promote quick turn-in and flatter cornering. Dual-pinion, variable ratio Electric Power Steering (EPS) also contributes to the CR-V's direct and satisfying steering feel.
    More Premium, Spacious and Technologically Advanced Interior
    The 2017 CR-V also raises the bar for interior refinement, utility and premium features in the compact SUV class. The more spacious cabin, with top-in-class interior space and the best rear seat legroom in its class, features upgraded materials throughout, including a new soft-touch instrument panel and more intricately stitched seats. A color TFT driver information interface (DII) center meter display adds to the handsome new design aesthetic.
    The CR-V offers the latest in-vehicle connectivity and audio performance with a new generation of advanced technologies. Available features include a 7-inch touchscreen Display Audio interface with Android operating system that now features a physical volume knob as well as an available new Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System™ developed in cooperation with the experts at Garmin®. The CR-V's Display Audio system is compatible with the Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ platforms, giving customers seamless integration of key smartphone features and functions, including smartphone-powered GPS navigation and voice-controlled search capabilities.
    Some of the key new comfort and convenience features available on the 2017 Honda CR-V include remote engine start, dual-zone climate controls, heated side mirrors, an Electric Parking Brake (EPB), rear USB charging ports, front passenger seat with 4-way power adjustment and driver's seat with 8-way power adjustment and 4-way power lumbar support and heated front and rear outboard seats.
    Advanced Safety and Driver-Assistive Technology
    The refreshed 2015 CR-V debuted the Honda Sensing suite of advanced safety and driver-assistive technologies, helping it capture the 2015 Motor Trend Sport Utility of the Year honors. The 2017 CR-V further expands the application of Honda Sensing as standard equipment on EX and higher trims, expected to account for upwards of 75 percent of CR-V sales. 
    Honda Sensing includes Collision Mitigation Braking (CMBS) with Forward Collision Warning (FCW) and pedestrian sensing capability, Road Departure Mitigation (RDM) with Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with low-speed follow and Lane Keeping Assist (LKAS). Additional new driver-assistive technologies include the available Blind Spot Information (BSI), Rear Cross Traffic Monitor (CTM) and Auto High Beam (HSS) headlights.
    Utilizing Honda's next-generation Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) body structure, the 2017 CR-V targets the highest available collision safety ratings, including an NCAP 5-star Overall Vehicle Score from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and a TOP SAFETY PICK+ rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), including a SUPERIOR rating for frontal crash prevention when equipped with Honda Sensing.
    The 2017 Honda CR-V will be produced at three plants in North America – in East Liberty, Ohio; Alliston, Ontario, Canada; and, for the first time, in Greensburg, Indiana using domestic and globally sourced parts. Engines for the new CR-V will be manufactured in Anna, Ohio and in Alliston, Ontario, with the CVT being produced in Russells Point, Ohio. 
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    William Maley

    Finally! Honda reveals the 2017 Civic Hatchback

    Honda has finally pulled the curtain back on the 2017 Civic Hatchback that will be arriving this fall in the U.S.
    There aren't many changes with the transition from concept to production model. There is a sloping roofline and a upswept beltline. The model shown here - Sport Touring - features side skirts, intergrated rear wing, and center mounted exhaust.
    The Civic Hatchback will only be available with the turbocharged 1.5L four-cylinder. The LX, EX, and EX-L get 174 horsepower, while the Sport and Sport Touring feature 180. Both tunes of the turbo 1.5 will feature the same amount of torque - 162. One exciting bit of news is that the hatchback (along with the Civic coupe and sedan equipped with the turbo engine) will have a manual transmission as standard equipment for the LX, Sport, and EX trims. A CVT will be available on those trims and standard on the EX-L and Sport Touring.
    Honda says the Civic Hatchback provides best-in-class rear legroom (36 inches) and cargo space (no measurement is listed for it).
    More importantly, the hatchback will be the basis for the next Civic Type R, due out next year.
    Honda's Swindon plant in the UK will handle the worldwide production of the Civic Hatchback. Pricing will be announced at a later date.
    Source: Honda

    Press Release is on Page 2

    All-New 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Arrives This Fall in North America
    Aug 15, 2016
    First 5-door Hatchback for Civic lineup in the U.S. Civic Hatchback combines Euro-inspired styling and five-door versatility All models powered by 1.5-liter DOHC direct-injected turbo engine Civic Hatchback will serve as the basis for radical new Civic Type-R


