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    Volkswagen Golf R Dropped for 2020

    ...No official word as yet on a potential return...

    As we reported in May, Volkswagen is making big cuts to the Golf lineup in the US.  Already announced for end of production in 2019 are the Golf Sportwagen and Golf Alltrack. 
    For 2020, the current base Mk7 Golf returns and will be offered in just one trim, called the Value Edition that includes features like Keyless entry, Wifi, heated seats, and 16-Inch alloy wheels while the GTI will come in S and SE trims. Missing from the 2020 lineup is the Golf R.  Volkswagen has confirmed to Motor Authority that the Golf R has reached end of production for the current generation. 
    The Mk8 generation will likely see the base Golf removed from the US lineup and the GTI and Golf R will be the only entries.  We'll see the Mk8 generation Golf introduced in the fall of this year for European production in 2020, but the U.S. won't see the new version of the Golf/GTI at dealerships until the 2021 model year. 

    Lordstown Deal In Jeopardy

    ...Workhorse revenue and stock plummet...

    Back in early May, we reported that electric truck maker Workhorse was in talks with General Motors to buy the shuttered Lordstown Assembly plant that formerly built the Chevrolet Cruze.  The plan seemed founded more on hopes and dreams rather than actual financial reality.  Workhorse's only model, the W-15 is a truck with an 80 mile range and a built in range extender, has not exactly been climbing the sales charts.   In fact, the company booked only $6,000 in sales in the 2nd quarter of 2019, roughly $70 per day.  Following that report, the company's stock plunged 35%. Deliveries of the truck are currently on hold and will resume in the 4th quarter this year. There is currently a $70 Million backlog of orders to fill.
    Hopes of a solution for Lordstown coming from Workhorse are dim, but there is one thing that could save the deal: a $6.3 Billion contract from the US Postal Service to build the next generation of mail trucks, though Tom Colton, a spokesman for Workhorse said that the Lordstown deal isn't contingent on the contract from the USPS. 
    Under the proposed Lordstown deal, a new company would be formed called Lordstown Motors Corp. which would license the Workhorse technology to produce vehicles based on the W-15 model.  Workhorse itself would own a minority stake in the company. 
    The UAW is still in talks with General Motors to reopen the plant and assign new product to it.

    Nissan Titan XD Loses Diesel and Single Cab

    ...early cuts for next year...

    A little over a week ago we told you that Nissan was going to start cutting parts of its model lineup.  Some of the low hanging fruit for Nissan are the variants of the Nissan Titan. Nissan Titan sales are down 22.6 percent, selling only 18,026 copies in the first half of 2019.
    The biggest news is that Nissan will be killing off the Cummins diesel option for the Titan XD. The 5 liter turbocharged  V8 produces 310 horsepower and 555 lb-ft of torque.  For 2020, the Titan XD will be powered solely by the 5.6 liter gasoline V8 unless Nissan has a card up their sleeve to offer something else.
    Also going away will be the standard cab variants of the Titan and Titan XD, leaving just the extended cab and crew cab in the lineup.
    For 2020, the truck will be receiving a light refresh. The exterior is getting a face lift and the interior is lightly updated plus gaining a new infotainment system with a larger screen. 
    We reviewed the 2016 Nissan Titan XD with the Cummins diesel back in May 2016 and came away impressed but confused by its place in the market. Take a read to find out why. 

    Review: 2019 Buick Regal GS

    ...Identity Crisis in Car Form...

