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  • Kia EV9 First Impression

    Today was a day of change, for almost 2 months I have been on a family home remodel project for my son and today he wanted to go check out the Kia EV9 that is making the rounds of the local Kia dealerships. My first impression was that Kia has nailed the traditional brick on wheels style of SUV that Americans should appreciate. I started at the front of the EV9 wanting to see the Frunk. Surprise, not as big as the F150 Lighting or GM's EV pickups but double, maybe even


    The Jeep Gladitator gets a gentle refresh for 2024

    Jeep is understandably reluctant to mess with success, and the Jeep Gladiator has been one of the brand's greatest success stories in the last decade.  So when it came time to give the Gladiator a nip-tuck, Jeep went in with the gentlest of hands. The biggest visual update is a refresh of Jeep's iconic 7-slot grille, windshield-integrated trail-ready stealth antenna, and seven all-new wheel designs. Inside is a redefined interior with more technology and amenities, including available 12-wa


    GMC Upsizes the Acadia for 2024; New 2.5L Turbo-4

    GMC caused a stir in 2016 when it downsized the Acadia in 2017 from its previous near-Yukon length. That downsize brought the Acadia down to be inline in size with the contemporary Jeep Grand Cherokee.  In the years since, the Grand Cherokee has grown and GMC is matching that with the 2024 GMC Acadia. Inches matter in this class and in that the Acadia gains (back) 10.6 inches in length and 3.2 inches in height. That equates to 80% more space behind the third row and 36% more space behind th