    TORRANCE – Arriving this fall in North America, the 2017 Civic Hatchback is the latest addition to the much-heralded 10th-generation Honda Civic lineup, joining the 2016 North American Car of the Year – the Civic Sedan, and the Civic Coupe that launched earlier this year. The 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback combines striking, Euro-inspired styling and five-door versatility with the Civic's world-class driving dynamics and Honda direct-injected turbo engine technology. The Civic Hatchback, scheduled to arrive this fall at Honda dealers nationwide, also will serve as the basis for the radical new Civic Type-R launching in the U.S. in 2017.
    "The Civic Hatch has been a staple for Honda in Europe, but has long been the forbidden fruit for Honda fans in the U.S.," said Jeff Conrad, senior vice president and general manager of the Honda Division of American Honda Motor Co., Inc. "Now, we're bringing this sporty, stylish and versatile Civic Hatchback to North America, as we amp up the performance of our incredible Civic lineup with each new Civic model."
    Built on the same world-class platform as the 10th-generation Civic Sedan and Coupe, the 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback offers an appealing combination of sporty styling, efficiency, interior utility and premium features. The Civic Hatchback will be available in LX, Sport, EX, EX-L, and Sport Touring trims, and will feature a single engine for the U.S. market: a 1.5-liter DOHC direct-injected turbocharged in-line 4-cylinder with peak output of 174 horsepower and 162 lb.-ft. of torque in LX, EX and EX-L trims and 180 horsepower and 162 lb.-ft. of torque in the Sport and an all-new Sport Touring grade, which feature a high-flow center-mounted exhaust.
    The turbocharged engine will be offered with either a sporty CVT (all trims) or a performance-inspired 6-speed manual transmission (LX, Sport, and EX trims). Anticipated EPA fuel economy ratings of 31/40/34 mpg (city/highway/combined) for CVT-equipped models, based on the newer, more stringent model year 2017 EPA ratings requirements, put the 5-door Honda Civic Hatchback at the top of its class.
    Working in concert with the Honda turbocharged powertrain is the Civic's more rigid and lightweight body and sophisticated chassis design, featuring a fully independent suspension system with liquid filled bushings, front and rear; sport-tuned electronic power steering with variable gear ratios; and powerful 4-channel anti-lock disc brakes with Electronic Brake Distribution and Hill Start Assist.
    The interior of the 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback carries through on the modern, sophisticated and premium quality of the 10th-generation Civic lineup, with high-grade materials and finishes applied liberally throughout. In terms of packaging, the 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback delivers class-leading volume and cargo capacity, including a roomy interior (122.9 cu. ft.), best rear seat legroom (36.0 inches) and largest cargo carrying capacity in the competitive set.
    Available on most trims (and standard on Sport Touring) will be the Honda Sensing™ suite of safety and driver-assistive technologies, which includes Collision Mitigation Braking System™ (CMBS™), Forward Collision Warning (FCW) integrated with CMBS, Lane Keeping Assist (LKAS), Road Departure Mitigation (RDM), Lane Departure Warning integrated with RDM and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Low-Speed Follow. Other available features include Honda Display Audio with Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ (EX and above trims), heated front seats and heated side mirrors, power driver and front-passenger seats, remote engine start and more.
    The Civic Hatchback's all-new Sport Touring grade makes Honda Sensing™, Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ and LED headlights as standard equipment, while adding heated rear seats and other features.
    The Civic Hatchback will target top-class safety ratings – an NCAP 5-star Overall Vehicle Score and an IIHS TOP SAFETY PICK rating with a GOOD rating in all crash test modes and a SUPERIOR rating in frontal crash prevention, when equipped with Honda Sensing.
    The 2017 Civic Hatchback was developed jointly by Honda R&D teams in Europe and Japan and will be manufactured exclusively by Honda of the UK Manufacturing in its Swindon, UK plant.

    William Maley

    Honda readies the next Civic variant

    At first glance, this set of spy photos might look like a standard Honda Civic Coupe being disguised for some unknown reason. But the back has an emblem on the passenger side covered up and there a single-piece exhaust that is similar to the Civic coupe concept from the 2015 New York Auto Show. Ladies and gentlemen, may we introduce you to the upcoming Civic Si.
    These pictures handed off to AutoGuide are the first spy shots of Honda's hot Civic - until the Type R comes around. Other details we can pull from the shots is a more aggressive front end that is similar from the 2015 concept and new bumpers.
    Power is expected to come from the 2.0L turbo-four powering the current Civic Type R. The engine will be slightly de-tuned to produce 220 to 230 horsepower. A six-speed manual is expected, but no word on whether this Si will be the first to offer an automatic transmission.
    The Civic Si expected to arrive sometime next year, so it would be safe to assume it will appear at either the LA or Detroit Auto Show.
    Source: AutoGuide

    William Maley

    Owners of 2001 to 2003 Acura and Honda models, get to your dealer ASAP according to NHTSA!

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued an urgent warning to owners of certain 2001 to 2003 Honda and Acura model to stop driving them due to these models being equipped with Takata airbags.
    Lab tests done by NHTSA revealed that the airbag inflator in these vehicles have a 50 percent chance of the bag rupturing, causing metal shards to enter the interior and possibly injuring or even killing a person.
    "With as high as a 50 percent chance of a dangerous air bag inflator rupture in a crash, these vehicles are unsafe and need to be repaired immediately. Folks should not drive these vehicles unless they are going straight to a dealer to have them repaired immediately, free of charge," said U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx.
    The vehicles involved include,
    2001-2002 Honda Accord 2001-2002 Honda Civic 2002 Honda CR-V 2002 Honda Odyssey 2003 Honda Pilot 2002-2003 Acura 3.2 TL 2003 Acura 3.2CL

    According to NHTSA, there 313,000 vehicles that need to have their airbags replaced.
    One of the main causes for the rupturing is moisture getting inside the inflator. Vehicles in high humid areas such as Florida are susceptible to this.
    In a statement, Honda agreed with NHTSA's findings and urged owners to get their vehicles to a dealer as soon as possible.
    Source: Reuters, NHTSA
    Press Release is on Page 2

    NHTSA: New test data on particular subset of Takata air bag inflators shows substantially higher risk
    NHTSA calls on news media and public to assist in finding unrepaired high-risk vehicles

    WASHINGTON – New test data on a particular subset of defective Takata air bag inflators in certain model-year 2001-2003 Honda and Acura vehicles show a far higher risk of ruptures during air bag deployment, prompting an urgent call from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to ensure that unrepaired vehicles in this population are found and fixed before they cause further injuries or fatalities.
    “With as high as a 50 percent chance of a dangerous air bag inflator rupture in a crash, these vehicles are unsafe and need to be repaired immediately,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. “Folks should not drive these vehicles unless they are going straight to a dealer to have them repaired immediately, free of charge.”
    The higher-risk inflators are in certain 2001-2003 Honda and Acura vehicles:
    2001-2002 Honda Civic 2001-2002 Honda Accord 2002-2003 Acura TL 2002 Honda CR-V 2002 Honda Odyssey 2003 Acura CL 2003 Honda Pilot