    Expectation can be a very dangerous thing. You come into something thinking it will blow your mind and more often than not, it comes up short. That’s how I felt during the first few days into a loan of a 2019 Buick Regal GS. What was being presented didn’t match up with my experience. But over the week I had the vehicle, it began to grow on. That isn’t to say some issues need to be addressed.
    At first glance, you might think Buick decided to stick with a sedan shape. But the sloping rear hatch gives away its true identity as a Sportback. This helps give the impression that the Regal is sporty, helped further by short overhangs. By adding small touches such as large front air intakes, GS-specific 19-inch wheels. Brembo front brake calipers finished in Red, and a small lip spoiler, the GS transforms the Regal into looking like a red-blooded sports sedan. 
    The interior sadly doesn’t match up with what is being presented on the outside. While there was some effort to make the GS stand out with faux carbon-fiber trim, special sport seats, and GS badging, it doesn’t quite match with what is being presented outside. Not helping are some cheap plastics littered throughout the Regal GS’ interior. If this was a standard Regal, I may have given it a slight pass. But considering this GS carries a price of almost $43k, it becomes a big issue. The interior does redeem it somewhat with a logical and simple layout. No one had any complaints about whether the controls were confusing or hard to reach.
    Let’s talk about the front seats, The Regal GS comes fitted with racing-style front seat with aggressive side bolstering and faux holes towards the top where the belts for a harness would go into. This design seems more at home in a hardcore Corvette than a Buick. Before you start thinking that the seat design only allows a small group of people to fit, Buick has fitted adjustable bolstering to allow a wide set of body types to sit comfortably. With this and other power adjustments, I was able to find a position that suited me. Over a long drive, the seats were able to provide the right amount of support and comfort.
    The back seats don’t get the same “race car” treatment as the front, but they do offer ample head and legroom for most passengers. Cargo space is quite impressive with 31.5 cubic feet with the seats up and 60.7 when folded. The Kia Stinger I drove back in January pales in comparison with 23.3 and 40.9 cubic feet.
    The Regal GS features an eight-inch touchscreen with the new Buick Infotainment 3 system. As I mentioned in my Silverado/Sierra 1500 review, the new system is worlds better than Intellilink. The interface has been cleaned up with simpler graphics and fonts that are much easier to read. Also seeing noticeable improvements is the overall performance. The system is much faster when bringing up different functions or crunching a route on the optional navigation system. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and OnStar 4G LTE round off the system. 
    With the effort Buick has put in, you might have the feeling that the Regal GS has something special under the hood. That isn’t the case. Under the hood of the GS is GM’s venerable 3.6L V6 with 310 horsepower and 282 pound-feet. While the V6 packs 40 more horsepower than the 2.0L turbo-four from the last-generation model, it is also down 13 pound-feet. This absence becomes apparent when you decide to sprint away from a stoplight or exiting a corner as you need to work the engine to get that rush of power. A numb throttle response doesn’t help. If you resist from attack mode, the V6 reveals a quiet and refined nature. But again, you will need to work the engine when merging or making a pass.
    Before someone shouts “put a turbo on it”, Buick cannot do that as there isn’t enough space in the engine bay due to the design of the platform. We’ve known about this issue since 2016 when Holden was gearing up to launch the Commodore - its version of the OpelVauxhall Insignia.
    The nine-speed automatic transmission goes about its business with unobtrusive shifts when going about your daily errands, but offers up snappy shifts when you decide to get aggressive. A glaring omission on this sports sedan is the lack of paddle shifters. 
    Fuel economy for the 2019 Regal GS is 19 City/27 Highway/22 Combined. I saw an average of 20 during the week. This can likely to be attributed to the test vehicle having under 1,000 miles on the odometer. 
    On paper, the Regal GS’ handling credentials seem top-notch with Continuous Damping Control (CDC) system and a GKN all-wheel drive system featuring a twin-clutch torque-vectoring rear differential. The latter allows a varying amount of power sent to each rear wheel to improve cornering. In the real world, the GS is more Grand Tourer than Gran Sport. While the sedan shows little body roll, its reflexes are slightly muted due to a nearly 3,800 pound curb weight. The steering provides a decent amount of weight when turning, but don’t expect a lot of road feel. What about that AWD system? For the most part, you really won’t notice working unless you decide to push the limits or practice your winter driving skills in a snowy and empty parking lot. 
    Thanks to the CDC system, the Regal GS’ ride is surprisingly smooth. With the vehicle in Tour, the suspension glides over bumps and imperfections. The ride begins to get choppy if you One area that I’m glad Buick is still focusing on is noise isolation. Road and wind noise is almost non-existent. 
    The 2019 Buick Regal GS is a case of expectations being put too high. Despite what the exterior and sports seats of the interior may hint at, this isn’t a sports sedan like a Kia Stinger GT or something from a German luxury brand. But my feelings began to change when I thought of the GS as being more of a grand tourer. It has the ingredients such as a refined powertrain, a suspension that can be altered to provide either a comfortable or sporty ride; and minimizing the amount of outside noise.
    There lies the overall problem with Regal GS as Buick doesn’t quite know what it wants to be. Does it want to be a sport sedan or a luxury sedan with grand tourer tendencies? This confusion will likely cause many people to look at something else which is a big shame.
    How I Would Configure a 2019 Buick Regal GS.
    My particular configuration would be similar to the vehicle tested here with the Driver Confidence Package #2, Sights and Sounds, and Appearance packages. The only change would be adding the White Frost Tricoat color, which adds an additional $1,095 to the price. All together, it comes out to $44,210.
    Alternatives to the 2019 Buick Regal GS:
    Kia Stinger: The big elephant in the room when talking about the Regal GS. For a similar amount of cash, you can step into the base GT model with its 365 horsepower twin-turbo V6 and rear-wheel drive setup (AWD adds $2,200). I came away very impressed with the styling, performance on tap from the V6, and handling prowess. Downsides include the interior design being a bit too minimalist and the ride being a bit rough. Volkswagen Arteon: The other dark horse to the Regal GS. There is no doubt that the Arteon is quite handsome with flowing lines and sleek fastback shape. Having sat in one at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year, I found it to be very roomy and upscale in terms of the interior materials. I hope to get some time behind the wheel in the near future to see how it measures up in handling. Disclaimer: Buick Provided the Regal GS, Insurance, and One Tank of Gas
    Year: 2019
    Make: Buick
    Model: Regal
    Trim: GS
    Engine: 3.6L V6
    Driveline: Nine-Speed Automatic, All-Wheel Drive
    Horsepower @ RPM: 310 @ 6,800 
    Torque @ RPM: 282 @ 5,200
    Fuel Economy: City/Highway/Combined - 19/27/22
    Curb Weight: 3,796 lbs
    Location of Manufacture: Rüsselsheim Germany
    Base Price: $39,070
    As Tested Price: $43,115 (Includes $925.00 Destination Charge)
    Driver Confidence Package #2: $1,690.00
    Sights and Sounds Package: $945.00
    Appearance Package: $485.00