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    • Personal style will always be a personal preference, the bigger issue I have with the Honda is why limit the charging speed to 155kW compared to the blazer that can like the Acura do the full 190 kW of power. If auto companies are going to convert folks over, they need to give all the benefits of fast charging at all levels of an auto line. In other words, I see no benefit to GM if they gave the full recharge speed to Cadillac and 2/3rds to GMC/Buick and half to Chevrolet. Slow charging is one of the biggest issues with folks considering EVs. We have seen the discussions over the past few years with so many stories of people bitching about charging speed.
    • The Prologue looks so much better than the Blazer. The flatter hood makes the proportions just look so much cleaner and sportier without having to add all sorts of fake vents like the BlazerEV. It's also still annoying that GM couldn't engineer a frunk into their EV SUVs, and now Honda has to pay for that as well.  I also just like they didn't name it Pilot EV, like Chevy did with the Blazer EV. Honda gave it its own name. 
    • April 2020 Honda / Acura signed a deal with GM to use the Ultium Platform to produce two SUVs, one for Honda and one for Acura that would target the 2024 model year with an end of 2023 on sale date. Today we give you the Honda Prologue and Acura ZDX: Let's dive into how much these two vehicles are the same and yet different. Both are built on the GM Ultium platform and will come off the same assembly line according to Honda. We will present a bullet list here for quick comparison of the basic info that folks like to know about these two vehicles: Pricing Honda Prologue to start upper $40K with top end hitting $60K Acura ZDX to start around $60K and top end hitting $70K range Mileage Honda Prologue to have an EPA range rating of 300 miles Acura ZDX to have an EPA range rating of 325 miles Charging Both models will handle 800V DC fast charging Honda will recharge 65 miles of range per 10 minutes, charging rates up to 155 kW Acura will recharge 81 miles of range per 10 minutes, charging rates up to 190 kW Battery Capacity Honda - 85 kWh Acura - 102 kWh Powertrain details Honda - 288 HP / 333 lb-ft AWD - 2WD TBA Acura - ZDX 340 HP RWD / TBA AWD - ZDX Type S 500 HP torque for all models TBA Trim Levels Honda - EX, Touring and Elite Acura - A spec and Type S TouchScreen Auto Android Snap Dragon system powered by Android that will allow Apple CarPlay & Android Auto cell phone connectivity use Honda and Acura will have 11" instrument display and 11.3" central touch screen Safety systems are marketed under the Honda or Acura name, but include things like a 360-degree vision camera system, blind spot detection of autos and humans, a various assortment of Smart technology Cargo Space Honda - 25.2 cu-ft behinds rear seats, with seats down 57.7 cu-ft and a .5 cu-ft hidden space under rear cargo area Acura - TBA Wheel options Honda 19" or 21" depending on trim Acura 20" or 22" depending on trim Suspension Honda - multi-link, fixed coil Acura - A spec multi-link, fixed coil with amplitude reactive damper system. Type S multi-link Air suspension with High-performance Adaptive damper system EV Size Honda Wheelbase - 121.8" Length - 192" Width - 78.3" Height - 64.7" Acura Wheelbase - 121.8" Length - 197.7" Width - 77" Height - 64.4" Towing Capacity Honda - 5,000 lbs Acura - 3,500 lbs Audio Systems Honda - 12 speaker Bose system with subwoofer  Acura - Bang & Olufsen Surround sound system Charging ports - 3.0A - USB C 45W charging ports for both brands Brakes Standard Honda Brakes Acura has an option to upgrade to Brembo brakes from a premium brake More details can be found at either website: 2024 Honda Prologue – All-Electric SUV | Honda 2024 Acura ZDX Type S | Electrified Performance With having taken a crash comparison course between the two SUV's based on the GM Ultium platform, let's see visually how these two vehicles stack up. Interior Dashboards Back storage area Acura has been very limiting in their interior pictures of the ZDX compared to Honda. With what is available, one can say that interior space and layout will be pretty identical in many ways from the 60/40 split rear seat to the dash and sky roof. Honda has talked highly about how the SUV will have a very open green house feel. One noticeable area of identicalness between Honda and Acura is the blah black and white two-tone interior both models seem to be sharing. This is what GM had on the Chevrolet Bolt and makes one wonder why Honda and Acura are doing this blah, cold interior? Style is as expected with Honda taking a very conservative approach to their exterior look compared to Acura more aggressive look. The final part of Honda/Acura EV approach is that they have also joined the NACS party. While the 2024 model year will come with CCS ports, in 2025 as a 2026 model year, they will move to the NACS ports. They have also joined the other auto companies that are planning to build out a large North American charging company to compete with Tesla Super Charging stations and with other companies like ChargePoint and Electrify America. Depending on what a person seeks with their EV, it is a personal choice about spending more or less for an auto and both have a wide variety of options for buyers with these two SUVs. View full article
    • Hahaha Datsun works! Uhhhh I'd say none of it at first, Ultium. Until they take over the power unit from Alpine(Datsun!), there won't be any Ultium in there. Once, or if, they take the power unit control in-house, then it'd be an Ultium powered unit.  The reason, at least how I see it, is because Alpine will still making their own power unit for their own cars. They won't want one power unit they're producing to have their electrical system and then one to have a GM electrical system. That would add unnecessary complexity to the R&D of the all-new power unit and it would likely make both units worse because there is a cost cap for the teams and this would, undoubtedly, increase the spending.  After trying to look into the cost cap regulations, the engine cost cap are different and I can't find the specific regulations regarding how the engines cost against the cap. " What comes under the F1 cost cap? Any expenditure related to car – but not engines – performance is relevant for the cost cap. This includes: All parts on the car (from the steering wheel to the wheel nuts) All the elements needed to run the car Most of the team personnel Garage equipment Spares Transport costs Everything in between The biggest area of focus is car development costs, with teams having a weigh up what is developed, how much is spent on each part which is manufactured and how many of the parts are needed and can be afforded without overspending. What doesn’t come under the F1 cost cap? There are several big-ticket things that aren’t covered by the cost cap, including: Driver salaries The wages of the three highest-paid staff members Travel costs Marketing spend Property and legal costs Entry and licence fees Any non-F1 or road car activities Parental and sick leave payments Employee bonuses and staff medical benefits Engines – which are more complex because some teams make their own while others buy them – are covered by their own set of cost regulations." https://us.motorsport.com/f1/news/f1-cost-cap-what-is-it-how-it-works/10379800/  
    • @oldshurst442 @ccap41 Lets just call them Datsun!   Thank you for posting this, great info on the engine. Interesting about the freedom to develop the electrical system. In this regard, I wonder how much of the Ultium electrical system might make it into the Cadillac racing auto since they have the freedom if I am understanding it to use their engineering knowledge to power the team to wins.  This will favor those companies who are ahead on the EV front in applying it to Hybrid applications.
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