    The air bag inflators in these particular vehicles contain a manufacturing defect which greatly increases the potential for dangerous rupture when a crash causes the air bag to deploy. Ruptures are far more likely in inflators in vehicles that have spent significant periods of time in areas of high absolute humidity—particularly Florida, Texas, other parts of the Gulf Coast, and Southern California. Testing of the inflators from these vehicles show rupture rates as high as 50 percent in a laboratory setting.
    The vehicles in question were recalled between 2008 and 2011. Honda has reported that more than 70 percent of this higher-risk population of vehicles has already been repaired, but approximately 313,000 vehicles with this very dangerous defect remain unrepaired. The risk posed by the airbag inflators in these vehicles is grave, and it is critical they be repaired now to avoid more deaths and serious injuries.
    NHTSA and Honda are asking for the news media and public’s assistance to find the remaining unrepaired vehicles. Drivers of these vehicles should immediately visit SaferCar.gov to check whether their vehicle has any outstanding safety recalls. Those that do should contact their nearest dealer to schedule a no-cost immediate repair. Replacement parts for these vehicles are available immediately.
    “The air bag inflators in this particular group of vehicles pose a grave danger to drivers and passengers that must be fixed right away,” said NHTSA Administrator Dr. Mark Rosekind. "Drivers should visit SaferCar.gov or contact their local dealer to check whether their vehicle is affected. If it is, they should have the vehicle repaired immediately for free at an authorized dealer. We commend Honda for taking additional actions to get these vehicles repaired.”
    Though the vehicles are already under recall, NHTSA ordered Takata to perform additional ballistic testing following recent reports of ruptures. Eight of the 10 confirmed U.S. fatalities due to Takata ruptures — including the most recent in Fort Bend County, Texas — were in this population of vehicles.
    Honda has committed to immediately taking additional actions to enhance their efforts to find and fix recalled vehicles. Honda will provide additional information about their efforts. NHTSA has also directed Honda to report weekly on the progress of vehicle repairs.
    NHTSA is also expanding its own direct consumer outreach, including a paid media campaign and a series of outreach events in high-risk areas this summer. NHTSA has also engaged the vehicle insurance industry to help locate the unremedied vehicles.

    William Maley

    The end of the line for Honda's sporty-hybrid hatchback

    Honda has quietly announced that the CR-Z would be done after the 2016 model year. Car and Driver received a statement from the automaker that said they will “discontinue CR-Z this year [2016]” as it “significantly expand its sales of electrified vehicles with the addition of two new volume models.” Those models in question are the 2017 Accord Hybrid and upcoming Clarity range.
    The CR-Z was launched in 2010 as a 2011 model. The vehicle never really found traction in terms of sales. Its best year was in 2011 with 11,330 models sold. In 2015, Honda only moved 3,073 CR-Zs. Part of the reason dealt with the hybrid powertrain. The CR-Z used Honda's IMA hybrid system that produced 130 horsepower and 140 pound-feet of torque (the CVT saw torque drop to 127). This made CR-Z slow. It didn't help the CR-Z didn't fare so well with fuel economy numbers. The EPA rated the CR-Z manual at 31 City/38 Highway/34 Combined.
    Source: Car and Driver

    William Maley

    Honda readies a renewed attack in the fuel-efficient and alternative fuel marketplace

    Honda is getting serious with its green cred as they have announced an updated Accord Hybrid for 2017 and two more models joining the Clarity Fuel Cell in the U.S.
    We'll begin with the 2017 Accord Hybrid. The model took a break for the 2016 model year as Honda updated the Accord lineup with a revised look and new tech. But the Hybrid as a 2017 model with all of the changes seen on the 2016 model - updated exterior and the addition of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
    The big news is with the Accord Hybrid's powertrain. The 2017 model uses the next-generation of Honda's two-motor hybrid system with a revised 2.0L i-VTEC Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder engine, a more compact electric motor, and improved electronics. The changes increase horsepower from 196 to 212.
    Fuel economy figures for the 2017 Accord Hybrid stand at 49 City/47 Highway/48 Combined. These numbers are slightly different from the 2015 model which boasted 50 City/45 Highway47 Combined. This is due to Honda having to certify the fuel economy numbers under new, stricter EPA drive-cycle test requirements for 2017.
    Standard equipment includes a backup camera, remote start, and Honda Sensing (suite of safety tech such as collision avoidance braking, lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control, etc). Higher trims get a new 7-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto; heated rear seats, and front and rear parking sensors.
    Pricing hasn't been announced, but Honda says the 2017 Accord Hybrid will be arriving at dealers towards the end of spring.
    Honda Clarity To Get Two New Members
    Honda hasn't even started selling the Clarity Fuel Cell in the U.S. (specifically California), but they have announced two new variations of it. For 2017, Honda will offer a fully electric and a plug-in hybrid version. Details are scarce on both models, but Honda says the Clarity EV will be sold in California first before moving to other markets. The Clarity plug-in hybrid will be sold in all 50 states and offer 40 miles of electric-only range.
    Source: Honda
    Press Releases are on Page 2

    The Best Gets Better: More Powerful, Fuel Efficient and Technologically Advanced 2017 Accord Hybrid Launching this Spring
    Apr 21, 2016 - TORRANCE, Calif.
    Next-generation two-motor hybrid powertrain expected to receive class-leading EPA fuel economy ratings; including 49 mpg city Most powerful and refined midsize hybrid sedan with 212 total combined horsepower Honda Sensing™ safety and driver-assistive technologies standard Doubled production capacity for expected sales increase

    Honda will bolster its Accord lineup with the launch of the 2017 Accord Hybrid this spring, featuring a more powerful and efficient second-generation two-motor hybrid powertrain that has the highest EPA fuel economy ratings of any midsize hybrid sedan and delivers the most power. With improved production methods and supplies of hybrid components, Honda is anticipating significant growth in sales of Accord Hybrid and is targeting annual sales to be more than double its previous best of just under 14,000 vehicles in 2014.
    "The new Honda Accord Hybrid is the ultimate Accord – the most refined, technologically sophisticated and, of course, most fuel efficient in the lineup," said John Mendel, Executive Vice President of the American Honda Motor Co., Inc. "With Accord already America's most popular car three years running and the best-selling midsize car to younger buyers, we think this new hybrid model will add considerable momentum for the Honda brand."
    In addition to its more powerful and fuel efficient hybrid powertrain, the 2017 Accord Hybrid carries the substantial upgrades made to the entire Accord lineup for model year 2016. This includes the latest technology Honda has to offer, including the available Display Audio with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™, and the Honda Sensing™ suite of advanced safety and driver-assistive technologies, to be offered as standard equipment on all new 2017 Accord Hybrids. Hybrid-exclusive design features include a special aluminum hood and wheels, blue highlighted LED headlights and taillights and "Hybrid" exterior badging. A more compact hybrid battery pack increases trunk capacity to a midsize hybrid class-leading 13.5 cu.-ft.
    Combining the next generation of Honda's two-motor hybrid system with an ultra-efficient 2.0-liter i-VTEC Atkinson Cycle engine, the 2017 Accord Hybrid powertrain will achieve peak combined output of 212 horsepower, the highest of any midsize hybrid sedan and up 16 horsepower over the 2015 Accord Hybrid. EPA fuel economy ratings of 49/47/48 (city/highway/combined)1 put the Accord Hybrid at the top of the class for ratings, making it the most powerful and fuel efficient midsize hybrid sedan in America. These EPA fuel economy ratings are based on new, more stringent ratings requirements enacted by the U.S. EPA for the 2017 model year. Based on the new requirements, Honda estimates the 2015 Accord Hybrid ratings would be 48/45/47 (actually rated at 50/45/47 under the previous method), indicating a +1/+2/+1 increase for the 2017 model over the previous version.
    The Accord Hybrid's two-motor hybrid powertrain takes an elegant and innovative approach to hybrid power, eliminating the need for a conventional mechanical transmission. The Accord Hybrid's powertrain seamlessly transitions between three operations:
    EV Drive – using its electric propulsion motor and lithium ion battery pack drives the front wheels for short distances under light loads (with the engine turned off) Hybrid Drive – the electric propulsion motor drives the front wheels while the gasoline engine powers a second motor/generator to supplement electrical current drawn from the battery pack Engine Drive – using a lock-up clutch mechanism to connect the engine and propulsion motor, the front wheels are driven by both the motor and gasoline engine.