    Protean 360+ brings in the age of mobility pods to the dense city and beyond.

    An advanced new powertrain for urban transport...

    Protean Electric is proud to introduce their latest innovation to the auto world, the Protean 360+. A super-efficient, fully integrated in-wheel motor that brings 922lb-ft of torque or 1250Nm with 107hp or 80kW of power per wheel. This give the mobility solution a total of 428 hp or 320 kW of power with 3,688 lb-ft or 5,000 Nm of torque to move the auto.
    Urban mobility has never had a better option for ultimate maneuverability with the Protean 360+ delivering the following:
    Limitless 360-degree steering provides exceptional vehicle maneuverability. Pneumatic ride-height control enables 'kneeling' for stepless curb-to-vehicle access. Patent-pending quad-pivot lower wishbone design allows ultra-compact suspension setup. Fully integrated in-wheel motor delivers power with maximum efficiency. Module enables front, rear and side access into vehicles. Single module design is common across all four corners of the vehicle. Transport-as-a-service urban mobility is gaining momentum and with it a new class of urban transport auto's is possible with the Protean 360+ solution.


    Free Supercharging is Back For Model S and X Buyers

    ...no telling how long the incentive may last...

    After seeing its sales slide during the first quarter of this year, Tesla needed to come up with an incentive to help boost sales of the sagging Model-X and Model-S.   In that effort, Tesla is returning the offer of free SuperCharging on all Model-S and Model-X sold.  The plan was last offered in 2018 and then ended after Elon Musk called the plan unsustainable. 
    Telsa has been making changes to their lineup and pricing almost monthly since the beginning of 2019, so this could be a short term offer or it could stick around longer. Tesla buyers who already purchased their car are out of luck though, the offer only extends to new purchases. 

    Ram 1500 Classic to Live On

    ...fills in for a midsize...

    The Ram Classic could live on indefinitely as long as it make business sense says FCA CEO Michael Manley.  At an investors meeting, Manley suggested that it might even get an update. Ram recently introduced a new Warlock package on the 1500 Classic, indicating their willingness to invest in the aging platform.
    Ram currently doesn't have a mid-size offering in its stable, and without one on the horizon, the Ram 1500 Classic fills the niche of a lower priced truck.  The base Tradesman model rings up at $29,340 and can be configured all the way up to a Big Horn with a 5.7 liter Hemi V8 at $46,240. That contrasts with the new Ram 1500 which starts at $35,135.
    One thing keeping the Classic around has done is allowed the RAM to creep ahead of the Chevrolet Silverado in the truck sales race, moving to the number two spot in market share for this class of truck. 

    2020 Nissan Versa Pricing Released

    ...No longer the cheapest you can buy...

    The Nissan Versa once held the dubious title of being the cheapest new car you could buy.  Now, with the all new 2020 Nissan Versa, Nissan hopes to bring the sub-compact a little bit more premium and with that the Versa goes up in price.   Now coming only in a sedan (The Kicks has replaced the Versa Note), the Versa wears one of the more stylish exteriors for the sub-compact class. The engine is a next generation 1.6 liter 4-cylinder, with an increase in horsepower to 122.  Fuel economy is rated at 32 city / 40 highway / 35 combined. 
    Those of you who prefer to row your own gears instead of letting Nissan's CVT do it are limited to buying the base model Versa S, starting at $14,730. Above that, all models come with the CVT.
    Versa S 1.6 5MT
    $14,730 USD
    Versa S 1.6 Xtronic
    $16,400 USD
    Versa SV 1.6 Xtronic
    $17,640 USD
    Versa SR 1.6 Xtronic
    $18,240 USD
    Destination and Handling $895.
    These prices are roughly a $2,000 increase over the current car. But you do get a lot more for your money.   Nissan Safety Shield 360 is standard on the SV and SR. Available equipment includes heated front seats, 60/40-split fold-down rear seat, and Automatic Climate Control, bigger wheels, and intelligent cruise control. 
    The 2020 Nissan Versa is available at dealerships soon. 

    Acura Bringing Back Type-S With New Concept

    ...Previews Type-S variants across the line...

    Acura will be debuting a Type-S concept at Monterey Car Week, one of the top gatherings for automotive enthusiasts.  The concept previews the return of the Type-S in the Acura lineup.
    Type S has been the top of the performance line for Acura. The prior Type-S cars were the 2001 - 2003 3.2CL Type S, 2002 - 2003  3.2TL Type S, 2002 - 2006 RSX Type-S, 2007 - 2008 TL Type-S.  Type-S will join Acura's A-Spec trim in the lineup. 

    July Sales Figures

    ...Who got jolly green and who got coal for Christmas in July?...

    Ford Motor Company - Not Reported
    General Motors Co. - Not Reported
    Tesla - Not Reported
    FCA US LLC - Not Reported
    Audi of America -  Up 0.8% for the month, Down 5% for the year
    BMW of North America -  Down 1.7% for the month, Down 1.2% for the year
    Genesis Motor America - Not Reported
    Honda Motor Co. -  Up 1.9% for the month, Down 0.9% for the year
    Hyundai Motor America -  Up 12.13% for the month, Up 3.10% for the year
    Infiniti USA - Down 11.2% for the month, Down 12.5% for the year
    Jaguar Land Rover North America - Up 5% for the month, Up 5% for the year
    Kia Motors America - Up 0.6% for the month, Up 3.3% for the year
    Mazda North American Operations - Down 3.5%  for the month, Down 13.9% for the year
    Mercedes-Benz USA - 19.5% for the month, Down 4.0% for the year
    Mitsubishi Motors North America -  Down 13.4% for the month, Up 3.2% for the year
    Nissan Group - Down 9.1% for the month, Down 8.3% for the year
    Porsche Cars North America Inc. -  Up 23.3% for the month, Up 5.3% for the year
    Subaru of America, Inc. - Up 7.9% for the month, Up 5.6% for the year
    Toyota Motor North America - Up 0.2% for the month, Down 2.6% for the year
    Volkswagen of America -  Up 2.2% for the month, Up 6.1% for the year
    Volvo Cars of North America, LLC - Up 2.0% for the month, Up 4.7% for the year

    Brands (Quarterly):
    Alfa Romeo - Not Reported
    Buick -  Not Reported
    Cadillac -  Not Reported
    Chevrolet - Not Reported
    Chrysler - Not Reported
    Dodge - Not Reported
    Ford - Not Reported
    Fiat - Not Reported
    GMC - Not Reported
    Jeep - Not Reported
    Lincoln - Not Reported
    Ram Trucks - Not Reported
    Tesla - Not Reported