    With its next-generation Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) body structure and Honda Sensing™ technology, the 2017 Accord is anticipated to receive the highest available crash safety rating from the U.S. government – a 5-Star Overall Vehicle Score from the NHTSA – and a similar top rating of TOP SAFETY PICK+ from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).
    The 2017 Accord Hybrid will be available in three trims – Hybrid, Hybrid EX-L and Hybrid Touring – and all grades will feature increased levels of standard and available equipment. New standard features include a wide angle rearview camera, remote engine start and Honda Sensing™, which includes Collision Mitigation Braking System™ (CMBS™), Lane Keeping Assist (LKAS), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Road Departure Mitigation (RDM), Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Forward Collision Warning (FCW). Available new features on upper trims include a 7-inch Display Audio touchscreen with Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlayâ compatibility, heated rear seats, and front and rear parking sensors.
    The Accord has been named a Car and Driver magazine "10Best" an unprecedented 30 times and has been the most popular car in America with retail car buyers for three consecutive years.2 The Accord is on track to earn a fourth straight year as America's most popular car with sales up 12.3 percent through the first three months of 2016. Accord also is the most popular midsize car with Millennials and has been #1 with under-35-year-olds for four consecutive years and leads all other cars in America, except Honda's own Civic, in sales to under under-35 car buyers since 2010.3
    The 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid will make its first public appearance at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, Calif., as part of the aquarium's Earth Day weekend celebrations on April 23-24.
    Honda Takes Bold Step with Honda Clarity Series; Fuel Cell, Battery Electric and Plug-In Hybrid Variants to Leverage Common Platform
    Apr 21, 2016 - DETROIT
    Clarity Fuel Cell gets two electrified siblings – the Clarity Electric and the Clarity Plug-in Hybrid – both launching in 2017 New trio of Clarity vehicles provide unparalleled choices to customers through three different electric powertrain options All Clarity vehicles will offer spacious, five-passenger seating, premium features and interior appointments; consumers can learn more at http://www.automobiles.honda.com/Clarity

    DETROIT – Honda today announced that the upcoming Clarity Fuel Cell will be joined by two additional variants, the Clarity Electric and Clarity Plug-in Hybrid, launching in the U.S. in 2017. The addition of two new Clarity vehicles, based on the same platform underpinning the new Clarity Fuel Cell, makes Clarity the first vehicle in the industry to offer fuel cell, electric and plug-in hybrid technology on one model platform, offering Honda customers an expanded array of electrified vehicle choices to suit their individual tastes and driving needs.
    Following the U.S. launch of the Clarity Fuel Cell in late 2016, the Clarity Electric will go on-sale in 2017. The Clarity Electric will be the first affordable, midsize, five-passenger battery electric vehicle (BEV) to offer premium content and features. The third vehicle in the Clarity series, the Clarity Plug-In Hybrid, will launch in all 50 states later in 2017 and will be the volume leader in the series, seamlessly combining an all-electric driving range in excess of 40 miles with a hyper-efficient gasoline-hybrid extended range mode.
    With elegant exterior styling, the Clarity series of vehicles will also offer spacious interiors outfitted with premium, environmentally-responsible materials and thoughtful, stylish design cues. The Clarity series will also feature advanced technologies, including Display Audio with Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™ as well as standard Honda Sensing™ safety and driver-assistive technology.
    "The Honda Clarity Series will provide customers with a well-equipped, premium, midsize vehicle with range of ultra low-carbon powertrain options to suit their lifestyle needs," said John Mendel, executive vice president, Automobile Division, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. "This Honda trio of dedicated, advanced technology vehicles, along with the expanded application of two- and three-motor hybrid systems to our core models, represents a strong commitment to Honda's future and will help create a new volume pillar for electrified vehicle sales."
    All of the Clarity models will leverage the platform that has enabled the Clarity Fuel Cell's low, wide and aerodynamic proportions and spacious five-passenger cabin. This shared platform strategy also enables flexibility in responding to infrastructure and market developments, and the ability to provide customers nationwide with an ultra-low carbon vehicle that meets their lifestyle needs while expanding the market for Honda advanced technology products. The first of the Clarity Series to launch will be the Clarity Fuel Cell, Honda's most technologically advanced vehicle ever, slated to begin deliveries to customers in select California markets in late 2016. The Clarity Fuel Cell will have a targeted monthly lease price of under $500.
    Technological innovations to the Clarity Fuel Cell include a fuel cell stack that is 33 percent more compact than its predecessor with a 60 percent increase in power density compared to the outgoing Honda FCX Clarity. The more compact fuel cell and integrated powertrain, comparable in size to a V-6 engine, now fit entirely under the hood of the car, allowing for a more spacious cabin with seating for five adult passengers. The new Clarity Fuel Cell will feature an anticipated U.S. EPA driving range in excess of 300 miles, with a refueling time of approximately three to five minutes, roughly equivalent to customers' experience with gasoline refueling.
    In addition to the Clarity series, a reengineered 2017 Accord Hybrid will go on-sale this spring, delivering both top-of-class power and fuel efficiency in a midsize hybrid sedan, as Honda seeks to grow sales of electrified vehicles – hybrids, plug-in hybrids, battery electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles. On a global basis, Honda is aiming to have electrified vehicles account for two-thirds of its vehicles sales around 2030.
    Customers interested in the Clarity vehicles are encouraged to visit http://www.automobiles.honda.com/Clarity where they can receive more information and sign up for the opportunity to become a Clarity Fuel Cell customer.

    William Maley

    A light-weight, more powerful version of the NSX? Tell us more!

    As Honda/Acura begin production of the NSX, talk has sprung up about doing a more extreme version.
    Nick Robinson, Dynamic Development Leader on the NSX told Autocar there are a number of folks who want Honda to do a Type R version as it would continue the revival of the company’s sporting heritage. Robinson was quick to point out that Honda hasn't approved anything at the moment.
    What would an NSX Type R look like? It would be lighter than your standard NSX to begin with. A key item that could be removed is the NSX's hybrid powertrain. Not only would it remove a fair amount of weight, but it also would make it rear-wheel drive. There could also be the use of lightweight materials.
    “There are places weight could be cut out. We are Honda so cost [of exotic materials on the regular car] is a consideration, but for a limited edition? Why not?” said Robinson.
    Robinson also mentioned that a convertible version of the NSX is likely to follow.
    Source: Autocar

    William Maley

    Next Civic Si could be getting some bits from the Type R

    While everyone has been wiping the drool from their lips with the announcement of the Civic Type R coming the U.S. that will be arriving in 2017, there is still the Civic Si coming around the corner that should whet our appetites when it arrives sometime in 2016.
    The folks at CivicX Forums got their hands on some intriguing info on Civic Si. According to a source, the Si will use a detuned version of the turbocharged 2.0L found in the Civic Type R. Power is expected to be around 220 to 230 horsepower. A six-speed manual will be the sole transmission choice. It is expected that the Si will share a number of parts with the Type R as well.
    Source: CivicX.com

    William Maley

    A Manual Is Coming For the Civic's Turbo Engine, But Not Till 2017

    If there has been one complaint of the new Honda Civic, it is that you cannot get a manual transmission with the optional turbocharged 1.5L four-cylinder. But there could be a change in the air.
    A member on the CivicX forum got their hands on a slide revealing that a six-speed manual transmission option would be available on the turbo-four starting in the 2017 model year. The slide also reveals that it was planned for 2016, but was pushed back a year. No reason as to why wasn't said.
    Source: CivicX.com, The Truth About Cars
    Image Source: CivicX.com

    William Maley

    The Honda Civic Coupe Is Caught Without Any Camo Before Its LA Auto Show Debut

    Next at the LA Auto Show, Honda will unveil the coupe version of the Civic. But thanks to an eagle-eye spy photographer, we have our first peek at what the production coupe will look like.
    While the Civic coupe in the photo has the same bright green color as the concept shown at the New York Auto Show earlier this year, the production model is toned down a bit with no rear wing or distinctive front bumper. But the basic shape is all there.
    It's expected the Civic coupe will feature the same 2.0L four-cylinder engine with 158 horsepower and turbocharged 1.5L four-cylinder engine with 174 horsepower as found in the sedan.
    We'll have full details of the coupe when it is shown at the LA Auto Show next week.
    Source: Motor Authority

    William Maley

    Honda Is Calling Back the Civic and Fit for an Issue with the CVT

    Honda is recalling 143,676 examples of the 2014-2015 Civic and 2015 Fit over a problem with the CVT. According to the company in a statement, the transmission software is programmed to use high hydraulic pressure at certain times, which puts a lot of stress on the on the drive pulley shaft. Honda goes on to say certain components of the drive pulley shaft may have been produced at the low end of the hardness specification. This combination could cause the shaft to break and cause the front wheels to lose power or lock up.
    According to NHTSA, there are 23 warranty claims for this problem, with the first one happening in July of 2014. Honda says no injuries has been reported for this issue.
    Honda will begin notifying owners later this month. Dealers will update the software for the CVT.
    Source: Honda
    Press Release is on Page 2

    William Maley

    Meet the new 2016 Honda Civic Sedan

    The last-generation Civic was a disappointment. Honda appeared to fall asleep at the wheel while a number of competitors stepped up. The Japanese automaker tried its best to improve the model in subsequent years, but it still lacked something. Tonight, Honda introduced the 2016 Civic - the model that will hopefully fix the mistakes of the previous model.
    From the outside, the Civic is much more distinctive than the model it replaces. From the fastback roofline to a front end style borrowed from the Accord. A set of LED taillights come standard, while LED headlights are an option. The interior features a modern looking dashboard, minus the tiered instrument cluster (thank you Honda).
    Interior space for the new Civic is 3.7 cubic feet larger than the outgoing model. Rear legroom has also seen an increase of 2 inches. Trunk space is up 2.6 cubic feet thanks to the sloping shape of the rear.
    In terms of technology, the 2016 Civic gets a large TFT screen in the instrument cluster on EX models and up. A 7-inch touchscreen that will be able to use Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.
    Powertrains for the Civic include a 2.0L four-cylinder for base models and a turbocharged 1.5L four on higher trims. No power figures were given for either engine. A pair of CVTs will come with the new Civic, but Honda hasn't said if a manual transmission will be available. Honda is keeping mum on fuel economy figures, but does say the turbo 1.5 will get up to 40 MPG on the highway.
    We'll have more details, along with pictures of the coupe, hatchback, Si, and Type R models in the near future.
    Source: Honda

    Press Release is on Page 2

    Honda Debuts Dynamic New 10th Generation Civic Sedan for North America: The Most Ambitious Remake of Civic Ever
    Sep 16, 2015 - LOS ANGELES
    Two new powertrains, including first Honda turbo engine in U.S. Available Honda Sensing™ technologies Compatible with Apple CarPlay®, the smarter, simpler way to use your iPhone in the car Also supports Android Auto™ New styling includes significant use of LED lighting New platform and package yields largest cabin in compact class

    Honda took to YouTube today to unveil an all-new, dynamically styled 10th-generation 2016 Civic Sedan, slated for sale in the U.S. this fall. With a more athletic stance and sportier driving position, the 2016 Civic Sedan is a new-from-the-ground-up design intended to recapture the sporty character of Civic while creating the world's best compact car – setting a new benchmark in the mainstream compact class for fun-to-drive performance, safety performance and fuel efficiency, together with a new level of refinement.