    Brands (Monthly):
    Acura - Down 3.7% - 12,759 MTD / 86,526 YTD
    Audi - Down 0.3% - 19,409 MTD / 101,440 YTD
    BMW - Up 4.7% - 24,842 MTD / 199,865 YTD
    Genesis - Not reported
    Honda - Up 2.5% - 128,537 MTD / 831,765 YTD
    Hyundai - Up 12.3% - 57,340 MTD / 390,668 YTD
    Infiniti - Down 11.2% - 8,660 MTD / 71,718 YTD
    Jaguar - Up 7% - 2,020 MTD
    Kia - Up 0.6% - 53,405 MTD / 358,249 YTD
    Land Rover -  Up 4% - 6,456 MTD
    Lexus - Down 1.5% - 25,025 MTD  / 160,760 YTD
    Mazda - Down 3.5% - 23,292 MTD / 161,847 YTD
    Mercedes-Benz - Up 22.9% - 24,612 MTD / 172,008 YTD
    Mercedes-Benz Vans - Down 1.5% 2,878 MTD / 18,903 YTD
    MINI - Down 34.2% - 2,827 MTD / 20,410 YTD
    Mitsubishi - Down 13.4% - 8,613 MTD / 79,710 YTD
    Nissan - Down 8.9% - 90,220 MTD / 744,198 YTD
    Porsche - Up 23.3% - 4,956 MTD / 35,213 YTD
    Smart - Down 45.6% - 56 MTD / 552 YTD
    Subaru - Up 7.9% - 64,106 MTD / 403,631 YTD
    Toyota - Up 0.4% - 184,179 MTD / 1,200,552 YTD
    Volkswagen - Up 2.2% - 31,188 MTD / 215,796 YTD
    Volvo - Up 2.0% - 8,795 MTD / 58,915 YTD

    Porsche Taycan Pre-Orders Top 30,000

    ...Already 10,000 more than the initial planned figure...

    It hasn't even been officially unveiled yet, but the Porsche Taycan has already secured more than 30,000 pre-orders, 10,000 more than the initial estimates. Porsche initially set production at 20,000 per year but later raised it to 40,000 per year. The extra €2,500 deposits support this raise in production.  Porsche has been recruiting for 1,500 new positions to support the manufacturing process.  If Porsche does sell 40,000 Taycans in the first year, it will eclipse Porsche's famous 911 in sales.
    The Taycan is Porsche's EV rival to the Tesla Model S. Porsche is installing fast chargers at all of its dealerships in the U.S. and Europe that can add 62 miles of range in just 4 minutes. The Taycan's total range is around 310 miles.  In addition, the first 3 years of charging will be free at Electrify America charging stations.
    The Taycan's starting price is expected to be arount $90,000. 

    BMW Planning Model Lineup Cuts

    ...struggling to make money on cars under €40,000...

    Cutting models from lineups seems to be the order of the day lately.  Automakers like Nissan, General Motors, and Mercedes Benz, are in the process of hatcheting the heck out their lineups. Now comes the news from BMW.
    BMW has been struggling to make money on vehicles less than €40,000, due to fears of another global recession, a marked slowdown in the automotive sector, and Trump inspired trade wars, BMW is looking to cull options and models from their lineup.  Gone will be many convertible variants, including the next Z4, the 2-series, 8-series (coupe and convertible). Also pushing up the daisies will be the 7-series standard wheelbase (Not offered in the US), the 1-series 3-door, the 2-series Gran Tourer, and 3-series GT.  Even the BMW X2 could get the scythe.  On the electric front, the i3 and i8 will be phased out due to their use of expensive carbon fiber, in place they will get much more conventional EV replacements, including a fully electric X3. 
    As far as Mini goes, Mini's future development is being handled by Great Wall Motors for the Mini three-door and 5-door. The Countryman is based on the X1. Mini's future is shaky as the brand continues to fail to bring up its sales numbers. It also has a great number of variants for a small brand, so expect to see some of those reduced. 
    It seems no brand is safe from the global automotive pull back. 

    New Black Edition Trim Tops the Honda Pilot Line

    ...More Elite than Elite...

    For 2019, the most well equipped Honda Pilot you could buy was the Elite trim. That level of Pilot brought on extra trimmings like panoramic roof, standard All-Wheel drive with variable torque management, heated and ventilated front seats, heated steering wheel, heated 2nd row, and other trappings.  For 2020, Honda is building on that trim and elevating it higher with the Black Edition. Based on the Elite trim, the Black Edition comes exclusively in Crystal Black Pearl Paint, black painted 20-inch alloy wheels, and blackout treatments that remove the exterior chrome trim. Inside, there is a red accent to the perforated front and second row seating surfaces along with red accent stitching. 
    The Black Edition trim starts at $49,620, a $1500 increase over an equivalent Elite trim.  After a destination charge of $1,095, you'll be paying over $50k for a Pilot. That's pricey, but a Chevrolet Traverse High Country will run you $54k and a Ford Explorer Platinum will easily touch $60k. The most direct price competitors would be the new Kia Telluride and Hyundai Palisade, which come in a couple thousand less than the Honda Pilot Black Edition. 
    In addition to the new trim, the price of the Pilot goes up by $100 for front-wheel drive trims and $200 for all-wheel drive trims.  The 2020 Pilot begins arriving in dealerships today.

    Nissan Readies the Guillotine for its Model Lineup

    ...It's not just employees that will be leaving Nissan...

    There's one disadvantage to being partially owned by the French, they know how to cut things off when they need to. We reported last week that due to lagging sales and plunging profits, Nissan was readying to layoff 12,500 employees globally, or 9% of their global workforce. It seems that other cuts are on the way as well, though we may not see as much of it here in the U.S.
    Along with the 9% cut in jobs will be around 10% of its global lineup as well.  First to go will be the low-end models in developing markets like India. Their overseas brand Datsun could see the bulk of the cuts, but the US will lose models as well. Expect coupes and hatchbacks to be the first to go, the Versa hatchback for example will not be returning for 2020, replaced by the more crossover-like Kicks. Which coupe might die? The Nissan 370Z, the Nissan GT-R, and the Infiniti Q60 are prime targets.  Deliveries of the Infiniti Q60 are down 48.8% as of June. In Sedan-Land, the Maxima fell 30% and the Altima, which is all-new, is down 12.1%. 
    But it isn't just cars that could get kicked to the curb.  The Nissan Titan sales are down 22.6%, selling a mere 18,026 copies in the first half of this year. This trails even the slow selling Toyota Tundra by some 36,000 units. The Murano is down 33% year to date. 
    So if you're wondering which models may have their head in the Guillotine, take a look at our Sales Figure Ticker for Nissan for June and put a big red question mark on them. 

    Corvette C8 Almost Sold Out Already

    ...better get your deposit in soon...

    When the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette debuted a week and a half ago, there was some speculation that buyers might not go for it because of its mid-engine design or its outworldly styling.  Well the nay-sayers might just have to start cooking up their crow.   According to Michael Simcoe, GM's Design Chief,  the orders have nearly hit the first year of production numbers.  "It's nearly sold out. It's so close that it's bound to be sold out soon." Simcoe said.
    Now the caveat is that Simcoe has not revealed what the planned production numbers will be, so we have no idea if it will sell at a higher or lower rate than the C7 Corvette. 
    The 2020 Corvette Stingray comes with a mid-mounted LT2 V8 making an SAE certified 495 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque when equipped with an optional exhaust.  In Z51 form, the car can hit 60 mph in less than 3 seconds. Pricing will start under $60,000.

    Chevy Malibu to die after 2024

    ...Malibu follows the Fusion and 200 into that great junkyard in the sky....

    The Chevrolet Malibu will follow the likes to the Ford Fusion and Chrysler 200 by following them into that great nameplate junkyard in the sky after 2024 according to a report by Automotive News.  There is a possibility of an electric successor to the Malibu, but nothing is certain at this point.  An electric replacement would fit with GM's timeline to build 20 new EVs by 2023.   Before the ax falls in 2024, the Malibu could get one last face lift for the 2022 model year to help it through the final stages before retirement.  The Malibu is built in the Fairfax KS plant where the Cadillac XT4 is built.

    This follows on reports that the Chevrolet Camaro will also die in 2023.  Other cars that are up for the chopping block are the Sonic after 2020 and the Spark after 2021.  The Bolt and Equinox will get a freshening next year.  With the Impala, Cruze, and Volt already dead, these changes will leave the Chevy brand without any sedans after 2024. With the Buick Regal also possibly canceled once the contract with PSA runs out, it may be that the only sedans available from General Motors will be from Cadillac. 

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