    The Civic Sedan is the first in a series of new 10th-generation Civic models that will include a sedan, coupe, high-performance Si models, a 5-door hatchback and the first-ever Civic Type-R model for the U.S. market, comprising the most diverse and innovative lineup in Civic's 43-year history.
    "This tenth-generation Civic is quite simply the most ambitious remake of Civic we've ever done," said John Mendel, executive vice president of American Honda Motor Co, Inc. "We are bringing more new technology and innovative thinking to Civic than ever before to establish a new benchmark for fun-to-drive performance, fuel efficiency, safety performance and refinement in the compact class."
    Backing up the new Civic's dramatic and sporty design with new power and efficiency, for the first time the 2016 Civic will feature two all-new engines – including the first-ever application of Honda turbo engine technology in the U.S. These powerful and fuel-efficient new engines combine with a sophisticated new body and chassis design to deliver incredibly responsive and sporty performance with a higher level of ride refinement and class-leading fuel efficiency.
    The 2016 Civic Sedan will be available with the Honda Sensing™ suite of advanced safety and driver-assistive technologies, including Collision Mitigation Braking, Road Departure Mitigation and, for the first time in a Honda, Adaptive Cruise Control with Low-Speed Follow – bringing new value to the compact segment.
    Further, the 2016 Civic lineup joins the freshened 2016 Accord in offering advanced smartphone integration with a new, 7-inch high-definition Display Audio touchscreen, offering tech-savvy customers a more advanced and intuitive connected-car experience.
    Apple CarPlay® takes the things you want to do with your iPhone while driving and puts them right on your car's built-in display. You can get directions, make calls, send and receive messages, and listen to music right from the touchscreen or by voice via Siri. Supported apps include Phone, Messages, Maps, Music and compatible third party apps. Apple CarPlay® is compatible with iOS 8.4 or later and iPhone 5 or later.
    Android Auto™ was designed to give drivers a simple, intuitive way through touch and voice to minimize the potential for distraction so the driver can stay focused on the road. Compatible with Android 5.0 and higher, Android Auto features Google Maps, Google Now, messaging, music and numerous popular apps.
    Sporty Civic Design
    The dramatic and sporty new Civic design is grounded in its more athletic stance and low and wide proportions. Compared to the current model, the 2016 Civic Sedan is nearly 2 inches wider and 1 inch lower with a 1.2-inch longer wheelbase, featuring a more compact and sporty front overhang, a longer, more aggressively sculpted hood and fastback-style tail.
    The taut and tidy proportions of the new Civic Sedan are complemented and accentuated by refined design details, including sleek and swept-back bodylines, a sharp and aggressive face and bulging wheel arches. The new Civic's more premium compact sedan character is also highlighted by its available LED exterior lighting, including new Honda LED headlights (in-line type), LED daytime running lights (standard) and distinctive C-shaped LED taillights (also standard).
    "The new Civic really is the embodiment of our global design team's goal of styling a dramatic form that follows and speaks to the dynamic function of this ambitious redesign," said Jarad Hall, Senior Exterior Designer and project leader of the Civic Sedan, Honda R&D Americas. "The low and wide proportions, with the wheels pushed to the outmost corners, emphasize the Civic's dynamic handling prowess and give the car a crouched and muscular look, like a tiger ready to pounce."
    Two All-new Engines
    The 2016 Civic Sedan will feature two all-new, more powerful and fuel-efficient engines. Civic Sedan LX and EX trims will be powered by a 2.0-liter, 16-valve, DOHC i-VTEC™ 4-cylinder – the most powerful base engine ever offered on Civic – mated to either a 6-speed manual (LX trim) or continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT). Civic Sedans in EX-T, EX-L trims and Touring trims will be powered by a 1.5-liter, direct-injected and turbocharged 16-valve DOHC inline-4, mated to a unique CVT, delivering a new level of responsiveness in this capacity class of turbocharged engine.
    The new 1.5-liter powerplant is the first turbocharged engine on a U.S. Honda model and the most powerful engine ever offered on a non-Si Civic in America. Both engines will offer top-in-class performance and fuel efficiency, and are targeted to receive EPA highway fuel economy ratings in excess of 40 mpg. Additional powertrain details and specifications will be announced closer to launch.
    Advanced and Sporty New Body and Chassis
    The 2016 Civic will set a new standard for dynamic handling, steering, ride quality and cabin quietness in the compact class, courtesy of its all new platform, featuring the most rigid and tightly sealed body and the most sophisticated chassis in Civic history.
    Advancing the sporty character of this all-new Civic is its more sporty driving position, with a one-inch lower hip point compared to the current car. The lower hip point is enabled by the new Civic's lower floor and engine and its all-new suspension design. The new Civic chassis features a redesigned strut front suspension and a new multi-link rear suspension mounted to an ultra-rigid rear subframe.
    Torsional rigidity of the new body is improved by 25 percent, aided in part by more intensive use of ultra-high-strength steel. Twelve percent of the unit body is made of ultra-high-strength steel, up from 1percent on the current model. Aerodynamic efficiency is improved by 12 percent to class-leading levels, in part through the use of full underbody covers—a Civic first. Despite its larger size, the new Civic unit body is 68 pounds lighter than before, while new body-sealing techniques result in a 58-percent reduction in cabin air leaks. Class-leading cabin quietness is further improved by the use of premium noise-reducing features, including a flush-mounted acoustic glass windshield, a more tightly sealed engine compartment and triple-sealed doors.
    To achieve the Civic development team's high targets for dynamic performance and refined ride quality, the new Civic Sedan utilizes hydraulic compliance bushings, a technology typically reserved for more expensive vehicles, aiding the isolation of road vibration. Additional new chassis technologies include variable gear ratio steering, beefier front and rear stabilizer bars and standard 4-wheel disc brakes, along with the application of new Agile Handling Assist brake-torque vectoring technology for more precise and agile cornering.
    Spacious, Sophisticated and Advanced Cabin
    The new Civic interior is designed to offer the most comfortable, sophisticated and premium-feeling cabin in the compact class. An additional 3.7 cubic feet of interior space translates into the largest cabin in the compact segment with 2 inches of added rear-seat legroom versus the outgoing model. In front, new ultra-thin front roof pillars enable class-leading forward visibility; and at the rear, trunk space has been increased by 2.6 cubic feet with a lower liftover height, larger opening and wider and taller cargo area. Civic Sedan EX and above trims will feature a 60/40 split and folding rear seat.
    The 2016 Civic Sedan offers customers more premium features than ever before. New standard equipment includes automatic climate control – dual-zone on EX-L and higher trims; auto-up/down front power windows; an electronic parking brake with Brake Hold; Walk-Away auto door locks and an adjustable driver's seat thigh support with 14 degrees of tilt (EX-L and above). All Civic Sedan models also feature a larger, reconfigurable new center console with up to 7.2 liters of secure storage space, approaching SUV levels of console utility.
    The new Civic interior strikes a more premium tone with high-quality materials and high-contrast finishes. These include a new one-piece, soft-touch instrumental panel with molded stitching; more premium seat fabrics; a new full-color TFT center meter (EX and above trims); a center console with piano black finish and high-contrast sliver bezel; door inserts with live stitching; an LED shift indicator and LED overhead lighting; and for EX and higher trims, a leather shift boot. Upper grades offer even more premium features, including an 8-way power adjustable driver's seat, 4-way power front passenger's seat, heated front and rear seats and heated side mirrors.
    Civic Manufacturing
    Civic Sedans for the North American market will be produced at the company's Greensburg, Indiana and Alliston, Ontario, Canada auto plants. The new Civic's 2.0-liter and 1.5-liter turbo engines will be manufactured in Anna, Ohio, and the vehicle's two automatic transmissions (CVTs) will be sourced from Honda plants in Russells Point, Ohio, and Celaya, Mexico.
    The new Civic utilizes numerous new manufacturing processes and technologies to advance quality, efficiency and fun-to-drive performance – the result of new investment in Honda automobile and engine plants in North America. This includes the addition of the company's innovative new inner-frame weld body construction process in both Indiana and Canada, a system first utilized for production of the 2015 Honda Fit. This new general weld system creates a more lightweight, rigid and strong body structure that helps enable the Civic's class-leading fuel efficiency, outstanding safety performance and fun-to-drive experience.

    William Maley

    Uncovered! 2016 Honda Civic

    By William Maley, in Honda,

    Someone Caught the Honda Civic with no camouflage

    Someone at Honda is going to be yelled at. An eagle-eyed member of the CivicX forum caught the next-generation Civic parked outside of a building in Ann Arbor, MI.
    Compared to the Civic Coupe concept shown at New York, the production sedan retains a number of details such as the fastback shape and bold front end treatment. We have to admit that the Civic is quite the looker.
    We'll have more information and pictures when Honda officially introduces the next-generation Civic on Wednesday.

    Source: CivicX.com
    Image Credit: Mark at CivicX.com

    William Maley

    Honda Could Be Sending More Sporty Cars To The U.S.

    Honda has apparently rediscovered its sporty side when they announced that the Civic Type R would be coming to the U.S. in the near future. But Automotive News reports the Japanese brands wants more sporty cars. Speaking with executive vice president of American Honda, John Mendel, Automotive News asked if the Honda S660 - a roadster that is about two feet shorter than the Mazda Miata would be coming the U.S. Mendel said no.
    "I wouldn't put my chips on that," said Mendel. "When the practicalities of the market come in, and the car only so big, that might not be the best car for the U.S. market. It might be better for India or China or somewhere else."
    But the idea of a sports car is still alive and well at Honda. The company filed patent drawings for a mid-engine model this year, and at the opening of their Silicon Valley r&d lab, there was a full-scale exterior design study looking very familiar to the drawings. When asked about, Mendel only said it was a design study from a team. But he did admit that dealers are wanting a sports car of some kind.
    "They want anything in the sports car world," Mendel said. "They're going, 'Gimme a sports car.' They want a retractable hard top; they want a high-horsepower $20,000 sports car. Because that's the nature of what they do."
    Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

    William Maley

    Honda Adds More Tech for the 2016 Accord

    Late last week, Honda introduced a refreshed 2016 Accord in Silicon Valley. The location was chosen for the Japanese automaker to make the point of one the biggest changes for this model - introduction of Android Auto and Apple's CarPlay. Standard on EX models and up, these systems allow your phone to take the place of the vehicle's infotainment system.
    Additionally, all Accord trims come with the option with Honda Sensing, a suite of advanced driving and safety features that includes Forward Collision Braking, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keeping Assist, and Collision Mitigation Braking System.
    Outside, the 2016 Accord looks more like an Acura (for better or worse) with a new front grille and LED taillights. The top Touring trim gets LED headlights. A set of 19-inch wheels are available on higher trims.
    Powertrains largely carryover from the current model.
    The 2016 Accord arrives at dealers later this summer.
    Source: Honda

    Press Release is on Page 2

    Honda Introduces the Highest Tech Accord Yet in High Tech’s U.S. Hub—Silicon Valley
    Jul 23, 2015 - MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.
    Upgraded 2016 Accord features one of the first applications of both Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ in a volume-produced vehicle More dynamic styling, including first 19-inch wheels on Accord Honda Sensing™ safety and driver-assistive tech available on all trims New 7-inch Display Audio touchscreen interface

    Honda introduced a refreshed 2016 Accord loaded with advanced technology in Silicon Valley today, the first time the company has launched a new vehicle in the U.S. tech hub. Coming to market in August, the 2016 Accord will be the first Honda model and among the first high-volume cars in the marketplace to feature both Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™. These and other major upgrades to technology and features make it the most high-tech Accord ever.
    The 2016 Accord Sedan and Coupe receive dynamic new styling, a new Display Audio touchscreen interface, and Honda Sensing™, the most comprehensive suite of safety and driver-assistive technologies in the midsize car class. The 2016 Accord also adds HD Radio®, heated rear seats, front and rear parking sensors, and a number of other new features and technology to be revealed in coming weeks. Details on the Accord Hybrid will be announced at a later date.
    "Where else to introduce the most technologically advanced midsize sedan, the 2016 Accord, than in Silicon Valley," said John Mendel, executive vice president of the Automobile Division, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. "Customers want their vehicles to be more intelligently integrated with their smartphone-powered lives, and we are committed to delivering that experience starting with Accord, retail car buyers' most popular vehicle the past two years."
    Exterior and Interior design
    The 2016 Accord gets a major facelift with sportier, more sophisticated styling, front and rear. In front is a more sharply creased and intricately structured bumper fascia with outside edges that tuck into intake-like meshed areas that house new LED fog lights (Sport trim and above). A new aluminum hood features sharper character lines that meet up with a brighter, more expressive front grille. In the rear, the Accord gets restyled LED taillights and a similarly aggressive rear bumper fascia redesign.

    While all models feature restyled wheels, the Accord Sedan (Sport and Touring trim) and Coupe (Touring, new for Coupe) get new, larger 19-inch wheels and tires. The Touring sedan also gets a new rear deck spoiler. All models, Coupe and Sedan, feature the expanded use of LED lighting – LED taillights for all models, LED headlights for the new Touring Coupe, and LED daytime running lights (DRLs) for Sport and above trims.
    Honda Sensing™All 2016 Accords also can now be equipped with Honda Sensing™, among the most comprehensive suite of advanced safety and driver-assistive technologies in the class. Honda Sensing includes a Collision Mitigation Braking System™ (CMBS™) with Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Lane Keeping Assist (LKAS), Road Departure Mitigation (RDM) with Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), and is available as a standalone option on all trims with the exception of Touring, where Honda Sensing is included as standard equipment.
    Also, all 2016 Accords feature a standard Multi-Angle Rearview Camera and Expanded View Driver's Mirror and, for the first time, new auto high-beam headlights (Touring trim) that enhance nighttime visibility and driving convenience by defaulting to the high-beam setting and automatically switching to low beams when an oncoming vehicle is detected.
    Display Audio with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™
    The Accord audio and digital experience also is significantly upgraded with the application of a 7-inch Display Audio touchscreen interface featuring Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™, on EX and above trims, as well as available HondaLink™ Assist (e911) and HD Radio. The intuitive and easy-to-use capacitive touchscreen lets users swipe, tap and pinch—just like on a tablet or smartphone—to control the vehicle’s audio system, display settings and other advanced features.
    Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ are designed to support seamless smart phone integration and offer a multitude of new functions and features.
    Apple CarPlay® takes the things you want to do with your iPhone while driving and puts them right on your car’s built-in display. You can get directions, make calls, send and receive messages, and listen to music right from the touchscreen or by voice via Siri. Supported apps include Phone, Messages, Maps, Music and compatible third party apps. Apple CarPlay® is compatible with iOS 8.4 or later and iPhone 5 or later.
    Android Auto™ was designed to give drivers a simple, intuitive way through touch and voice to minimize the potential for distraction so the driver can stay focused on the road. Compatible with Android 5.0 and higher, Android Auto features Google Maps, Google Now, messaging, music and numerous popular apps.
    To take full advantage of these new systems and features, the 2016 Accord's new 7-inch Display Audio touchscreen is paired with an upper 7.7-inch high-resolution display screen and steering wheel-mounted controls. The upper screen can display audio settings, turn-by-turn directions, time and trip information, LaneWatch™ and Rearview Camera displays, incoming calls, SMS text messages when stopped, and parking sensor alerts.
    Upgraded FeaturesThe Accord value proposition is further bolstered by new standard and available features: Accord EX and above trims (Sedan and Coupe) with automatic transmission get remote engine start, 7-inch Display Audio touchscreen and HD Radio. SiriusXM satellite radio and Homelink remote, previously on EX-L and Touring, are now standard on EX and above trims. Sport and above trims in the sedan lineup also get a new 60/40 split and folding rear seat, previously a one-piece folding design. The Accord Sedan in Touring trim gets heated rear seats, front and rear parking sensors and new rain-sensing windshield wipers.
    Advanced Powertrains
    The Accord will continue to be offered with two advanced Honda engines: a direct-injected (DI) 2.4-liter inline i-VTEC™ 4-cylinder and a 3.5-liter VTEC™ V-6 that is the most powerful engine offered in a Honda sedan to date. Available transmissions include a sporty and fuel-efficient continuously variable transmission (CVT) for the 4-cylinder engines, unique 6-speed manuals for the 4-cylinder and V-6 engines, and a 6-speed automatic for V-6 models.

    William Maley

    Our First Real Look At the 2016 Honda Ridgeline

    Honda has a big product offensive coming soon and one of those key products is the new Ridgeline. Unlike the old model which had some clever ideas, but never made it on the sales chart, Honda is making more of an effort to make the next Ridgeline more 'truck'. A new set of spy shots show us how more 'truck' the Ridgeline will become.
    The Ridgeline looks be adapting conventionally shaped crew cab rather than the oddly shaped one from the previous model. The front end looks to have same front end styling as the new Pilot. The Pilot will share its underpinnings with the Ridgeline as well, meaning it will get the 3.5L V6 and all-wheel drive system. A six-speed automatic will be standard transmission, but a nine-speed automatic is in the cards.
    The Ridgeline is expected to be shown sometime this year, with sales beginning sometime next year.
    Source: Left Lane News

    William Maley

    End of the Line for the Honda Civic Hybrid and Natural Gas Models

    Changes are afoot at Honda as they get ready for a massive product overhaul coming in the next few years. Autoblog reports that at the end of 2015 model year, the Civic Hybrid and Natural Gas models will be no more due to customer preferences changing.
    "These moves will allow greater focus on Civic's sporty new driving character," said John Mendel, Honda executive vice president and head of US automotive operations.
    The new Civic will go on sale sometime later this year in sedan, coupe, and hatchback forms. The Type-R which was announced to come to the U.S. sometime later has been given an arrival date of 2017.
    Source: Autoblog

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